Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review: "Allegiance of honor" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 15 in series Psy-changeling
Main characters: well, about that... ;)

I know I’m a little bit late for this particular party, because the book was published around two months ago, but I finally digged myself out of most of the ARCs I signed up for, which resulted in adding some books that I really REALLY wanted to read to my schedule… ;) and I couldn’t be more happy that I chose this book as one of my priorities ;) because it was simply amazing ;) I will try to do my best and on the one hand, tell you a bit about the world and characters in general in case you are brand new to this series, and on the other hand, to tell you why I loved the 15th book in this amazing series without spoilers ;) it’s not gonna be easy, but I will do my best for you guys, as always ;)

Ok, so let’s start with the basics ;) Psy-changeling is a series that really should be read in order… yes, each book (with the exception of this particular one, but I will explain that later) is concentrated on a different couple, but all of them are connected by events and consequences of those events that can span over multiple books ;) so if you are new, you should totally start from „Slave to sensation” ;) it’s a truly fantastic beginning and it involves my favourite couple from this world ;) ok, so to all you new readers, let me tell you a bit about this series ;) we have a world set a bit in the future, but it’s an alternate version of our world, where there are three factions ;) we have humans, who are just like us… psy, who have all sorts of mental powers… telekinesis, teleport... just to name a few, but there are soooo much more… ;) and changelings, who are shape-shifters ;) they mainly live in packs and are definitely my favourite type of characters to read about… in this series and usually in these paranormal-ish books ;) the whole series evolves around all the connections, or to be more exact basically lack thereof at the beginning, between all three groups… that of course slowly starts to change, and with each book it gets better… by the time of this installment, which is book #15, more than three years have passed since that first story and the situation is sooooo different ;) I know that’s not a lot of details, but I highly recommend you guys to at least try out that first book… it took me quite a lot of convincing to sway my sister J to finally try it out and she inhaled all books in record time ;) I hope you’ll give it a try as well, because there’s a reason why it’s one of my all time favourite series ever ;)

Now let me tell you a bit more about this particular book ;) and to all of you who are new to the series, be sure to avert your eyes from now on, because I don’t want to spoil you stuff ;) and basically everything from now on will include some sort of spoilers about this series ;) ok, so let’s go back to this story… ;) which is very special for many, many reasons ;) not only it does not have one main couple, it also works as a sort of connection between two big story archs ;) let me explain ;) from the moment I heard this was going to be an ensemble book, I was more than curious how Nalini will execute that idea… cause it could have been a huge mess… don’t get me wrong, I totally trusted her to do it just right, and I was not disappointed at all ;) so in this installment instead of following just events surrounding one couple, we re-visit most of the ones we already know and love… although definitely Lucas and Sascha play the biggest role in the events of this book ;) which really made me happy, because they are definitely my favourite couple in this series ;) unfortunately the reason why they are so important, is because their little daughter, Naya, is in danger… of being kidnapped or worse… I won’t go into more details who is behind all that and what exactly happens in the book, but it’s just one of quite a few important things going on… we also get to know a little bit more about the abductions of BlackSea changelings… there’s Xavier looking for his Nina, and you will finally know if he finds her or not ;) and of course the pupcubs ;) they are born in this book and we all get to see if someone bet correctly on the amount, sex and the packs they will belong to, of those little gems ;) those are definitely the main, bigger things happening in this book, but it’s also filled with so much more little ones… that are just as important, at least to me ;) because more often than not those little things show perfectly the difference between that first book and the newest one… ;) all the changes and growth that happened in that time… *sighs happily* ;)

I absolutely loved this book ;) it felt a little bit like a lovely, bonus epilogue to all those stories and couples we already love ;) don’t get me wrong, by any means it does not mean we won’t see them in future books… ;) but definitely not as much as in this one ;) and that’s ok ;) because trust me… as much as I enjoyed all of them here, I am more than happy to see new couples including new people… or some single ones we already met ;) I definitely have a few candidates that I would love to read sooner than later but I am perfectly fine with whatever story Nalini will give me ;) I trust in her ability to tell me a story that spoke to her the loudest and the one that just felt most „right” to tell next ;) even if that means waiting for my personal favourite people to get their turn a bit longer… it’s always worth it in the end ;) the writing style is amazing as always… Nalini is one of my all time favourite authors for a reason… I might not love equally all of her books… it’s only natural with the diversity of her characters after all, but the quality of her writing style is always there ;) she pulls me in the book from the start and makes me care about people that sometimes appear only in a scene or two… ;) but that’s actually connected to another reason why I love her ;) she definitely knows where she’s going with this series ;) I can absolutely see this when I re-read the previous books… you see glimpses and teasers about certain characters that takes place sometimes in a much later book ;) I love to look for them now ;) that’s why I know that if she mentions a character or an event, it’s definitely for a reason and I should pay attention ;) I was afraid that without the main couple anchoring the story, it might feel choppy and / or skipping chaotically between certain scenes… but it wasn’t like that at all ;) the story flows pretty fluidly between different people ;) and I have to say that more often than not those people are DarkRiver cats which made me super happy because they are my favourite group to read about in this series ;) I laughed, I aaaawwwww-ed and I teared up… ok, I want to say that I only teared up, but that’s only partially true ;) I teared up in sweet places, but there were also moments when I bawled my eyes out… I’m not gonna say why and when exactly, but it happened ;) this book was even better than I expected it to be… and this is book #15 in one of my all time favourite series people, so the expectations were certainly there ;) and high ;) *sighs happily* but this book was just amazing… like warm and fuzzy blanket that I wanted to just curl into and stay there forever ;) but let’s not forget that besides checking up with all the people we know, it also starts a few new plots and gives us glimpses and teasers about what’s in store for all of us in future books… and I am more than curious ;) so if you are brand new to this series, I hopefully convinced you to at least give it a try and check out that first book… ;) and if you are a long time fan like me, we can all hold hands and support one another waiting for another installment together ;) because you will have withdrawal symptoms after finishing this amazing book ;) you’ll want more and more of this world and for now, I have no exact date of the next full lenght book… *gasps* I know, I know… but a brand new set of novellas from this world is being published today, so that should hold us for a while longer ;)



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