Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review: "A taste of seduction" by Bronwen Evans

Author: Bronwen Evans
Book 5 in series The disgraced lords
Main characters: Hadley Fullerton and Evangeline Stuart

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and first of all I need to warn you, that even though it can technically be read as a standalone... ater all it was my very first book written by this author... :) I would recommend you to read this series in order :) because besides the romance part between our main couple, there is a bigger story arch here... one about revenge years in the making... and we do get a short explanation here and there, but it's not really enough to truly appreciate the story... and there are some spoilers about some surprising things that happened in previous books, so if you want to avoid them as well, read them in order :) that being said, let me tell you what I thought about the book :)

I'm gonna start with the main couple :) Hadley and Evangeline met around three years ago, when she was barely 16 and he was around six years older... after that, they started writing to one another, one thing led to another... and they fell in love... :) after those three years they planned to elope together, because Evangeline's mother would never approve of their relationship... but things didn't went according to their plan... Evangeline ended up married to a not so good man, and Hadley thought she betrayed him, and chose money and title instead of their love... he is after all only the second son... five years later and now a widow, she comes back to London... and that is all I can tell you about that situation, because there is quite more about it ;) but all of those details are too spoilerific to share here with you now :) what I can say is that I have mixed feelings about our main characters... on the one hand, there were moments when I really liked them... to see how strong Evangeline was even after all the things that happened to her... or to see how fiercely protective Hadley was :) but there were also moments when the things they did or said really annoyed me, and made it that much harder to connect with them... their second chance romance felt a bit rushed at times, but I enjoyed the majority of it :) it was a bit of an up-and-down story for me... :) I can't really explain it better without spoilers, so those few words will just have to be enough :)

Now about some secondary characters... again, it was a case of if-I-would-read-the-previous-books-it-would-be-so-much-better type of situation :) because that bigger plot I am teasing you about, revolves around six men, who call themselves Libertine Scholars :) I don't know why, it wasn't really explained in the book :) and yes, you are rightly assuming, there's going to be one more story, a conclusion to everything.. or at least that's what I'm thinking :) and each of those men is the hero of his own story... and since those books are very much connected to one another, those previous four couples definitely appear here... unfortunately for me, they were all introduced in one short scene, and I just decided to go with the flow and don't even try to remember all the details about them... it was a bit too much information in one place for a new reader like me :) don't get me wrong, I am very curious about their stories, and I will go back to read them, but as a person who is brand new to this series, I definitely had troubles with remembering all of them :) they did appeared throughout the whole story, but I was not able to remember all of them :) the only one that stayed with me was Arend, the last single one of them :) I am definitely looking forward to his story, but I think I will go back and catch up on all the rest before the conclusion that's going to be published in october :)

All in all it was an ok book :) there were a lot of moments I enjoyed a lot, but also quite a few that bothered me... so it was really hard for me to rate this book... ultimately I landed on 4 stars, but it's closer to 3,75 really... I liked the writing style, and will definitely check out other books written by this author, to see if maybe it was just the fact that I hadn't read previous books in this series that stood in the way of my full enjoyment of this particular story... or maybe it was just my personal preferences that made me like the main couple less than I expected... it's hard to tell after just this one book, especially if it was so closely connected to the whole series... I wish there would have been some warning, so I would have been able to catch up before going into this story :) so don't make my mistake and if it sounds like something you would enjoy, then definitely go back and start at the beginning :)



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