Monday, August 22, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #27

Movie disappointment
A short explanation 
Connecting with authors

Well hello there my awesome people :) it's a brand new monday and that means a brand new #RandomRamblings post as well :) this one may be the shortest one of them all, because I am crazy busy lately :) I am still working on balancing my new job and reading and my blog AND you know, actually living my life, meeting friends and spending some quality time with my family :) it's still a work in progress but I am getting better at it with each week :) so I am really looking forward to a very near future, when I will be all caught up on my ARCs reading... and it's only a week, max two weeks away :) *sighs happily*

So today I want to start from the middle of those headlines, and give you a quick explanation :) since I'm going on a work related training trip this week, from wednesday to friday, it may take me a while to respond to you guys if you contact me during that time :) so if it takes me a few days to react on your comment or e-mail, it's because of my trip and not because I am ignoring you :) I will catch up on everything once I get back so give me a few days and be patient ;) thank you in advance :)

Now let me go back to that first part of the headlines :) I finally saw "Jason Bourne" last week and let me tell you... I expected sooo much more... I loved the previous trilogy, cause I am not really counting that fourth, spin-off movie ;) and my expectations were pretty high before this newest installment... especially since Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass came back :) but after actually seeing the movie... well... it was a bit "meh" for me... it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great as well... and since I wanted it to be really good, I was disappointed... by any means, don't make me discouraged you from giving it a try for yourselves... I really hope that you will enjoy it much more than me :) unfortunatley I can't really tell you why I didn't like it, because that would include a lot of spoilers about the movie, but it just didn't work for me... the story, the characters, some of the ways they resolved some issues in the movie... I know I'm being vague, but no spoilers means no more details for you... if you missed it somehow, I have a trailer for you :) make the decision for yourselves if you want to give it a try, and again, I really hope you'll enjoy it more than me :)

And last but not least, let me tell you about something very cool :) so I've been doing this for some time, but recently it's definitely became a bigger thing :) at least on my end :) ok, that sounded very cryptic :) what I'm talking about is connecting with authors :) I am exchanging messages with several of them actually :) which is very cool :) some of them reached out to me, with offers of reviewing their books, but most of those connections I initiated :) basically, I decided that if I found a book through one of the PR companies I work with and loved it, I will write to the author :) share my review and just say how much I enjoyed it :) first of all, it's always nice to hear that someone loved your work :) it's the same feeling I get when someone says they loved my review and bought a book based on it... and then loved that book :) those messages always make my day :) and me reaching out to authors most often than not ends with them adding me to list of bloggers they work with for future books and/or offers like "hey, I have X books already published, would you be interested in reviewing them as well?" :) and my response is always "HELL YEAH!!!" ;) so I am a very happy blogger :) I want to encourage you to write even a short message to an author, if you loved their book... it doesn't have to be a review on Amazon or Goodreads or some other sites, although they are always appreciated, but I am talking about an e-mail directly to the author... you never know, but sometimes those messages may come at just the right time to make them feel better when not everything is working out for them, when they have a bad day, and your message might just be that little thing that will make them smile :) and it's always nice to share good things with others... you'll feel better because of that as well ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) as always, you know how much I love connecting with you guys so be sure to leave a comment here, or on my Facebook and / or Goodreads accounts :) although I am definitely using Facebook and Goodreads the most... ;)



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