Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: "Finding Dawn" by J. L. Leslie

Author: J. L. Leslie
Standalone, but... ;)
Main characters: Drew Matthews and Vella Dawn Delano

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) thank you again for sending me this lovely story :) after I reviewed her "Let the waves come in" (about Aubrey, his best friend and Declan his older brother) and realized that there is actually a book about my favourite secondary character from there, I knew I needed to read it soon :) but don't worry, both of these books work as a standalones as well, so you don't need one to read the other :) but you do get a bit more background about the main couple in this book if you read that previous one first :) but again, it's not necessary :) so now let me tell you a bit more about this book :) and unfortunately it won't be a very long review, mainly because a lot of things are happening in this story that I absolutely cannot tell you about :) because... so... many... spoilers :) but I will do my best to show you why I loved it :)

So let me start with our main couple :) Drew is... *sighs* ;) I loved him before but in this book he's absolutely charming... :) he moves to California after breaking up with his fiancee and very soon after that, he runs into... and I mean that literally, spilling a slushie and everything ;) into a woman, who introduces herself as Dawn :) little does he knows at the time, that she's a famous super model Vella Dawn, Aubrey's boss :) she loves the fact that he doesn't recognize her and actually acts normal around her :) and about Vella... she's my favourite type of character :) we met her before, as this perfectionist, a bit on the cold and distant side... but in this book we get to know her more... and the more I read, the more my heart was breaking for her... she seemed so lonely... I just wanted to hug her ;) and I love that about characters... when they are more complex than you thought... when behind this face that everyone see there is much more hidden... I love those kind of surprises... even though sometimes not everything you get to know is good... *sighs heavily* seriously people... I wanted to hug her so much.... and even though Drew totally charmed me, it was actually Vella who stole my heart :) I absolutely loved them together... and don't worry, the whole identity secret is revealed pretty early in the book :) I loved how Drew did his best to treat her as normally as he could, given her fame and obligations :) they were so lovely together... and I absolutely adored this new side of her we could discover when she spent more time with him... this more vulnerable and fragile side... :)

Besides our main couple we of course have a few secondary characters that I need to mention as well... :) there's definitely Aubrey and Declan :) they have their own book, so I won't go into too many details about them here :) just the basic info :) Declan is Drew's older brother... they had a bit of a difficult relationship for the last few years, but lately, thanks to Aubrey it's definitely getting better :) and about Aubrey... ;) he's Drew's best friend... and a lot of people have troubles with their friendship... quite a few of their significant others couldn't understand that what's between them is just friendship... both of them appear in this story in a few scenes, but don't worry :) if you haven't read their book, you'll still understand everything :) and I need to mention one more person... and not in a good way... Vella's mother... I hated her... the more I got to know about her... ugh... I have no words for how awful she was... and since I'm not saying anything else, it's not a spoiler ;)

I really enjoyed this book :) it was such a quick read... :) especially once I got to know our main couple a bit more, then I just needed to finish the book and see how it ends :) it's written in 2 POVs and I always love that in books :) not only that, but throughout the story we also have flashbacks to certain events in the past, showing us what happened to both Drew and Vella before... and it was those flashbacks about Vella that broke my heart the most in this entire book... I would love to say a bit more about the story, but I really feel it's best if you go into it without more details, especially the ones that might ruin quite a few surprising turns of events... and I mean that... ;) cause I've had a few of those "what the WHAT is happening?!?!?" ;) but I really enjoyed this entertaining contemporary romance with a beautiful ending, so definitely give it a try ;)



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