Monday, July 18, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #22

J, you were right ;)
I won a giveaway
My (FINALLY) finished tale about the reading corner

Well hello there my awesome people at the beginning of a brand new week :) I have quite a few awesome things to share with you, and yes, there will be lots of excitement and joy and squeeling involved, but... and I'm so proud to say that it was actually my sister J who came up with them... ;) #JudgeAllYouWant because I am #TooHappyToCare ;) boom *mic drop* ;) you've been warned :)

Ok, so first things first... and I am gonna go today with the order of the headlines :) J, you were absolutely right :) now let me explain to all the rest of you, what that's all about :) we went to see "The legend of Tarzan" last week :) and damn... I loved that movie :) everything it it was amazing :) Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan... *swoon* ;) Margot Robbie as Jane and the rest of the cast :) the story itself, the views... and I am not talking only about shirtless Tarzan... *sighs dreamily* although that was quite a view... ;) sorry, where was I? oh, right :) so the movie was fantastic, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it :) but now to the "you were right" part :) I almost missed this gem entirely *gasps* ;) because it was actually my lovely sister J, who wanted to go see it :) I thought it would be pretty cool, but a few other movies were higher on my list to see on the big screen... but I figured why not give it a try... :) and after seeing the actual movie... I needed to announce to the world that she was in fact correct in her opinion that it would be freaking awesome and deserves to be watched on the big screen :) hopefully J you'll accept this way of me agreeing with your infinite wisdom when it comes to our choices of movies ;) and if you missed it, and somehow haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this awesome trailer :)

Now about that second part... :) you guys, I won a giveaway :) and I am allowed to be super excited about this, because it happens... well, pretty much never :) and not only did I win... it was a truly phenomenal book :) "Angel's flight" is a set of novellas from Guild hunter series written by one of my all time favourite author, Nalini Singh :) and not only did I win it, but it's already on my shelf :) I would show you, even though it's a very small collection at the moment, but I want to write you all about it a bit closer to my birthday, since it's pretty connected to it :) but it's in two weeks, so you won't have to wait long ;) but here's the book :) isn't it pretty? petting your books is normal behaviour, right? ;) #NoShame ;)

And last but not least... my reading corner :) if you guys have been following me and my ramblings for some time now, you know that for like a month and a half I have been trying to complete this little dream of mine, my very own reading corner :) and now that it's all ready, here's the whole tale, as I've been promising you guys :) again, it was originally J's idea... :) I had a desk and PC in my room, because I needed all that stuff for school and all that, but she was the one who pointed out, that for quite a few years, I haven't really needed it, and maybe I would like to have a reading corner instead :) cue the angels singing and lightbulb shining over my head ;) why haven't I thought about it before?!? ;) but no matter, after she said it out loud, I started to get on it :) so here's what it looked like before :)

After we got rid of the PC, I disassembled my desk and uncovered these lovely patches of white paint... ;)

But worry not, this whole situation was fixed one afternoon when I painted it all green :) and believe me, there were some serious yoga moves involved in me trying to get paint everywhere on that radiator... ;) fun times :) but the result was so worth it :)

Unfortunately, that lovely spot was empty two weeks too long... because the place where I ordered my chair kept pushing the date of delivery over and over again... but because I want to focus only on the good stuff, let's jsut say I won't be going back there... but after a delay, my reading chair finally arrived :) it's so comfy to curl up in and read *sighs happily*

After that, only one piece of the puzzle remained ;) I needed a little table thingy ;) so I found a lovely night stand online and bought it :) litle did I know, I would have to put it together myself :) for such a small thing, it had a lot of parts... ;)

But I was determined :) two hours later and only one hit of the hammer on my finger, I was done :) I am feeling ridiculously proud of myself for doing this alone :) the drawer works and everything ;)

So now that everything is done and ready, I wanted to share with you guys my tale ;) and of course the finished effect :) isn't it pretty? :) the quality of my reading time defintiely improved ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people ;) hope you guys enjoyed my ramblings :) and as always, I love hearing from you, so be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions or book recommendations here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) and as always, come back on a regular basis this week, cause I have qute a few interesting things prepared for you ;)



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