Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Review: "A license to wed" by Diana Quincy

Author: Diana Quincy
Book 2 in series Rebellious brides
Main characters: Will Naismith and Elinor "Elle" Dunsmore

I got an ARC of this wonderful historical romance from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I have to say... I really loved it :) it started as a strong 4 / 4,5 stars read, but ultimately I had to give it full 5 stars... believe me... I was just as surprised as you by that ;) and definitely don't be discouraged by the fact that it's book #2 in a series, cause it can be read as a standalone as well :) in fact, it's the first book written by this author that I've read and after enjoying it so much I will definitely check out her other work :)

We meet our main couple on the day of Elle's 18th birthday :) Will is a few years older, and a friend of her older brother... more about him a bit later :) she's been in love with him for quite some time, and he started to have feelings for her as well... so there's no wonder that after the amount of champagne they both drank that night, those feelings turned into action... ;) unfortunately their story did not end happily at that time... in the next chapter we skip ahead six years... and a lot of stuff happened in that amount of time... :) but before I go into a bit more details... don't worry, not a lot, so as not to spoil you anything ;) I will tell you a bit more about our main couple :) Elle is the daughter of a very high member of british society... and yes, it's my why of explaining who her father is because apparently I failed to write down his exact title in my notes... ;) but he's important :) and Will is the bastard son... they are like night and day not only because of their families... she's vibrant, charismatic and full of life... he's much more serious and organized... when we skip ahead those six years he's pretty much in shock when he sees her... mainly because everyone thought she died... dun dun duuunnn.... ;) sorry, but this moment needed a dramatic effect :) I won't tell you much more about why she's actually alive and why everyone thought she was dead all those years, because we learn all those details throughout the whole book... :) what I can say is that I absolutely loved both of them... did I liked that each of them kept secrets from one another? not really, but I do understand why they did it... it's easy to judge, but when put in their place I'm not sure I would acted differently... fortunately all those things are cleared between them sooner or later in the story... :)

Besides our main couple there is a bunch of other characters very important to the story... unfortunately, I can't really share with you too much about them, because of spoilers :) but what I can say is that I definitely see some potential for future stories... ;) the person I can tell you more about is Cosmo, Elle's older brother... :) even though he appears only in like a scene or two near the end of this book :) but the reason I want to write about him is that he's the hero of his very own book :) "Spy fall" tells the story of how he got together with Mari, his wife :)

This book seduced me with the writing style... I really enjoyed it from the start, but those words... *sighs* I was in love with this book before I knew what was happening ;) which actually doesn't happen very often with me :) but the more I read, the more I wanted... and suddenly I was reading the last chapter... how did that happened?!? ;) this story is full of surprising twists and turns, so besides the romance we get also a mystery and adventure all in one fantastically written package :) that is exactly why my review is so vague and without much details... I don't want to spoil you those twists... :) so be sure to pick this one up and give it a try... I think it might mesmerize you just as it did to me... ;)



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