Friday, September 30, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) october edition

Hello hello my wonderful people... it’s this time of the month again when I share with you all of the books I’m looking forward to getting my hands on from the upcoming month... and can you believe september is already ending?!? ;) I feel like it started just yesterday... time really does fly when you're busy ;) I have eight books to talk to you about today... yes, you read that right... eight ;) and even better, well, at least for me ;) is that I already have on my kindle or I will get in the upcoming days / weeks seven out of those eight books ;) *squeels with joy* I have to say that I am beyond excited to be able to read ARCs of the books written by one of my favourite authors in time to be a part of promoting them on release days ;) I mean, I would read them either way... but this is sooo much cooler ;) below you will see only six covers, because those six are the only ones available at the time I was posting this :) trust me, they all are so interesting, that there’s really no particular order in what I’m gonna be talking about them ;) so how about I will dive straight into telling you about all of them ;)

So the first book I will mention is „Beard science” by Penny Reid, book #3 in her Winston brothers series ;) *sighs dreamily* oh how I love that series of hers... I mean, I love all her books, but... well, to be honest now that I think about it there is no „but” ;) each and every one of her books is different and endearing and just... such a pleasure to read... ;) with her unique and a bit quirky, in the best possible way, writing style I absolutely cannot wait to read this one of a kind contemporary romance about Cletus Winston, one of the most unpredictable characters I have ever read about ;) I would tell you more, in case you are unfamiliar with him but... he’s much too complex for me to even try and describe him in a sentence or two... ;)

Another contemporary romance that comes out in october is „Keepsake” by Sarina Bowen, book #3 in her True north series ;) and damn... I am so curious about it ;) ever since I met Zach in that first book I wondered about him... and no, I won’t say anything more, in case you haven’t read this series yet ;) but if you haven’t, definitely pick it up ;) because Sarina Bowen is a phenomenal author... her writing style is a perfect mix of funny and emotional... so after absolutely loving the first two books, both of them can be read as standalones by the way, I cannot wait to see what she has planned for Zach ;)

Are you guys ready for another fantastically written contemporary romance that will make you swoon? ;) because if so, I have one just for you ;) „Thief of hearts” by L. H. Cosway is book #5 in her Hearts series, and a second novel when one of the Cross brothers is the main character... *sighs dreamily* I love them... ;) not to mention that after the ending of that previous book... I was counting down the days to the release of this one, so that I could finally be able to see what’s gonna happen... ;) L. H. Cosway is another great author and her books are always effortless reads... as in I cannot put them down, because trust me... there are always a lot of emotions in them... and in me when I read them ;) I can laugh and then tear up all in one chapter ;)

How about we change genres a bit? because „Hexbound” by Bec McMaster is the sequel in her fantasy / steampunk-ish series Dark arts and... as much as I enjoyed the first one, I was sooooo looking forward to this book ;) because the hero of this installment definitely made an impression in that first story... I am so not going to tell you exactly what I mean or even who I’m talking about, because trust me... those details would be too spoilerific ;) those stories are actually going to be quite connected, so if a mix of Victorian London with sorcery and all sorts of swoonworthy characters sounds like something you’ll enjoy, definitely catch up on that first book before the sequel ;)

Or maybe you’re in a mood for a sports themed romance? ;) then I have just the book for you ;) „Grasping air” by Carrie Aarons is book #2 in her Flipped series about gymnasts ;) and after absolutely loving the first one, I am more than curious about the couple in this installment... because we already met both of them... ;) and not only that, but they have a history between them... ;) and if you worry that because you’re not interested in the world of gymnastics or you know nothing about it, like yours truly ;) then you can stop ;) because the fantastic writing style of Carrie Aarons will pull you in from the very first chapter and kept you well entertained throughout the whole story ;)

Next stop is the conclusion to the lovely The wedding belles series by Lauren Layne, „To love and to cherish” ;) each book tells the story of one of the wedding planners in this small but very exclusive and amazing company ;) and again, as much as I loved all the previous stories, it’s the main couple in this book that kept drawing my attention to them ;) and since I love the writing style of Lauren Layne... seriously, with each book of hers I read I get more and more sure about it ;) I cannot wait to see what she prepared for... well, I can’t tell you their names... ;) in case you haven’t read the series, I will leave that lovely surprise for you to discover along the way ;)

Now I will mention the one book I won’t be getting ;) and actually the one book I’m not sure if it will actually be published in october ;) but so far the release date says it will, so I’m gonna go with it ;) „Managed” by Kristen Callihan is the second book in her VIP series and my oh my... ;) this is the third series written by her that I read and each of them are very different but at the same time equally awesome ;) this particular one tells stories of members of one rock band, or in case of this installment, their manager ;) and if the inspiration for his appearance is David Gandy... Google him, you’re welcome ;) I am more than happy to have such a great imagination ;) and of course to see what the lovely author prepared for him... I am NOT that shallow ;)

Last but definitely not least... again, I need to really stress out the fact that there is NO order in the books I’m mentioning ;) is „Hard to fall” by Marquita Valentine, book #4 in her Take the fall series ;) it’s a fairly new author for me... in fact I read only one of her other books, the one before this ;) but I really loved it, so when I got a message from the publisher that the newest installment in this series is available to review I was all like *HELL YEAH* ;) especially since we actually got to know both main characters in that previous book I read ;) and as much as I liked the hero, I fell in love with the heroinę from the very first scene she was in... so I was more than happy when I learned that she will get the next book... and when I got the news I will be able to get an ARC version of it? pure happiness ;) I cannot wait to read it and share with you all my feelings... ;)



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