Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: "The timeseer's gambit" by Kate McIntyre

Author: Kate McIntyre
Book 2 in series The Faraday files
Main character: Christopher "Chris" Buckley

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and I am so glad for that... that way I was able to read this amazing story a little bit sooner ;) but I do feel the need to warn you, that this is a series where the books are pretty connected, so I highly recommend you to read the first book before diving into this one :) but worry not, it's just as awesome as this one, so it's not gonna be a chore for you ;) but since I'm going to talk to you about the sequel, and some of you may be new to the series, I will do my best not to spoil you important stuff :) that's why there may be some moments when I'll be a little vague, but hopefully you'll be intrigued enough to check this series, because it's absolutely worth your time :)

Ok, let me start with a little bit about the world and the whole situation of this series :) it's a mix of steampunk and paranormal vibes :) a made up world where most people have gifts that are awaken after the categorization process... it's a world filled with unique creatures and all sorts of interesting phenomenons :) Chris is the main character of this series, but I say it only because we follow him around throughout the books :) by any means, he is not the only important person in those stories... far from it :) but I will get to that in a moment :) Chris has to take care of his sister Rosemary after their parents died in a tragic event a few years ago... and when the money started to dry up, he looked for a job... the only person who wanted to hire him was Olivia Faraday, a deathsniffer :) sounds pretty cool, right? ;) long story short, because really... the whole explanation would take way too much of our time :) so long story short, she's sort of a detective :) more about her in a second :) like I mentioned before, books in this series are pretty connected to one another :) yes, we get a case in each of them.. a mystery that is resolved before the end of that book, but there's sooooo much more going on... things and events that have consequences in future books... all the surprising connections you discover along the way between different characters... :) but let's go back to Chris right now :) he's an almost twenty-year-old guy who is definitely not perfect ;) but I loved the fact that he had flaws about him :) even though some of his decisions were really annoying, I understood where they were coming from... and besides those few mistakes, I adored how protective he was of his sister and the way he slowly started to change... ;)

Like I mentioned before, Chris is absolutely not the only important person in this series :) this second novel does a wonderful job of showing us more of the characters we already know and love as well as introducing us to a few brand new ones... ;) naturally I have to start with Olivia Faraday :) she's the deathsniffer and I adore her :) she's direct and very honest... usually she says whatever she wants... and I said usually, because we see a different side of her in this second book... well, maybe not different, but there is definitely character development :) that is actually an ongoing theme in this book... because we learn quite a few new things about people we met before... and I loved it :) mostly because I was finally able to get more than a glimpse of one of my favourite characters in this series, William Cartwright :) I can't tell you who exactly he is, because he was quite a mysterious figure in the first book, but I loved seeing more of him :) yet another character who showed us her new side was Maris Dawson, Olivia's boss in the police force :) again, I can't go into all the spoilery details, but it was a very pleasant surprise :) I can't forget to mention Rosemary, Chris's younger sister and her governess, Rachel Albany of course :) there is a little bit less of them in this installment, for reasons that would spoil you the first book, but worry not... we do get to know some interesting things about both of them as well :) when it comes to brand new characters, I want to tell you about Emilia Banks... well, to be honest, I can just pretty much say that she exists, but who she is exactly and how she fits into the story is quite a surprise, so I will leave all the juicy details out of this review ;) but be sure to keep an eye out for her ;)

I absolutely loved this book... :) and I was a little bit afraid going into it, because the first one really left a great impression... :) and we all know that sometimes sequels can be... well, let's say problematic and just leave it at that :) but worry not, that was so not the case of this book :) again, we have one case that Olivia and Chris work on, and this time... it's a serial killer... dun, dun, duuuuunnnn ;) I'm sorry, but the moment needed a dramatic music theme interruption :) but back to the book :) so not only we have this mystery to solve, there is a bunch of other stuff going on as well... there's the upcoming trial of a certain person... I can't tell you the name, because that would be a huge spoiler :) and we discover a few other very interesting events and connections between different characters... :) again, I know I'm being vague, but some of them were really great surprises, so I don't want to deprive you of the joy of reading them on your own... :) but I was very happy about certain things that happened between Chris and... another person ;) not to mention that the growing friendship between Chris and Olivia was absolutely adorable to witness... yes, it's weird and unique and not everyone can truly understand the bonds between both of them, but I loved them together :) in this book it really showed how they influenced and changed one another in just a few months of their time working together :) this book did an absolutely wonderful job with introducing us to some new mysteries, as well as developing connections and events that we knew about before... the character and world development was fantastic as well, and the phenomenal writing style kept me glued to the pages, wanting to know what's gonna happen next... be warned, this book truly is a time-stealing little gem :) so if you are not familiar with this wonderful author yet, definitely give this series a try :)



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