Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: "Burning bright" by Melissa McShane

Author: Melissa McShane
Book 1 in series The extraordinaries
Main character: Elinor Pembroke

I received the ARC of this fantastic story from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and it was yet another example that Curiosity Quills Press is my go-to place to find unique and amazing books… ;) and it should be yours as well ;) because let me tell you… I knew from the synopsis that it will be something else, and that made me curious and at the same time a little bit afraid… ;) because not only this is a brand new author for me, but also the premise, sounding so original, might have been one of those hit-and-miss situations… fortunately, that was not the case ;) because I absolutely loved it ;) it started off on a really good level and then only got better ;) so naturally by the end of it I was so in love with the story and characters, that I just had to give it full 5 stars ;) so now let me tell you a bit more about my feelings ;)

We have one main character here… we follow Elinor’s story throughout the whole book… and even though there are a few quite important people… especially one of them stole my heart *coughs* captain Ramsey *coughs* ;) she is definitely the focus of the story ;) but maybe before I tell you more about her, let me tell you a few details about the world itself ;) this is a historical story, set in 1812 but with some absolutely fascinating paranormal elements… ;) because some people have Talent :) and even less people have Extraordinary Talent, which basically means that theirs is much stronger ;) that’s pretty much all you need to know going into the story ;) don’t worry, the whole thing is actually much more complex, but it’s explained really well in the book, and not all at once, so I will leave you all the details to discover along the way ;) so back to Elinor… she is what you might call a „late bloomer” ;) because her Talent, and an Extraordinary I have to add, manifested much later than usually… instead of when she was around 12-13, she was 21 when she discovered she’s a Scorcher… and that very cool term means that she can start and extinguish fire with her will… ;) so now she has two choices… either she will marry someone that her not-so-nice father will pick out for her, or she will have to suffer the consequences, which basically means living poorly and depending on others to provide for her… so she decides on door #3 and offer her services and Talent to the Royal Navy ;) and since you guys know by now, if you follow my blog for some time now, and if not, you will know that from this moment forward ;) I absolutely love brave and smart heroines… women who don’t wait for others to save them, but who do what they can to save themselves ;) and Elinor is just that type of heroine ;) so naturally I loved her from the start ;) I can’t really tell you more about what happens after her decision because that time is filled with adventures, surprises and quite shocking turns of events ;) so I won’t spoil you them ;) what I can tell you, is that I absolutely adored Elinor as the main character… like I mentioned before, she was smart and resourceful and did what best she could under the circumstances… :)

Now about those secondary characters… because of course besides the amazing Elinor, there were other people in this story… but to be honest… all of them sort of faded in the background because of captain Miles Ramsay ;) he is the captain of Athena, a ship that Elinor is assigned to ;) he has an Extraordinary Talent of his own and he’s a bit more… distant and… not cold, but it definitely takes him time to open up to other people… ;) but since I also need time to warm up to people, I definitely connected with him ;) and trust me… in his case the saying „still water runs deep” is definitely true… ;) because a bit later in the book there were moments that totally made me swoon… *sighs dreamily* ;) like I mentioned before, there were of course other characters, sailors on the ship and more… some of them really interesting, but… none of them as amazing as the captain ;) so hopefully you’ll forgive me for the lack of details ;)

I absolutely loved this book ;) from the start the writing style really made an impression on me, and after that everything only got better ;) the interesting and diverse characters, the absolutely surprising story… and let’s not forget about the world itself… full of details and such unique ideas, that I cannot wait to know more… and there will be more, because the author is currently working on the sequel ;) at this moment all I know is that it will tell the story of another woman with an Extraordinary Talent ;) she may or may not have been mentioned in this book... ;) but that is all I will say about it :) believe me guys, there’s a ton of stuff I would love to tell you… about some characters and events that happened in this book, but unfortunately they all would be quite spoilerific, so I really can’t say anything ;) but trust me… this book is such a unique read… it will keep you on the edge of your seat quite a few times… I certainly almost fell off a time or two… ;) the phenomenal writing style will transport you right in the middle of action and will keep you glued to the pages, because you will simply need to know what’s gonna happen next ;) but don’t worry, even though this book is just the beginning of a series, it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything… but it will definitely leave you wanting more of this amazing world ;) go and try it out ;) 


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