Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: "Playing by her rules" by Amy Andrews

Author: Amy Andrews
Book 1 in series Sydney Smoke rugby
Main characters: Tanner Stone and Matilda "Tilly" Kent

I was really happy when I got my hands on the ARC of this book, because... well... rugby players are my second favourite athletes to read about... right after hockey players that is ;) and I quite enjoyed this book... although once I finished it, I had a bit of troubles with deciding how to rate it... after some deliberating I finally landed on full 4 stars, because right along absolutely awesome things, there were some not really awesome things as well ;) so why don't I tell you a bit more why I feel that way ;)

Let's start with our main couple :) Matilda is a journalist who works hard to earn a promotion, and her chance lands right at her feet, when she accidentally lets slip that she used to date Tanner Stone, captain of Sydney Smoke rugby team... and since the team is under a bit of scrutiny after some shenanigans from other players, Matilda's boss has no problems convincing them to agree for an article :) so now she has to write a the-truth-behind-the-myth sort of a six part feature about a guy who broke her heart eight years ago... and about that whole situation... it's a bit more complicated than what you think at the beginning of the story, but either way... I am not really a fan of... it's really hard to tell you my opinion without actually spoiling you some things, so let me put it this way... I am not a fan of resolving issues in a way he did it those years ago... that is all I can say without spoilers :) I get that it was stupid, and he was young, but... I think it's just a matter of personal preferences :) but back to the present... :) I really loved their interactions :) yes, there were unresolved issues, but I adored their banter... and the more time they spent together, the more that banter was present in their conversations :) he wanted her back, and pretty much from their very first meeting tried his best to show her how he changed and convinced her to give it another shot with him... and even though she fought against that idea, ultimately... well, you know where this story goes, so I don't have to say anything more... ;)

Besides the main couple, there were quite a few secondary characters mentioned throughout the book :) after all, this is just the beginning of a series :) so a few single players appeared here and there and from them all, Lincoln was the one who caught my attention :) young and talkative, I would love to read his story next :) but from everyone else it was Hannah, Matilda's grandmother who really stood out :) very outspoken and just... loving but honest, even if the truth might hurt... :) she was a fantastic addition to this story :) there were of course a few more, but I can't just spoil you all the important people now, can I? ;)

I quite enjoyed this book... :) yes, I had some troubles with how things happened between them when they were younger and when that whole situation kind of shadowed the present, but... I sort of can understand why it happened the way it did... but even though I am able to understand, I still really don't like those situations... but that's the only negative thing I can say about this book :) I absolutely loved the writing style and not only I can't wait to read future stories from this series, I am definitely checking other books written by this author :) also, a very fun thing that I enjoyed in this story was the use of Twitter and hashtags... ;) it was a very entertaining addition :) so if you are looking for a sports themed romance that will make you laugh, definitely give this one a try :) it's a very strong start of a new series and I can't wait to get my hands on the future stories :)



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