Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: "The deathsniffer's assistant" by Kate McIntyre

Author: Kate McIntyre
Book 1 in series The Faraday files
Main character: Christopher "Chris" Buckley

I got my hands on the copy of this book thanks to the lovely people over at Curiosity Quills Press :) when I saw the opportunity to get my hands on the ARC of the sequel, I wrote to them with a question, about the possibility of me getting the first book in this series as well :) and they said yes :) and how glad I am for that... because this book was... just... can you say amazing? because I will... many times in this review ;) I mean... I have so many great things to say about it, that I have no idea where to start my praises ;) maybe with the main character... ;)

So about Christopher... and I am identifying him as the main character only because we, as readers, follow him around throughout the book, but by all means don't think he's the only important or entertaining person in this story... ;) not even close :) but I'm gonna start with him :) Chris is an almost twenty-year-old guy, who after the death of his parents six years ago, have been taking care of his little sister... more about her in a moment :) they were from a quite wealthy family, but with their parents gone and him without a job, the money finally starts to be a problem, so he looks for it wherever he can... even if it means working for a deathsniffer ;) explanation in a second :) he's well mannered and polite, at least most of the time ;) I really liked him... he really handled well all the things that have been going on around him... :) worry not, no spoilers from me about the details ;) and about that new job... before I will get to his new employer... ;) let me squeeze in a bit more informations about the world itself :)

This book is a fantastic mix of steampunk-ish vibes with all sorts of paranormal ones... :) we have this a bit Victorian times and rules, but with all sorts of interesting inventions... not to mention all the magical creatures :) it's a world where the categorization determins what kind of talent you have, and what job can you do after said talent is awakened... I know I am being vague, but first of all, I don't want to mess up the details and explain stuff wrong, and second of all, this world is so vast and so interesting, that I want you to be able to discover all of that for yourselves :) but I absolutely loved it :) I can't wait to read more, and get to know more details :) I am really struggling right now guys, because on the one hand, I want to tell you so... much... more... :) but on the other hand... I'm here like "noooo... that's a spoiler... that too... I certainly can't tell you about THAT" :) you get the gist :) so maybe I will jump to the secondary characters... if you can even call them that... because here's the thing... :)

Even though I say Chris is the main character, there is quite a few people practically as important as him in this book :) and the top spot on that list goes to Olivia Faraday, his new boss :) she's the titular deathsniffer, and she's... well, the shortest and simplest way to explain, is to say that she's sort of a detective :) it's of course much more complex than this, but again... if I would stop to explain everything with lots of details, we would be here all day :) trust me, it's good :) I absolutely loved her :) she definitely gives off Sherlock Holmes vibes :) she's direct, has no filter and says whatever she wants... :) she has a very curious mind that goes off in lots of different and unexpected directions... :) she was a blast to read about :) then we have Rosemary, Chris's younger sister... almost fourteen, she's a powerful spiritbinder, able to sing all sorts of magical creatures into obedience :) again, it's a short explanation of a much more complex phenomenon, but you know what I mean :) and let's not forget about Rachel Albany, her new governess... a very intriguing woman with secrets of her own... :) there are quite a few people who definitely caught my attention, but the importance of some of them you discover a bit later in the book, so I will leave a few surprises for you ;)

So about the story... :) we not only have a mystery on our hands that is resolved in this book... but besides that, the further we get into the story, the more hints and glimpses we get about certain very interesting characters and the world itself... and the more informations and hints about where certain things are heading, the more I was curious about future installments of this series :) now about the mystery :) the very first case Olivia gets after Chris starts working for her is the murder of Duke Val Daren... and quite a case it is... don't worry, no spoilers from me ;) that is a huge part of this book... and I have to admit I was absolutely deducing right alongside of Olivia and Chris, thinking who did it :) but besides the case there is much more in this book... like I said, the murder is resolved, but there are definitely some things left in the air... some hints mentioned here and there... glimpses into certain characters and... let me just say, I am very glad that the sequel is out in just a matter of weeks :) and not only that, but to know that there will be a book #3 and #4 as well in the future :) because believe me... with the writing style that kept me glued to the pages... words so vivid and storytelling so entertaining, I definitely need more :) more about this world, more about these characters just... more everything :) so if you are in the mood for a book that will surprise you... that will make you laugh and gasp in shock... a story with a diverse cast of characters and a world that you'll want to know more and more about... then definitely pick this gem up... like NOW ;) I promise, it will be soooo worth it :)



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