Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review: "For better or worse" by Lauren Layne

Author: Lauren Layne
Book 2 in series The wedding belles
Main characters: Josh Tanner and Heather Fowler

I got my hands on the ARC of this lovely book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I loved this story :) definitely don't be discouraged by the fact that it's a second novel in a series, because it works perfectly well as a standalone :) although I do recommend you the previous stories, both book #1 and a little prequel novella, because Lauren Layne has such an entertaining writing style, that I'm sure it will be time well spent ;) but if this book is the one that will catch your attention, just go for it and read it first ;) ok, now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about the book :)

I'm gonna start with our main couple :) and even though usually it's the guy that catches my eye more... and to be honest it was a little bit like that in this case as well ;) I'm gonna tell you more about Heather first ;) mainly because I loved her in the previous book and was super excited to get to know her even more ;) she's an assistant wedding planner in The wedding belles company, working hard to get that promotion ;) when I met her in book #1, I immediately fell in love with her :) she's funny and sassy, and that's just the kind of women I love to read about :) now she achieved another one of her dreams, finding a lovely place to live... unfortunately, or fortunately, depending when you'll ask that question ;) her new neighbour is... well... ;) a bit loud with his band practice during nights ;) Josh is a few years older than Heather, and he used to have a very important and stressful job until... well, until something made him change his whole attitude towards life... I'm not gonna go into details what it was exactly, because I don't want to spoil you everything, and I'm sure that some of you can figure it out at least a little bit... ;) now he's really living, or at least so he thinks... ;) but is he truly happy? I'm not gonna answer you here, you'll discover all about it when you read the book ;) so they meet when she shows up very angry at his door in the middle of the night :) and from that moment... well, it's on ;) at first it's just this extremely entertaining to read witty banter... ok, it's a flirty-ish banter as well ;) and then it slowly grows into something more... but I really liked that it started with this sort of annoying friendship thing ;) and the more time passes, the more interactions there are between them... the more they feel for each other... *sighs happily* I really liked them together, even though some things that happened between them were... let's just say I had some small problems with them... but it's connected to my personal preferences as a reader... but even them could not diminish the pleasure I felt reading this wonderful book... after all, flawed characters are the best... they are more real and more human in my eyes than the perfect ones... no one is perfect, and I have troubles connecting to those sort of characters... but it's a very fine line... creating a character with flaws that's not too annoying ;) fortunately for me, Lauren Layne always knows how to do it ;)

Besides the main couple we have of course a bunch of secondary characters :) some of them very familiar, and some of them brand new :) we have Brooke and Seth, the main couple from book #1 :) and there are some spoilers about their story in this one, so if you truly don't want to know anything about them, start with their book first ;) then of course there's Alexis... and my oh my, how I can't wait to read her book... ;) if you are new to this series, or just don't want to be spoiled before who is the hero of her book, I'm not gonna say anything here... only that I am really REALLY curious... ;) and from the "brand new" people I need to mention Jamie, Josh's twin sister, who even though appeares only in a few scenes is such a great character... and of course Sue, his mom :) that woman is just... the best :) I'm just gonna say one word... pancakes ;) you'll understand once you read the book :)

I absolutely loved this story... although I fel like it took me forever to finish it... but it had nothing to to with the awesomeness of the writing style or the book itself... it's just that I've been traveling and had tons of other stuff to do in the meantime :) but I was always looking for a moment here and there to squeeze a chapter or a few to read :) it was another one of Lauren Layne's book that I've read... I think #4 in general, but I might be mistaken ;) and with each of them I am becoming more and more sure that her writing style just "clicks" for me :) yeah, I like some of her characters more than others, which is only natural when they are so diverse :) and some stories stay with me longer, but all of her books have that great quality to them :) and this book was no exception :) the banter between characters, all sorts of connections, not only romantic ones, but bonds of friendships as well... not to mention the absolutely lovely ending :) I loved it all :) I can wholeheartedly recommend you not only this book and this series, but the author herself :) if you don't know her yet, you are seriously missing out :) go remedy that situation right now ;)



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