Monday, September 5, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #29

No YouTube channel
Understanding authors 
Getting ahead of schedule

Hello my awesome people :) my #RandomRamblings post this week basically revolves around one theme... the consequences of my new job :) well, the consequences connected to my blog and reading time of course... ;) I felt the need to clarify that, because the word itself sounded a little bit ominous ;) it's been a whole month and I definitely have a much better grasp on how to manage everything in my life... it's still not perfect, but I'm getting closer every day ;) and since everything in this post is connected to that in one way or another, let's embrace the chaos that has been my life lately and start at the very end of the headlines ;)

Since I got the job, my reading time went down drastically... which is a normal thing, and don't worry, I still fit in quite a lot of books ;) it's just a matter of prioritizing ;) but I am super happy to say that I finally caught up on ALL the ARCs I have :) cue the angels singing because it's a miracle ;) well, I'm not counting the ARCs and free copy of books that I got from the authors in exchange for honest reviews that have no deadlines... ;) I will get to them soon... or soon-ish :) I am talking solely about the stuff I get from publishers and PR companies that have strict deadlines ;) and looking at my calendar for september I feel very good ;) because it's finally a slower month ;) and after the madness that have been the last three months, I am definitely looking forward to slowing down a bit and actually getting ahead of schedule :) because I have only a few books planned for september that I HAVE TO read, so there's gonna be plenty of time for me to actually get AHEAD of my schedule and start reading books from october... because even though I have to applaud myself for not scheduling a lot of books for september, when it came to october... well... let's just say I'm glad that I already have the majority of those books on my kindle so that I can start reading them now... that way I should be able to read all of them in time ;)

Now let's jump for a minute to that second part of headlines... and like I said, it's all connected to one another ;) since I was barely able to keep up with all my scheduled books with deadlines, and like I mentioned I have quite a few more books from authors, I reached out to some of them to let them know that I absolutely did not forget about them, but I simply don't have the time to get to them at the moment... and all of them were very understanding ;) saying that it's not a problem, telling me not to stress over this and just read them when I can... congratulating me on my new job... ;) seriously people, I was overwhelmed by their awesome reactions :) one thing especially resonated with me... one of them said to definitely not stress over this, because books are supposed to take us to wondrous worlds... they are meant to be an escape from our everyday life... and to give us joy ;) so I decided to do just that... stop worry about those books and enjoy them when I can :)

And last but not least, that first part of the headlines... if you follow my blog for some time, you know that I was thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for a while now... I was slowly getting really excited about all that, because as you all know, I loooove talking about books :) but with my new job, and the fact that besides that job and book / blog related things I would love to actually have some free time to meet with friends or spend time with my family, I've made a decision... I won't start that YT channel... I'm not saying it will never gonna happen, but I just don't have the time to do it... and for now, I don't see that situation changing in the future... with everything that's been going on in my life, it ultimately got down to the choice: keping my blog and social media pages connected to it OR concentrating only on YT channel... and I decided to just keep my blog :) I love to write and it gives me much more freedom when it comes to when I can do it :) but now that I finally made an official decision I wanted to let you know :)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) as always, I love to connect with you so be sure to leave a comment here or on one of my other social media pages :) Facebook and Goodreads are definitely your best choices, because I'm there every day :) talk to you guys later ;)



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