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Review: "Like a lady" serial box set by S. J. Sawyer

Author: S. J. Sawyer
Title: "Like a lady" serial box set
Book 1 in series Like a lady
Main characters: Mason Pierce and Scarlett "Red" Summers

I got my hands on this box set when I signed up for the blog tour of "No offense, darlin'", because apparently to really get the whole story of the main couple from that book, you should read this story first :) and yeah, they do appear in this book, although do you really absolutely have to read it before their story...? I will let you know in my review for "No offense, darlin'" after I read it :) either way, I am very happy I got this particular story, cause I enjoyed it immensly :) I was going back and forth throughout the whole book wondering and changing my mind as to how to rate it... ;) but ultimately I had to go with 5 whole stars :) if I would read the four parts separately, my rating would probably be different for some of them, but since I read them all at once, the whole story deserves 5 stars :)

Like I mentioned before, there are four parts in this book :) each of them takes place over one of the weekends during one summer :) but worry not, throughout the whole book we also get flashbacks to different moments that shed much more light on the main couple and their whole story :) and about them... :) the book starts about two weeks after twenty-year-old Red dumped her fiance after finding him cheating on her with a bridesmaid in the bathroom of the church... she was holed up in her room for those two weeks... and now's the time when her friend Mary Lou... more about that awesome weirdo in a moment ;) drags her out of there and into the world... ;) and while they are at the lake party, they of course run into Jake, her ex... it's a very small town after all... but before things get too awful, Red is saved by none other than Mason... a guy she had a huge crush on when they were younger... little does she know, he had a crush on her as well... ;) he's back in town from college for the summer to help his dad on the farm... :) and now we're at that harder part... how to tell you more without actually spoiling you all the good stuff... ;) I'll try to do my best, as always :) soooo... I absolutely loved both of them :) yeah, they're young so there was some drama and angst that I probably could have lived without, but based on their age, I was expecting it ;) what I absolutely adored are the flashbacks :) they really gave us much more insight into both of them individually and the whole situation between them :) I know I'm being vague, but I really can't be more specific :) and besides, you don't want to know all the good stuff before actually reading the story ;) but what I can tell you, is how much I loved the transformation of Red... how she changes from the beginning to the end of this book... and even though I didn't really liked some of the things she did or said, I completely understand why she acted that way... and it's a human trait to make mistakes... as long as we are brave enough to own to that mistakes later on... :) not to mention that I am absolutely swooning over Mason... *sighs* he was just absolutely dreamy... ;) I adored him from the start and the more I got to know him, the more I loved him :)

Now about the secondary characters :) because let me tell you... apart from Red and Mason there are quite a few of them... ;) and I loved them all :) they were this awesome, if sometimes crazy, bunch ;) and yeah... there might even be a couple or two getting together during this story, but worry not... I won't spoil you who they are ;) so here are a few of them, deliberately put in no particular order ;) Mary Lou :) she's Red's best friend... a little bit of crazy and wild, but fiercely loyal and protective ;) yeah, there were moments when I thought she was insane ;) but I loved her nonetheless ;) there was also Monroe, Mason's friend and roommate from college who came with him to help :) he was charming and funny and of course I loved him from the start :) I can't forget about Mel, Mason's younger sister and Red's sort-of-a-friend... I can't explain more without spoilers, but the whole situation is resolved in the book :) Cash, one of Mary Lou's brothers, Emerson, Red's friend and her boyfriend Preston, and let's not forget about Beau... seriously, there are so many of them, that if I wanted to describe each of them we would be here all day... so let me just say, that they are all different and interesting and much more complex than you would expect... so don't be fooled thinking you know everything after a few chapters... ;) you might be surprised :)

It was such a great summer read :) and I am not only saying that because the book takes place during that time of the year ;) and don't be fooled by all the things I couldn't tell you about, cause it's more than just a romance... :) I loved that the friendships were just as important part of this book... :) and thanks to all the flashbacks, we get so much more than just Red and Mason getting together at the present... :) we also see all the little things that happened before... and that adds a whole another layer to this summer... :) *sighs dreamily* ;) the writing style was absolutely phenomenal :) it was my first book written by this author but definitely not the last :) and not only that, but this story was written in 2 POVs, which I adore in books :) I love to be able to glimpse into both of the main characters heads and see things from their perspectives :) I can wholeheartedly recommend you this book :) I've had so much fun reading it and hopefully I convinced you to give it a try as well :)

I have a few quotes for you today :) believe me... there is much more awesomeness waiting for you in the actual story, but I had to restrain myself from choosing too much ;) so here are just a few teasers ;) happy reading :)

Part of one of the flashbacks with Red and Mason :)
"'Looks like your party is almost over, little Red,' Mason says, surprising me. His voice is near my ear, and when I turn my head to look at him, our lips are inches from one another. 'It's almost eleven.'
'I'm fairly certain that Cinderella turned back into a peasant at midnight. Surely, I have another hour.'
'Yes, but you are more beautiful than Cinderella,' he whispers. 'I think you only get 'til eleven.'"

Part of a conversation between Red and Mary Lou, when they are in the middle of the forest and M needs to pee ;)
"'I can't pee.'
I stifle a growl in response. 'Oh? Try!'
'I'm shy.'
'Mary Lou, you are not shy.'
'Okay my vagina is shy, and I can't pee. It has stage fright.'
One. Breathe. Two. Just breathe. 'You've peed with me in the same bathroom stall before.'
'It's different.'
'Would it help if I hummed?' I ask, desperate.
'That would be wonderful. Thanks Red,'"

Part of a conversation between Red and Mason :)
"'You are making my head hurt,' he says, causing me to smile. 'What's going on over there?'
'God, is it that obvious?'
'Yeah, pretty much. What's wrong? Is my company that awful?'
'No, not at all. You're fine.' He chuckles, and I realize my poor choice of wrods. 'Not fine, fine. Like it's okay I'm with you, fine.'
'Wow, my ego is hurt,' he says, grabbing his chest. 'You've wounded me real deep, little Red.'
'Jeez, no, you are beautiful, and I just meant being in this truck with you is not a bad thing.'
'Beautiful? Are guys supposed to be beautiful? What about ruggedly handsome?'"

One more between Red and Mary Lou ;)
"'I've got to find some clothes!'
'Oh, that's my cue, Mrs. S. Wardrobe is all me!' Mary Lou tells her, and I hear the bar stool slide across the tiled floor.
Great. It wasn't exactly an open invitation for her to join. She stomps up the staircase behind me.
'So, what are you going to wear tonight?' she asks, already texting someone.
'Good plan,' she agrees. 'Guys like a bit of a challenge.'"

And the last one, this time with Red and Cash, when he helps her with a flat tire ;)
"'Do you have a spare in here?' he asks, pointing to the front.
That would probably be a good thing to know. In fact, I'm certain my father will kill me if he finds out I don't know the answer to this question, but um, yeah, not a clue. I can't say I've ever looked in the car's storage compartment and am battling with how to tell Cash this when he starts laughing."



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