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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #24

My very special day
Our very own book tag
At least we have something to look for ;)

Hello hello there my awesome people :) I am in an awfully good mood, because of so many reasons lately :) I'm not gonna bore you with all the little details, but instead I'm gonna focus on one of them... a pretty big one I have to add :) and this time, we will again go with the order of the headlines... yes, I know they sound vague and everything, but all will be explained in the post :) so be sure you sit comfortably, because this one is going to be a long one ;) you've been warned :)

Ok, so let's start at the beginning :) that one big reason I want to share with you, is that I celebrated my birthday a few days ago :) yes, some of you are my fb friends, and already sent me wishes :) and I thank you very much for all your nice words :) but I'm not mentioning my b-day just so you can wish me some good things some more ;) I wanted to share with you guys one of the presents I got :) my lovely sister J, bought me some books :) and not only that, but she chose my favourite books in some of my favourite series ever ;) I'm just gonna share a pic with you guys, because you can see the authors and titles very clearly, so if you don't know them yet, you can check them out very easily :) plus, I've been talking about all four of them pretty often, so I don't want to repeat myself yet again today :) especially since I have sooooo much other stuff to share ;)

Don't they look beautiful? :) And with those fantastic additions I of course have to show you guys my #shelfie ;) you know... book shelf selfie ;) but before the actual pic, I need to explain a little something :) the majority of the books I have (and pretty much all the paperbacks) are the translated versions... some time ago I decided to start selling those versions, because I want to have the original books instead... it's just that... a lot can be lost in translation... especially if it's a beautiful and unique writing style... and since I have no troubles reading in english, I decided to buy those books instead :) so far I have only a few books, but worry not, it will definitely grow bigger in the future :) so here's the pic :)

It's just the beginning, but it's so lovely :) and don't worry... I have a whole list of other ones that are just waiting for me to get them... ;) so you'll definitely get some book hauls in the future... ;)

Now let's go to the second part of the headlines... see? I told you this is going to be a long one ;) and again, I need to start with an explanation :) so me and J really like to do book tags :) we both read a lot and love to come up with different answers, to recommend some really fun books to you guys :) and we decided, that since we have sooo much fun with that, why not come up with a book tag of our own? ;) so we figured out that we would combine the two things we absolutely love: books and fairy tales / animations :) it doesn't have a fancy name, and we are aware that there was like a Disney book tag at some point, but we promise, all the points are our own :) we had lots of fun making it, so definitely expect another one in the future... we may already have a few ideas... ;) so now that you know the behind the scenes stuff, let's get to the actual tag, shall we? and don't worry, I'll definitely will be explaining some stuff along the way, so that everything will be perfectly clear :)
#1 "Finding Nemo" -> a book or series with a single parent 
A: I chose "Worth it all" by Claudia Connor for this one :) it's part of a series, but can be read as a standalone :) it's a beautiful contemporary romance about a single mom with the cutest little pixie daughter with a leg prosthesis... I don't want to say more about the plot and everything, but trust me, it's a beautiful story that really warmed my heart :) you should totally check it out :)
J: I decided to go with "Revived" by Samantha Towle :) it's also part of a series, but can be read as a standalone as well :) and it's also a story about a single mom, this time of a teenage boy, who works as a therapist :) she meets a certain F1 driver and... I can't tell you the rest, but I loved this book :) you'd be surprised how many times her teenage son was the voice of reason ;)
#2 "Beauty and the beast" -> a book or series with a couple who had a rough start / slow burn romance 
A: "The player and the pixie" co-written by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) I had to chose this one :) they go out for the first time after he sort of blackmails her a little bit ;) and their "relationship" starts as a sort of mutual helping deal with stuff I absolutely can't tell you here ;) it's part of a series but can be read as a standalone and I absolutely loved it :) it was super fun, but very emotional, which surprised me :) not only that, but I was truly shocked by how much I loved them as characters :) I definitely highly recommend you to read it :)
J: I had to go with "Idol" by Kristen Callihan :) it's a beginning of her new series and let me tell you... the hero does not make a good first impression... I mean... there are so many better ways to meet a woman, than to pass out drunk in her yard after crashing your motorcycle and then after you wake up, throwing up on her... talk about rough start ;) don't worry, it gets better ;) the book is hilarious and fantastic, be sure to check it out :)
#3 "How to train your dragon" -> a book or series with a pet / animal that stole your heart 
A: you know guys that I love animals, but dogs always have a special place in my heart :) so I picked "Good girl" by Lauren Layne where there is not one, but two awesome dogs :) and they play a pretty big part in the whole story :) it's such a fun contemporary romance, that you all need to check :)
J: I went with a book with lots of dogs as well :) "The search" by Nora Roberts is a fantastic standalone novel, and a perfect place to check out her books if you are not familiar with her writing style :) it has lots of fantastic dogs with cool names like Bogart, Newman and Peck :) and lets not forget about a little guy who eats everything, and is very aptly names Jaws ;)
#4 "Despicable me" -> a book or series with a scene-stealing character  
A: that was not an easy choice, but I ultimately decided to go with Page from "Hustler" co-written by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince :) first of all, that whole book was freaking hilarious :) but Page, the roommate of the heroine, was absolutely fantastic :) I cannot wait to read a book with her as the main character :)
J: I picked Lady Danbury from Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn :) they are historical romances, and Lady D is this amazing older lady who is known from speaking her mind, sarcastic comments and hitting people with her cane when they irritate her ;) she's definitely one of the reasons why I love this series so much :)
#5 "The princess and the frog" -> a book or series where a woman saved the day 
A: I picked "The tower must fall" by S. E.Bennett :) mainly because it's a fantastic book and I can't stop talking about it ;) but Enyo, one of the main characters in this book is truly a kick-ass assassin who saves the day on more than one occasion, so everything works with the question :) this book is a fantastic mix of steampunk and fantasy, so if you haven't read it before, be sure to give it a try :)
J: my choice is "The darkest touch" by Gena Showalter :) it's part of a paranormal series that really needs to be read in order, and actually strong female characters that can save the day is actually an on-going theme of it :) I just picked this specific book, because the heroine in that one may be the most powerful of them all :) but there were a lot more to choose from :)
#6 "Aladdin" -> a book or series set in an exotic place 
A: I decided to go with "Here she rules" by Kat Brewer ;) because when we said "exotic place" it means not only an exotic country or island, it can easily be a fantasy world :) and my book takes place in just that, a unique world, where our main heroine is transported into through a rift :) think something like ancient Rome, but with women as warriors :) I've had so much fun reading this book, so hopefully you'll give it a try as well ;)
J: I chose "Winter" by Marissa Meyer :) it's a conclusion to a fantastic series that needs to be read in order, and I chose the last book, because the majority of the action takes place on Luna, or as we know it, the moon ;) those books are fantastically written, full of adventures and surprisng twists and turns, with a cast of characters that will steal your heart :)
#7 "The lion king" -> a book or series that made you cry 
A: I had to pick "Steadfast" by Sarina Bowen, it's part of her new series but can be read as a standalone :) it was a very emotional read and my heart was breaking for the main characters so many time... *sighs* don't worry, even though this story will make you cry, it also has such a beautiful ending... :) so if you want to be blown away, be sure to check it out ;)
J: I had to pick "Dance with the devil" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, it's part of a series, but works as a standalone as well... I don't know why, but this book made me cry so much... I mean, it's a very emotional story, and especially Zarek's past, he's the main hero, truly broke my heart... I just wanted to hug him... but no worries, this book has such a beautiful ending, so even though it will make you cry, you will smile by the end of it :)
#8 "Frozen" -> a book or series with a special relationship between siblings 
A: for me it has to be The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas :) it's a set of historical romances, where each sibling gets their own book and I love all of them :) they are quirky and different and they love and support each other very much :) it's definitely one of my favourite series of all time :)
J: I chose Kavanagh legends series by Sarah Robinson ;) it's a set of contemporary romances with five brothers and a "sister" ;) technically, she's their cousin, but the family adopted her when she was very little, so she's basically their little sister :) there were only two books so far, but I loved both of them and can't wait to get to know other siblings even more :)
#9 "Zootopia" -> a book or series with an unexpected partnership
A: I picked "Seize the night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon for this one :) even though it's part of a series, it can be read as a standalone :) I love this series, and even though it's full of unexpected partnerships, Valerius and Tabitha are definitely the one that stands out :) I can't tell you more why their working together is so unlikely, but I adored this book, and you should definitely give it a try :)
J: I decided to go with "Reaver" by Larissa Ione :) it's part of a series that you need to read in order to undertand all the connections, but when you get to this book... I did not expect Reaver and Harvester to ever work together... but it turned out absolutely fantastic :)
#10 "Cinderella" -> a book or series where an object is very important
A: "Princess of Tyrone" by Katie Hamstead:) it's a great and unique retelling of "Sleeping beauty" but there is a very important object in this story :) I can't tell you exactly what it is, because it's not that obvious from the start, so I don't want to spoil you anything :) but I highly recommend this amazing book :)
J: I picked "Love in the afternoon" by Lisa Kleypas :) it's the conclusion to a lovely set of historical romances, but can be read as a standalone :) I really loved this book and the object, or should I say objects, that are very important in this story are letters... and what a wonderful letters they are... :) there is of course so much more that I can't share with you about why they are so important :) you're just gonna have to check it out for yourselves ;)
#11 "Atlantis: the lost empire" -> a book or series with a diverse cast of characters
A: I had to pick "The unquiet dead" by Chris Dubecki :) not only it was a fantastic read, but I love how different and interesting the characters were... men and women with different sexual orientation, skin colour, beliefs and so much more... it's a fantastic story with paranormal vibes and a great writing style, and you should definitely give it a try :)
J: I chose Bride quartet series by Nora Roberts :) four books and all the couples in them are different :) their personalities and the way they look is all diverse, but all of them are so entertaining :) there is a favourite person for everyone in this series :) it's a series of contemporary romances about four women who have a wedding planning company together, and all characters appear throughout the series, so you should read them in order :)
#12 "Tangled" -> a book or series with a secret
A: I chose for this one "Allegiance of honor" by Nalini Singh :) it's part of a series that I recommend you to read in order :) and the secret I'm talking about is actually the one I still don't have the answer for, cause I have yet to read this story :) if you are not familiar with the series, my explanation would be too long, but for all others, I am talking about pupcubs ;) I can't wait to know more... I need those details :)
J: I have to go with "Tempted" by Elisabeth Naughton :) it's part of a paranormal series that I highly recommend for you to read in order, and in this particular book there is a secret... a really big one... I mean absolutely huge :) since it's a spoiler I won't tell you what exactly it is, but damn.... ;)
#13 "Kung fu panda" -> a book or series with a major character development
A: I ultimately decided on Captive heart duology by Carrie Aarons :) both of the main characters change so much throughout this story... and Carrie's fantastic writing style just make you feel all the feels for them,.. :) I can't tell you too much about the story, but trust me... it's worth a try :)
J: I chose Raphael from Guild hunter series by Nalini Singh :) as one of the main characters in this paranormal series, the archangel of New York we know now is definitely not the same person we met at the beginning :)
#14 "Ice age" -> a book or series with a relationship as passionate as Scrat and his acorn ;)
A: I picked "Beast" by Alana Albertson for this one :) this standalone contemporary romance definitely has a very passionate relationship between our main couple... *fans myself* trust me... very passionate ;) but not only that, it's an absolutely great story that is also a loose retelling of "Beauty and the beast" and you know that's like my kryptonite when it comes to books ;) so of course I loved it :)
J: I had to go with "Aced" co-written by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine because let me tell you... that book... that book achieved new level of hotness... ;) I was seriously afraid of reading it in public ;) and not only it was hot and hilarious, it had a surprisingly emotional moments as well :) an absolute must read :)
#15 "Hercules" -> a book or series with a character who sacrificed
A: I decided on "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway :) it's a phenomenal contemporary romance that even though is part of a series, can be easily read as a standalone :) I of course can't tell you exactly who sacrificed and what, because that's way too spoilerific, but this book was absolutely amazing :)
J: I chose "Born of legend" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, because Dagger, the main hero in this story, was someone who on more than one occasion sacrificed a lot for others... I can't tell more without spoilers, but I recommend you to read this whole series, because that is the best way to appreciate all the connections and just pure awesomeness of those books ;)
That's it for our tag :) we had so much for doing it, and maybe you'll want to do it for yourselves as well :) feel free to do one point, or a few or all of them :) or none at all, no pressure :) we just hope you enjoyed reading our tag at least half as much as we enjoyed doing it :)

Last but not least... told you it's going to be a long post ;) is that last part of the headlines ;) let me explain what I meant by "at least we have something to look for" ;) I love this part of the year ;) not only because it's my birthday time ;) but also because it's the time of Comic Con in San Diego :) and that means lots of news and informations about my favourite TV shows and movies :) not to mention, my absolutely favourite part... the trailers :) so I have for you five fantastic new trailers :) and three of those five movies are going to be released next year :) so instead of complaining how long we have to wait... and by we I mean me and my sister J of course ;) we decided to just be excited that we have so many awesome things to look forward to :) but before I get to those three, let me tell you about the two that are much closer :) and I absolutely have to start with one of my most highly anticipated movies of the year... "Suicide squad" :) it's just a matter of weeks before I can see it and I am counting down the days :)

The next one that I can't wait to see is "Fantastic beasts and where to find them" :) I swear you guys... every time I hear the music from this trailer I get chills ;) november isn't that far away, right? ;)

And now we get to those three that I'm gonna have to wait so much longer... but worry not, it will be worth it... at least I hope it will :) first one I want to talk about is "Wonder woman" :) I'm not sure why, because usually I'm a Marvel and not DC fan, but this one looks very interesting :)

And since we are in DC world how amazing does "Justice league" looks?!? :) 2017 is really the year when all the jokes about how lame Aquaman is, are going to die because... damn ;)

And last but definitely not least... ;) trust me on that ;) one of my most highly anticipated releases of next year is "King Arthur: legend of the sword" :) it looks absolutely fantastic, like a perfect mix of everything I love in movies :)

That's a wrap people :) I hope you are all still with me and you managed to read until this very end of my post :) but I did warned you it's going to be a long one... ;) just don't get used to this ;) it will happen in the future again, just not very often :) as always, I love interacting with you guys, so be sure to share with me your thoughts and opinions on Facebook or Goodreads :)



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