Monday, July 4, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #20

The difference between "author" and "Author"
It's here... it's finally here
A little blogger love

Welcome my lovely people in the brand new edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) I have for you a few things to share and to blab about... :) to be honest, I'm actually very proud of myself and the fact that week after week I am able to find things to talk to you about :) I have lots of fun with these weekly posts and I really hope that you guys enjoy them as well :) this time, we will celebrate chaos again, and totally mix the order of the headlines... ;) and I am gonna start right in the middle ;)

If you guys have been following me for some time, you are aware that I am finally getting my reading corner :) you might think that my level of excitement over that is weird, but I don't care :) for such an avid reader it's actually shocking that I did not did it before :) but my comfy chair finally arrived... :) I am not gonna go into details at the moment because first of all, it would probably include a mini-rant about me waiting twice as long for it as I should have ;) and second of all, I want to leave all the details for another #RandomRamblings post :) I still need to find and buy a little table and then I will have for you a little slide show so you can see how it all came together :) but for now I wanted to share with you my joy of finally being able to curl up on my chair with a book :) *sighs happily* my reading just got sooooo much better... ;)

Now we'll mix it up and go back to the beginning of the headlines ;) I wanted to tell you abot my definition of a difference between "author" and "Author" :) it's a pretty broad subject and can be interpreted in many ways, but for the sake of my post, I wanted to talk about interacting with readers and / or bloggers :) first of all, don't get me wrong... I have nothing against authors who just write and publish books and are not very present online, because that's perfectly ok :) but I have to say that I have a very special place for people who take their time to interact with their readers :) and those are Authors for me :) with a capital "A" and everything :) and no, I am not gonna give you examples of names, because it's not what this post is about :) but I will tell you, that from my personal experience, being nice, interacting with readers, sending out some unique and cool newsletters usually transfers into better books :) I can't exactly tell you why, but it shows in their writing style somehow :) not to mention that it's just really cool if you reach out to an author and she / he takes their time to respond :) it really shows how they appreciate readers :) additionally, the interactions with bloggers also count :) I can still remember my excitement when I reached out to a few authors closer to the beginning of my blog, and they responded and / or shared some of my stuff on their pages with genuine interest :) to this day when anything like that happens I am beyond excited and I hope to never loose that kind of joy from little things :) not to mention all the authors who reach out to bloggers... to be honest, I was actually a bit shocked when it happened to me for the first time :) because for a reader like me, getting a question "hey, would you like to get my book for free and write a review about it" is like a dream come true :) I mean... it's free books people :) and I have discovered so many amazing gems that way :) and I am not talking only about like brand new books or ARCs :) because some of those authors reached out to me after my first review of one of their books and said something like "hey, I have a few other books already published, and they are all available for a review if you are interested" :) *hearing angels sing and door to heaven opening up* ;) my only problem with these sort of situations is the number of hours in a day... so many good books and so little time.. but hey, who needs sleep, right? ;)

The last, but definitely not least, thing I wanted to tell you about is actually a person ;) one of my #BloggerBesties :) and I know that I already talked about Bex :) and I will probably do it quite a few times in the future so just get used to it ;) I am a pretty eclectic reader :) I mean, I usually need some romance in my books... and of course a happy ending ;) but besides those conditions, I read a lot of different genres... contemporary, new adult, young adult, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, historical and so on... :) but if I am looking for a good contemporary / new adult recommendation, Bex's blog Night Owl Reader is the first place I go :) I can't even begin to count how many amazing books I've discovered because of her, because we would be here all day :) I kid you not... all... day... ;) so be sure to go check it out :) I'm sure you'll find a gem or two for yourselves there as well ;)

Ok, that's a wrap for today people :) hope you enjoyed my ramblings ;) if you want, you can leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions or book recommendations here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause you know how much I love to interact with you all :) be sure to come back every day this week, cause I have tons of very cool posts for you guys ;)



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