Monday, August 29, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #28

Catching up after my trip
Song of the moment
Why I should take a break from NetGalley,
but let's be honest... I won't ;)

Hello my lovely people :) a brand new monday and we all know what that means ;) a new #RandomRamblings post :) this week another shorter one ;) but it's very much connected to that first part of the headlines, so instead of babbling on about nothing, because I really don't have the time to do that ;) I will get straight to the point ;)

You all know, if you follow my blog on a regular basis, that I went on a training business trip for a few days last week :) I was away from my lovely Sascha (my laptop to those of you who might forgot) and pretty much stayed away from all the electronics, so when I got home... well... let's just say that there were a lot of things to read, like e-mails, messages and notifications... not to mention a whole lot of stuff to write :) so that's how I spent most of my weekend :) don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed myself and spent time with my family as well :) and if I'm being honest after those few days away my system got all messed up and I am still fighting and working to catch up on everything and get my groove back ;) it's definitely a struggle but I'm close to digging myself out ;) hopefully I will need like one more day and then everything should be back on track ;)

Today we are gonna embrace the chaos again, and not stick to the order of the headlines, so let me skip to that very last part, before coming back to the middle ;) NetGalley... *sighs* ;) it's an amazing place for bloggers and publishers to connect with each other, and I feel like I should avoid it for some time... ;) it's nothing bad or wrong... ;) it's just... well... ;) ok, here's the thing :) every time I log on to that site, there is some weird math going on... I cross off one book and add my review and all that... but somehow another few books catch my attention... and before I know what is happening, I'm requesting them and soon after, in most cases, my requests are accepted... ;) and instead of getting rid of books from my tbr #BookMountain I just keep adding more to it ;) so even though technically I know I should take a break from adding more... we all know that's not gonna happen any time soon ;) I have no will power when it comes to books ;) #NoRegrets #NoShame ;) but it's even better for you guys, since it gives you more opportunities to discover some lovely gems ;) you're welcome ;)

And last but not least, I wanted to share with you a song that's been stuck in my head for the last few days ;) I can't stop listening to it over and over again, so I decided why not to share my newest music obsession with you guys ;) who knows, maybe you'll like it as well ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people ;) you all know how I love to connect with you, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I'm there pretty much every day and it's definitely the quickest way to contact me :) and be sure to come back here some more this week, cause I have some amazing reviews of some fantastic books for you ;)



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