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Review: "Neanderthal marries human" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 1,5 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Quinn Sullivan and Janie Morris

First of all, I need to clarify one little thing :) it is the only Penny Reid book that can't be read as a standalone... :) well, technically you CAN do it, cause there's no #BookPolice that will stop you ;) but if you want to get the most from this story I would actually advise you to read the first two books in the Knitting in the city series :) because in the first one we met Janie and Quinn and saw how they got together... and this one is set a few months later and revolves around the engagement, the wedding and all that... :) but it actually overlaps with the second book in this series, so if you want to avoid any spoilers, read that one as well, before diving into this one :) so now that we have it all out in the open, let me tell you a bit more about this book :)

I am not gonna explain everything about how Janie and Quinn got together and all that, but I will leave you my review of the first book right -> here <- :) it's not very detailed but it's better than nothing ;) they are both pretty peculiar :) well, mostly Janie :) but Quinn has his own unique qualities as well :) and I was thrilled that we got to see a little bit of his point of view in this story... :) I love them both, and additionally we have lots of other familiar characters appearing in this book, so I was a very happy reader :) I don't know why I haven't read this one sooner... it's probably because after meeting all women from the knitting club in that first book, I was so curious about their stories, that I just skipped this one and went straight to the books about them :) and with each story I fell more and more in love with Penny and her writing style... and after some time I had this book as sort of a security blanket... one last unread Penny Reid book in case of an emergency :) and yes, I am perfectly aware that I can always re-read one of her books, but it's not the same and I don't have time to explain my long and weird thought process right now :) but the time has come for me to finally read this book and I abslutely loved it... I know, what a shocker ;) it was full of the characters that we all know and adore and a few surprises along the way :)

Now let me tell you a bit more about all the parts in this story... :) first, we have the engagement... ;) and all I can say about how they are doing it, and no worries, no spoilers from me :) is that it's hilarious :) and soooooo like them :) because why do something in a more traditional way, when you can do it this way :) after that, I knew that I was in for a treat with this book :) then there's the whole planning the wedding part... :) and that involves one of Janie's ideas that is... on the one hand it might seem ridiculous, but on the other, I can't help but understand where she was coming from with it :) it is really hard to write about it without giving anything away, so I am really hoping you guys get what I'm trying to say and appreciate my efforts ;) and that part also includes a bet... this sort of a dare / bet kind of a situation... and it was hilarious :) then comes meeting the family part... a bittersweet, hard and a bit sad but also lovely and heartwarming part that will hit you straight in the feels... :) in the best possible way of course :) and then there's my favourite part of the book... Vegas and the bachelorette party :) and when I say my favourite part, I mean laughing-out-loud-giggling-gasping-for-air-because-it-is-just-too-funny part :) it involved all the ladies from the knitting group and the thing they do best... wreaking havoc and creating chaos :) and at this point, I just have to add, that with each scene I read about them, I am dying to read book #7 (even if there's still book #6 to be published before that) about Kat and Dan :) because damn... I have a feeling it's gonna be good... :) but that's like way in the future, so let us go back to the topic of this review :) and then we end the book in a lovely and wonderful way with the wedding... <sighs happily> :) it was truly the perfect way to finish this fantastic story :)

I could probably write more about our main couple and other secondary characters... describe them with more details and everything... but I do feel, like this book is a gift from Penny for all the readers who already know and love them :) so most of you are familiar with them :) like all her other books, this one is filled with her unique and smart writing style... charming characters and scenes and interactions that will make you laugh and melt your heart in all the right moments :) her books are always full of beautiful relationships, not only romantic ones, but friendships and family bonds as well... :) in the sea of mediocre or over the top stories, Penny is a unique shark and I will follow her always :) and that shark part is an inside joke... if you get it, that's awesome ;) if not, let me know and I can explain it to you :) overall I absolutely enjoyed this book :) it was a 4 / 4,5 stars read for the longest time... and then Vegas happened and I just had to bump it to full 5 stars :)

I have just a few quotes for you today, to show you what amazing things awaits you inside this little gem... :) and these are such a small glimpse... but I couldn't put here more, because once I'll start, I will never be able to stop... cause honestly... I could quote you whole chapters and it would be perfect... :) but for now, these few will do ;) happy reading :)

One of interactions between Janie and Quinn :) Janie first :)
"'Do you think this will ever stop?'
'What's that?'
'Do you think I'll ever be able to look at you without losing all my wits?'
His smile intensified; the softness sharpened. 'I hope not.'
'You like me witless?'
'Let's just say it evens the playing field a little.'
I frowned at that. Now that I had something to focus on and think about, my head settled more squarely on my shoulders. 'You can't be suggesting that you're witless.'
He gave me a silent smile in response then a quick kiss, or what I imagined he meant to be a quick kiss. No sooner had his lips left mine did he grunt disapprovingly and fasten his mouth on mine once again. Then he really kissed me.
As usual - when we really kissed - I lost track of my surroundings, the operation of my limbs, and the functionality of my vocal chords. I may have started to climb him."

Part of a conversation between Quinn and Dan, his friend :)
"I set the machine to a ten-minute warm-up. Then I called Dan. His phone rang five times before he picked up.
'Someone better be dead or horny.'
'Good morning, Dan.'
'You're seriously calling me at five-fucking-fifty in the morning?'
I glanced at my watch. 'Sorry, are you on vacation?'
'Wait, are you on the treadmill? Jesus, Mary and Joseph - please don't tell me you left Janie to go run on a treadmill? What happened to your dick, Quinn? Did they confiscate it at customs? I can't think of another straight man who would leave all that a...'
'You didn't give me a report yesterday.'"

And anotother one with Quinn and Dan, because why not? ;)
"I needed to ask Dan to be my best man. I briefly thought about waiting until I could do it in person. I decided against that. Better to just ask and get it out of the way.
'One more thing.' I took a deep breath, cleared my throat. 'We're engaged.' Then I added unnecessarily, 'We're getting married.'
Without missing a beat, Dan responded. 'That's great. Do I know him? Was it everything you dreamed it would be?'
I rolled my eyes. 'Shut up, asshole.'
'Did he get down on one knee?'
'Both knees? Wow. You're lucky.'
I cracked a smile and shook my head. 'I'm hanging up now, douchebag.'
'Does he know you're not a virgin?'
'Keep talking, fuckface. You're going on knitting group duty when we get back.'
'Tell Janie I said she's too good for you.'"

Part of a scene with Janie, Quinn and Dan after our couple is involved in some sexy shenanigans in the bathroom ;)
"Before Quinn could speak, Dan's voice whispered from the other side of the door. 'Just so you know, we've all formed a high-five line outside the bathroom.'
I buried my face in Quinn's neck and moaned my mortification.
I felt Quinn's rumbly chuckle and his kiss on my hair before he responded to Dan. 'If you try to high-five me, I'll punch you in the throat.'
'The high-five line is for Janie, not for you, Dummy.'
Quinn pressed his lips together to keep from laughing, and I was sure that if no one had died yet from awkwardness, then my autopsy report would be the first of its kind.
'I'm kidding. I can feel her embarrassment from here.'"

And the last one with our main couple :)
"'And speaking of children, I'd like at least two with an option for more.'
Quinn's light laugh dispelled some of my lingering anxiousness. 'Well, I want more than two. I was thinking four or six.'
I stiffened and lifted my head to catch his eyes, to gauge whether or not he was serious.
He was serious.
'Four or six?'
'I like even numbers. Growing up it was always Shelly and me against Des. This way our kids can pair off to torture each other in teams.'"



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