Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: "Here she rules" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Book 1 in series The chronicles of Erla
Main character: Cassandra "Cassie" Powell

When I was first contacted with a proposition to review this book I was hesitant at first... I mean, there weren't a lot of reviews online to be found about it, and I wasn't sure if it's a story that I would enjoy... but I decided to give it a try :) and how glad I am for that, because I absolutely fell in love with this book :) it is very hard to describe without spoilers, but I will do my best to convince you to try it as well :) because the best words I have to describe my experience with this story is "fantasy guilty pleasure read" :) and I mean it in the best possible way :) let me try to explain you more, but be sure to stay with me till the end :)

Cassie, coming back home after one of her martial arts classes, stumbles upon a rift and is transported into a completely different world... :) I know, I know... but it took me a moment to adjust to this fact as well, so don't be discouraged, it's definitely worth it :) and when I say different I really mean it... :) she lands in Erla and it's a place where... think about it like this :) it has a vibe of those ancient civilizations, where the men were warriors and kings and women were servants and slaves... it's sort of like that, but in reverse :) Erla is a Queendom, with female warriors as dominant group, and men as submissive slaves... and I know what you're thinking... I needed a moment to get on board of that idea as well, because slaves... well, I wasn't sure if I'm gonna enjoy a story like that... but men in Erla are very passive and as long as their Mistress is fair, they don't want another life... :) believe me, it's much better than you think, so keep an open mind :) so when Cassie lands there, she happens to stumble upon Nera, the queen of Erla and her warriors, being attacked by another vicious group :) she uses her own fighting skills to save her life and in doing so, the grateful queen offers her a position as a commander of her army :)

And in that smooth way, I'm gonna tell you a bit more about some secondary characters now :) so we have Nera, the queen of Erla :) and Kara, Cassandra's second :) they are both great warriors and they befriend Cassie pretty quickly :) then there are of course Cassie's slaves... there are a few of them, but I'm not gonna share their names with you here, because the identity of some of them are sort of a surprise along the way, so I don't want to spoil you stuff ;) but looking at how they adore her... *sighs* originally I was a little bit surprised by how quickly Cassie got used to this brand new reality, but if I had a bunch of sexy and sweet men taking care of me and pampering me on a daily basis, I would probably get used to it pretty fast as well ;) there are of course a lot more important characters... and I mean A LOT ;) but because the book actually takes place over a long amount of time, and some of those characters don't show up until the second half, I don't want to spoil you anything :) but I will say, that in this new world, there are Kingdoms as well, where the men are the dominant group, and we see people from those places as well ;) some very fine people indeed... ;)

I absolutely loved this book :) I mean, it started off pretty good for me, although I needed a moment to adjust to this new world, but the more I read, the more I fell in love with this story :) I adored how strong the women were in this book, and I am not talking only about Cassie :) there were lots of examples for that :) I was really wondering what can happen, because it's a pretty long book and I am very pleased to say... a lot :) this whole book took place over a very long amount of time and a whole lot of things happen... I mean like gasps-in-shock-almost-drops-my-kindle-while-reading surprising :) it was full of adventure and action and all sort of relationships between characters... I loved to read about romance as well as friendships forming on the pages of this amazing book :) I enjoyed the writing style immensly and cannot wait to read more stories set in this world :) so if you are looking for a fantasy story with strong heroine as the main character... a story that will make you forget yourself and keep you glued to the pages... a story filled with adventures and fantastic relationships, definitely give this gem a try :)



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