Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: "Body shot" by Kelly Jamieson

Author: Kelly Jamieson
Title: "Body shot"
Book 1 in series Last shot
Main characters: Beck Whitcomb and Hayden Miles

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ;) after reading and loving another book written by her... „Shut out” to those of you who will be curious which one ;) I was more than happy when I found out I can request another book by the same author... and although the writing style was still great, I enjoyed it a bit less than that previous one... let me tell you why ;)

Let me start with our main couple, because to be honest I think it was the main reason why I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would ;) don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored Beck ;) he was all smooth-talking and charming ex-Navy SEAL turned co-owner of a bar… and with his tattoos, smiles and flirting I was all in a pudle by the end of the first scene with him ;) and I regret nothing ;) no, my problems were with Hayden… well, not at first ;) let me try to explain ;) it’s another one of those they-really-are-like-night-and-day type of situations… where Beck was open and talkative, trying to live his life and be happy, Hayden was totally different… a biochemist doctor and researcher, absolutely focused on work… an admirable work, yes, but it took over her whole life… she was definitely more closed off and awkward… a bit shy and, well… I’m not really sure how to explain it in the best way, but she was definitely peculiar… like because of the fact she was a different kid from the start, without many friends, she grew up to be an equally different adult, not really adapted to function fully in society… look, I had no problems with her at the beginning, because yours truly can be painfully awkward in social interactions as well, so I could relate to some of her troubles and feelings… but the more I read about her, the less I liked her… mind you, it never veered in the „hate” department, but I had troubles understanding some of her actions and decisions…

That is also why I had some small issues with Beck and Hayden together… I loved that they started with this insane attraction between them… ;) let’s not kid ourselves, people are not always in the mood to read about a slow-burn romance… sometimes we need a hot and fast romance as well ;) it’s all in the diversity and picking the book that suits your current mood the best ;) so back to our main couple ;) they start hot-and-heavy with what’s supposed to be a one-night-stand sort of thing for them… so no one is more shocked than Beck when he wants more from Hayden… well, maybe she is just as surprised as him ;) so this whole thing starts very unexpectedly between them and day after day, interaction after interaction… things start to change... ;) I loved to see how they influenced each other... how the time they spent together changed them... ;) but of course we all know that there has to be some drama before we all get the happy ending we’ve been waiting for, and the way she acted around that time was another reason why I had troubles really liking her... but worry not, I won’t go into more details... no spoilers from me ;)

Besides our main couple this book definitely does a very good job at introducing quite a few potential future main characters ;) I want to name three of them for you today ;) so we have Carrie, Hayden’s best friend ;) she’s a model who wants to pursue her passion of photography… and I absolutely loved her ;) she was such a good friend to Hayden and I am totally hoping that book #2 will be about her ;) and then there’s Marco and Cade, Beck’s friends and co-owners of the bar… they met during training and quickly became friends ;) they appeared in a scene here and there throughout the whole book and I have no troubles seeing them as the heroes of their own stories at some point in the future ;)

Overall it was a good book ;) by any means don’t be discouraged from trying it out just cause I had some minor problems with it ;) the writing style was great and the chapters flew by ;) my issues were connected solely to my personal preferences as a reader so I am absolutely sure that some of you will fall in love with this story and this couple ;) and don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the majority of the book ;) after all, I gave it 4 stars for a reason ;) it’s a good rating and this is definitely a good review ;) so be sure to give it a try if it sounds interesting to you ;) and hopefully you’ll love it more than me ;)



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