Monday, September 19, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #31

No tutoring
Songs of the moment
The best monday surprise ever

Well hello there my awesome people... :) you are very lucky today, because I was this close *holds two fingers really really close to one another* to not write my #RandomRamblings post this week... *gasps* I know, I know... but I've had a very crazy week at work and then to top that off, I got sick... *sighs* fortunately I'm finally starting to feel better so I decided to be a good blogger and not let you down... although I have no idea if you guys would even notice if one of my #RandomRamblings post was missing from its usual monday date... ;) anyway... let us dive straight into my babbling, and this time I'm gonna embrace the chaos and start at the very end of the headlines ;)

Soooo... I had the best monday surprise ever last week... :) "Stay the night" paperback copy written by the lovely Cora Cade landed in my mailbox :) let me give you a bit better explanation... ;) after reviewing "Tapped", which I got after signing up for a blog tour, I wrote to her, because I loved the story sooo much I needed to let her know that :) we started exchanging e-mails, and she even offered to send me all of her other books to review :) see? told you she's a wonderful person ;) and a few weeks ago she reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in receiving a paperback copy of one of her books... I was like "HELL YEAH!!!" ;) but I added that the shipping cost might be too much, since we live on two different continents :) but she said not to worry about it so I of course sent her my address immediately... and then a week later totally kicked my own ass for not asking her to sign the book *facepalm* ;) and it was my sister J who pointed out my stupid mistake... *sighs heavily* so imagine my joy when I opened up the package and the book was not only singed, but also came with a lovely note and bookmarks :) I am not adding pics here, because I am saving those babies for my first book haul, that will happen in around two weeks, when all the books I ordered to celebrate my first paycheck will arrive ;) don't worry, it's only like seven of them... I'm not crazy... ;)

Now let's skip to the beginning of the headlines... you may or may not know that about me, but I used to tutor math and english a bit... and I planned to continue to do just that even after I started working... unfortunately the reality really quickly proved to me, that that's just not gonna happen... ;) I was not able to fit in work, my blog, tutoring and actually having some free time to, you know... live my life and stuff ;) so since I financially don't need to count every penny, I decided to resign from my tutoring sessions, to try to have a better balance in my life... :) now I need to work on incorporating some sort of physical activity into my schedule, because sitting behind a desk all day is not really good for me ;) but it's a task for another day... very soon, but not today ;)

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you guys some songs that are stuck in my head... ;) those five are the first five songs on my "favourite" list on my iPod and I love all of them... :) so instead of sharing one each week or something like that, I decided to give you all of them today ;) I know that they are not all like super new or anything, but I don't really care ;) maybe you'll discover something fun ;) happy listening :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) as always, just a quick reminder that I absolutely love to connect and talk to you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I'm there every day :)



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