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Review: "The player and the pixie" by Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway

Authors: Penny Reid and L. H. Cosway
Book 2 in series Rugby
Main characters: Sean Cassidy and Lucy Fitzpatrick

After reading and absolutely loving the first book in this series... and don't worry, if you haven't read it yet, this one works as a standalone as well :) but you should read the previous one because it is simply awesome ;) but back to my point... ;) after loving that story... if you would tell me there's going to be a book with Sean and Lucy as main characters... and not only that, but also that it will be a story that will totally capture my heart, I would laugh in your face... :) and even after hearing multiple opinions confirming that this would happen to me, I still didn't believe them... oh, how I was proven wrong... I should have just trusted the infinite wisdom and brilliant minds of both of these fantastic co-authors because people... I am officially and completely in love with Sean Cassidy... well those are the words I'd never thought I'd say... ;) so let me tell you a bit more why I feel that way... ;)

Sean and Lucy... *sighs happily* I am still amazed how these authors made me fall in love with them... well, mainly Sean, cause I adored Lucy before :) ok, so she is Ronan's younger sister :) he's the hero of that previous book, but like I mentioned before, this one works as a standalone as well, you get all the necessary details, so you don't have to read that first book, I just really recommend you do that, because it's fantastic... ;) but back to Lucy :) she's this lovely, colorful (literally and metaphorically) person :) always trying to find goodness in people... Sean on the other hand... ;) well, there's a reason why I really hated him in the first book and why he has a reputation of being... well, let's call him a jerk, because that is the only word I can come up with to use in the review... ;) he's mean and keeps people at a distance from himself... so imagine my surprise when I learned that he will be the main hero of this story... I should have known that the authors knew what they were doing... because not everything may be as it seem... and people have much more to them than just the one side they are showing to the world... :)

So here I was, reading peacefully and slowly falling in love with Sean, when it hit me... the reason why this particular story is so compelling to me :) right in the middle of the book I was like *gasps* it's just like "Beauty and the beast" :) and if you don't know it about me yet, I absolutely love that story :) and this one was so similar... an unexpected beginning of their relationship... a side of him that only she sees... at least at first... *sighs happily* look, I don't want to tell you too much details about all of that, because it really is better for you to discover all of those little fun things on your own, but I will tell you this... :) I loved how flawed both of them were... I loved how real those flaws made them... and when they were together... *sighs* some of those scenes were just too cute... ;) I adored how they influenced each other, and how both of them changed troughout this book... :) I know that I'm being a bit vague, but I truly believe that all those big and little things will be that more beautiful if you read them, and they will surprise you along the way... :)

Besides our phenomenal main couple, we have of course a bunch of secondary characters... :) we have Ronan and Annie, the main couple from the previous book :) and they are actually getting married in this story :) and since they got their very own book, I won't go into more details about them here ;) instead, I need to tell you about two absolutely fantastic people :) first one is Eilish :) she's Sean's... let's call her a younger sister, because that is exactly how he treats her, even though the situation is a bit more complicated :) she's this absolutely fun and entertaining young woman, and that just make me that more curious to read the next book in this series, where she will be the heroine :) and that second person is Broderick :) he's Lucy's friend and I am absolutely counting on him getting his own story at this point... I know it won't be the next one, but... you know... maybe the one after that? ;) he's this charming, talkative and open person, and believe me... once you get to know a little bit more about him, you'll join my campaign and will be counting down the days to his story ;)

I absolutely loved this book... it was fantastic :) there isn't one bad thing I can say about it :) it was written in 2 POVs, which I love in books, and even though it was co-written by two people, it doesn't show... once you start to read it, you won't be able to stop... just a fair warning ;) and I have to say this again... I did not expect to love Sean as much as I did... he is this man full of contradictions... with so many layers... and throughout the book we slowly get to know him more... he and Lucy definitely are not perfect, but I loved their flaws... they made them more real... more human in my eyes... ;) and don't even get me started on all the connections and relationships in this book... and I am not only talking about the romance... because there are beginnings of a certain bromance going on in this story and it was just too cute ;) this story made me feel all the feels... :) I laughed until I had troubles breathing... I cried and wanted to hug certain people as well... and it had such a lovely ending... seriously people, those two authors... I adore them separately, but when they come together it's pure magic... :) so definitely pick this story up and see for yourselves ;)

I have a few quotes for you today... believe me, there is much more in the actual book, but I can't put here whole chapters now, can I? ;) so here are a few glimpses into all the awesomeness that waits for you in this book ;) happy reading ;)

Part of a conversation between Lucy and Sean when they're hiking ;) Lucy first :)
"'How can you not be tired? This hill goes straight up.'
I shrugged. "I work out sometimes.'
She threw her head back and laughed, her open palm falling to her thigh with a smack.
I liked the sound. Without thinking too much about it, I tried to get her to do it again. 'Not very often. Just once or twice a day.'
'Is that so?' Her lips curved, her smile glorious. 'What kind of work outs do you do? Hill climbing?'
'Yes, mostly. I have a hill all my own in Ireland.'
'I bet you run to the top of it and yell, *I'm the king of the world!*'
'I don't.'
'Why not?'
'It would frighten the sheep.'"

Part of a conversation between Sean and Broderick about Lucy :)
"'She's not average.'
Despite myself, I fought a smile. 'You certainly have a way with words.'
'I know.' Broderick's features rearranged themselves, settling back into impassive neutrality. 'Everything out of my mouth is goddamn poetry.'
I surrendered to the smile and fought a laugh. 'Loveliness, the incarnation of beauty in spoken form.'
'Like a fucking butterfly, but with sounds.'"

Another one with our main couple :) Sean first :)
"'Flirting,' I said as I surmised her meaning. 'I can do that.'
She lifted a disbelieving eyebrow. 'You can do that sometimes, and usually by accident.'
'I'm a good flirt.' I said, unable to keep the defensiveness from my claim.
Her expression flattened and she lowered her voice to that of a mock-tenor, quoting me, <Shall I sneak in later? Crawl into your bed and wake you up with my head between your thighs?>'
I won against my urge to smile, dipping my chin so she wouldn't see it, but kept my eyes on her. 'So, too subtle?'
She grinned, then laughed, pointing at me. 'See? You just did it, you flirted with me accidentally.'"

And the last one with Sean and Lucy :)
"'What did you want to discuss, Lucy?'
'Stop that.'
'Stop what?'
'Stop saying my name in that voice.'
'It's the only voice I have.'"



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