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Release blitz + Giveaway + Review: "Edge of glory" by Magan Vernon

Author: Magan Vernon
Book 1 in series Friendship, Texas
Main characters: Jay Morningstar and Rosalia "Lia" Conti


"Welcome to Conti's. I'm Lia and I'll nguhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 
I froze. Directly facing me was Olympic swimmer, Jay Morningstar…and I just made an idiot of myself.
The rest of the table looked up to see my standing there with my mouth practically gaping. His coach, who I recognized from TV interviews, and even two other swimmers from the Olympic team. They didn't say any-thing, they didn't even blink.
"Uh…I mean…"
I couldn't even put together my words and Jay Morningstar was just staring at me with that Wheaties box smile and those icy blue eyes.
What was I supposed to say? Sorry I just made a weird noise, it's just that I have a poster of you on my wall where you are wearing nothing more than your gold medals, a smile, and a pair of man panties?

I received an ARC of this lovely story in exchange for an honest review and I'm very glad I did, because I really liked it :) I was a bit hesitant before I started reading it, because I saw some mixed reviews about it, but I shouldn't have worried... cause I had a blast reading this book ;) it was awkward, a bit angsty and hilarious... which actually made it a perfect mix for one of my afternoons... because yes... I read this baby in one day... :) but the writing style was so entertaining, that the chapters just flew by :) I was done with it before I even knew what was happening ;) but I think the main reason why I loved this book was...

Lia :) both she and Jay are in their early twenties and I absolutely adored her... was she perfect? definitely not ;) she was awkward and sometimes shy... a little bit nerdy with glasses... sounds like someone I know... ;) *coughs* me *coughs* ;) maybe that's why I liked her and her behaviour didn't bother me that much... because yes, some of us truly are THAT awkward :) but no worries... she was also fun and sassy at times :) and Jay... well, he was awkward in a whole other way... he had a tendency of speaking when sometimes he should have thought before opening that mouth of his... ;) but he was so cute that I forgave him for some of the stuff he did or said... ;) you would have done it as well ;) Jay is a swimmer and he's working his way back to an Olympic form after his earlier big success that went into his head a bit too much... he's in her hometown, the lovely Friendship in Texas, with his teammates, to practice for a few months... they meet in her family's restaurant, when she is his waitress and the rest is history... ;) what more do you want me to say...? ;) I can't tell you all the good, spoilery stuff ;) all I'm gonna tell you is that I really enjoyed their journey :) it was awkward, and lovely and very fun to read ;)

Besides our main couple we of course have a bunch of secondary characters... and I absolutely have to start wth Lia's family... she's the youngest kid in a big italian family that includes two older brothers, sister-in-law, parents, grandmother and her goat... yes, you read that one right... a goat ;) they are loud, overprotective and even obnoxious at times... but they love her very much and to be honest, some of the members definitely surprised me a few times :) but there were a lot more people in this book... along with some hints and glimpses into some potential future stories in this series... there's even a link to a vote at the end of the book, about which character would you like to read next in this series :) and there are quite a few possibilities... ;) I am beyond curious about a few people, but worry not... I will not name them here, so you can read this book without prejudice and then decide for your own :) but some of them definitely stood out for me and my fingers are crossed... ;)

The whole book is written from Lia's perspective, and even though I would love to be able to get inside Jay's mind and see, at least sometimes, what's been going on there ;) I absolutely loved the writing style... I will definitely check some other books written by this author, cause this was my first one :) the story unfolded over some time, and if you add the lovely epilogue, with a time jump, it was a beautiful conclusion to the book ;) even though some people might be bothered by it, I actually enjoyed all the awkward and a bit weird parts of this story :) was it realistic? not really, but it was very entertaining and I enjoyed the majority of it :) I would probably survive without some of the angst, but since both of them are pretty young, I expected it :) it felt honest and suited both characters and their situation :) I know I've been a little bit vague in my review, but I don't want to spoil you all the fun and awkward surprises :) but definitely keep in mind, that if you are looking for an entertaining and quick read, you should pick this gem up ;)


Snow in Texas didn’t happen.
The weather report said that we were supposed to get significant snowfall, but I told Jay that the weatherman was usually wrong so there was nothing to worry about. 
This was one of the first times that Jay was going to hang out at my house and nothing was going to ruin that for me.
Or so I thought.
I'd cleaned everything from top to bottom a million times over and made sure my parents would both be at the restaurant along with Sonny.
Jay was just coming over to watch a movie, but I couldn't wear my usual "lounging" gear of sweatpants. It took me forever to figure out what to change into after school and put on extra deodorant.
Staring at myself one last time in the mirror, I thought I could pull off looking half way decent. I smoothed out my sweater and touched up my lip gloss.
Okay, so maybe I wasn't a Christy Quinn with a great fashion sense, but hey, a sweater and jeans weren’t that bad.
The doorbell rang and I bolted down the stairs only to feel something warm and squishy underneath my sock-clad feet.
I winced, not wanting to look at what I stepped in, but as soon as Nonna's goat walked into the foyer, I knew it was exactly what I thought it was.
"Nonna! What is Capra doing in the house?"
Nonna shuffled into the foyer and looked down at my feet then at Capra, swatting him on the butt and swearing in Italian. Capra snorted and turned around, dropping another big pile of little pellet poops on the ground before she sauntered toward the living room.
I put my hand on my head and looked between the new pile of poop, the one on my foot, and the door where Jay was standing behind the stained glass door.
I didn't even have any time to panic. I whipped off my socks and turned, cracking the door open slightly, trying to put on my biggest smile. "Um, hey, Capra had a little bit of an accident, so I'm just going to clean it up before you come in. Okay?"
Jay raised an eyebrow. "Um. Okay?"
I shut the door again and then raced my socks to the laundry room, throwing them in the wash then moved as fast as I could to clean up the new piles.
I let out a deep breath before I opened the door again to see a smiling Jay. He always found a way to look better than me, no matter what he was wearing. His hair was still wet as if he just got out of the shower, or maybe the pool, and he smelled of soap and cool mint. I tried not to let my eyes wander at the way his thin black t-shirt clung to him with moisture still on his chest, but there is only so much a girl can resist.
Or maybe he was freezing and I was the jerk that didn't let him in because I was cleaning up goat poop.

a Rafflecopter giveaway About the author:

Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.

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