Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: "Cogling" by Jordan Elizabeth

Title: "Cogling"
Main characters: Ike and Edna

I got a free copy of this wonderful book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and I am more than thankful for that, because I absolutely loved it :) it was such a fantastic mix of steampunk and fantasy vibes with all sorts of unexpected and surprising turns of events :) the story really went in a few directions I absolutely did not see coming :) and I always love that :) those gasps-in-surprise moments :) especially when it all leads to a good ending :) and since this story have so many things I can't tell you about, because of spoilers, obviously ;) don't be discouraged by the fact that this review will be a bit shorter and vague :) that is done totally on purpose :)

So let me tell you a bit more about our main characters :) both Edna and Ike are teenagers, but believe me, they are not that whiny, overdramatic and angsty type of teenagers I cannot stand in books :) they are actually both much more mature than their age suggests :) Edna is a young girl, from one of the poor families, working with her eight-year-old brother Harrison, to help their parents... that is until one night, her brother is kidnapped and in his place a cogling is left... let me take a quick break for a short explanation :) like I mentioned before, this is a world with steampunk / fantasy vibes... at the beginning there is a very cool explanation about the origin story of hags and ogres, only a few creatures that are different from people or have magical abilities... I'm not gonna go into details about all of them, but I will say that hags are a bit like witches... it's a very vague and simple explanation, but I will leave you the rest to discover for yourselves ;) and the hags are replacing all sorts of people so they can stage a rebellion against humans :) it's all of course much more complicated, but again... no spoilers, so no more details from me ;) and Edna learns all that from Ike, a thief she meets when he wants to rob her... ;) I know, a great first impression, right? :) but despite the rough start, he agrees to help her save her brother... and if you guys think that is all this book is about, think again... ;) cause there is soooo much more... unfortunately I can't tell you what exactly, because that would include me spoiling you some of those massive and surprising twists along the way :) what I can say is that I actually really liked both Edna and Ike :) her, with the love and determination she has to save her beloved brother :) and Ike... *sighs* he uses my favourite term of endearment ever... *luv* :) so naturally I am a fan ;) like I said, even though both of them are young, they are actually much more mature than I expected :) not to mention that both of them have some very interesting secrets... and I mean like I-almost-fell-from-my-chair surprising ;)

Besided Edna and Ike there are quite a few important secondary characters... unfortunately for you guys, I can't tell you their names :) because that would, again, involve spoiling you some pretty surprising events from the book... I know, I know... it's a theme with this review, but what can I say? ;) but I have to admit, that some of them really surprised me... in a good way :) not to mention that I absolutely loved a very unexpected but lovely "pet" that sort of joined them for parts of their journey :) again, no details because of my "no spoilers" rule ;) trust me guys, it's really better if you know less :)

I really enjoyed this book :) the whole world created by the author was vast and original... the more I got to know about it, the more curious I got, and wanted to know even more :) the story surprised me quite a few times, and this sort of thing does not happen to me as often as you might think :) I am sitting here writing this review and really wishing I could tell you a bit more about this whole book... :) I really want to :) but I know that the story will be so much better if you know less going into it :) so let me just say this :) if you want entertaining writing style, interesting world full of all sorts of creatures, amazing and brave characters and twists and turns that will make you gasp in surprise, definitely give this book a try :)



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