Monday, July 11, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #21

Skipping between genres / series
My favourite band ever
Temporarily abandoned series

Welcome to another edition of my #RandomRamblings post my awesome people :) I am actually quite pleased with myself, that I was able to not write it at the last possible moment like it may have happened before on a few occasions... ;) but this time it's actually saturday evening at this very moment when I write these words for you ;) and this time we will go with a little bit of order and a little bit of chaos when it comes to the headlines ;) let me start from the beginning ;)

I don't know what kind of readers you guys are, but I am a skipping kind ;) and by that, I mean that I tend to skip between genres and series when I read them... :) let me explain :) for example, I read one or a few contemporary romances... usually after that I feel the need to mix things up and read a fantasy novel... or paranormal romance... or historical... and so on :) you get the gist :) and it has nothing to do with my feelings about the books I've read :) the same goes with series :) even if I am absolutely loving the world and the characters I'm reading about, I usually can't read more than two or three books in a row set in it :) I discovered this fact about me actually quite recently :) thanks to this skipping, I tend to stay more interested in books, just because they are always so different :) and yeah, that's not for everybody... :) some of you love to immerse themselves in a series until you finish it, or in a genre and read exclusively those type of books :) and there's nothing wrong with that :) we all should read the way it gives us the most pleasure :) after all, that's what reading is for :)

The second thing I want to talk to you about, and the last part of the headlines, is actually connected to the first one :) I have a tendency to abandon series... only temporarily, but sometimes that "temporary" term lasts pretty long ;) what happens is I read the first book in a series, and absolutely love it :) and then something else catches my attention and I skip to another book (like I explained a bit earlier) :) and then I try out other authors, other genres and... there are some series where I read the first book and it's been months and I still haven't got back to them... but sometimes the better the series, the longer it takes me to get back to it :) I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense... ;) let me try to explain :) when I try out new authors I never know what I get... usually they are pretty great, but it's always a gamble :) so when I have a great series... and the same goes to brand new books by my favourite authors... sometimes I like to save them up for a day when I will need something truly awesome :) that still might not make sense to some of you, but it's the best explanation I have :)

And last but definitely not least :) I wanted to share with you guys my favourite band ever :) OneRepublic :) when I was organizing stuff on my lovely Sascha... to those of you who missed the story, she's my brand new laptop, and yes... I totally named her :) #NoRegrets :) all of you Nalini Singh's fans know exactly after who she is named... :) and yes, she's my favourite character :) to the rest of you, my explanation if you are not familiar with her books would take forver :) but back to the band :) I've been organizing all the mess and before I knew what was happening I was listening again on the loop to their songs :) I know all of them by heart, but somehow... I stopped listening to them lately... *gasps in shock* ;) but ever since I re-discovered them, I fell in love with them all over again :) which reminded me of their concert :) yeah... I went to see them live a few years ago and totally lost my voice screaming... ughm... I mean singing with them :) but it was totally worth it :) you may know their singles but to this day I remember how they started that concert with "Everybody loves me" and I promptly changed into a screaming teenager... and I was way into my twenties at the time ;) *sighs dreamily* good times ;) I wasn't able to talk normally for the next two day but it was soooo worth it :) here's the link for that song ;)

That's a wrap people :) be sure to come back here every day this week... and even a few times a day, cause I have tons of great posts all ready for you :) and as always, I love to interact with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or my Goodreads account with your thoughts, opinions or book recommendations ;)



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