Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: "The hypnotic city" by Andrea Berthot

Author: Andrea Berthot
Main character: Philomena Blackwell

I got my hands of the ARC of this gem and loved it :) although technically it can be read as a standalone, I would highly recommend you to read "The heartless city" first, because it will give you a lot more background informations about certain events and characters :) well, if you really don't want to, there are short explanations in this book, so you will get some basic knowledge about things, but that first book is so amazing that I truly hope you'll start there if you're unfamiliar with this series :) now that this little detour is out of the way, let me concentrate on the actual topic of this review, which is the amazing story about Philomena... :)

And about our main character... :) we actually met her in the previous story, and she was definitely my favourite scene-stealer there, so I was very happy when I learned she will be the heroine of her own story :) so without spoiling you some very important stuff, which reminds me... this book WILL spoil you the ending and some definitely surprising turns of events from the first book, so that's just another reason to start at the beginning ;) but back to Philomena :) she runs away from her family and moves from London to New York, wanting to achieve her dreams of becoming a Broadway star :) of course things don't go as fast as she would want them to go, and two years later she's still working toward reaching them :) I don't want to say too much about the overall plot of the book, because the less you know the more intrigued you're gonna be ;) trust me on that :) so let me tell you more about Philomena :) I loved her before and I adored her even more in this book :) she was still the same brave, open-minded and honest person... she is definitely not afraid to share her opinions about stuff :) she's working hard to make it on Broadway and I loved that about her :)

Of course besides the amazing main heroine, we have a bunch of secondary characters :) and yes, some familiar faces do appear in this story, so that is just one more reason to read the first book before this one :) but instead of telling you about them, I will concentrate on the new people we met in this story :) so I definitely have to start with Jamie Cross :) he's a stage manager that Philomena meets at one of her auditions, and even though he doesn't make the best first impression around her, after a while, there's definitely a little something more between them *wink wink* :) then there's Sebastian, Philomena's neighbour and friend :) and even though he was only in a few scenes I loved him and would like to know more about him :) and of course I have to mention Tom Casey, the mysterious owner of the most successful theater and that is all I can tell you about him, because after finishing the book... I definitely don't want to spoil you some surprises along the way :) that is also the reason why I am being very vague about what exactly is happening in this book... because believe me... there is a lot going on... :) but since I don't want to spoil you anything, you're just gonna have to see it for yourselves... trust me, that is the best way of reading this book... :) when I was doing it, I was trying to figure out what is truly happening, what this or that event means and it was so much fun... sometimes creepy, in the best possible way, as in mysterious and giving you chills, but definitely fun :)

I absolutely loved this book :) and I'm still in shock how amazing the writing style was :) I mean, it's vivid and pulls you in from the first page :) the characters are so interesting, that you keep turning page after page, because you simply must know what happens next :) I am more than happy to tell you that the lovely author is currently working on the third book in this series... :) *squeels with excitement* :) I have no details whatsoever at this point, but I don't really care who's going to be the main character, or where the action will take place because let me tell you... this second book was so different from the first one... a whole new city, with a bunch of new characters, and I loved it just as much as the first one :) that takes a special kind of a talent to be able to do that :) and with all of the differences, you could still feel that it was the same person who wrote both books :) I highly recommend you this author and I am looking forward to her future books :) both in this series, or whatever she will want to share with us, because the world needs such great authors and books... ok, I NEED her books, but the world needs them too ;) do yourselves a favour and give them a try :)



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