Friday, July 29, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) august edition

Ok people... it's this time of the month again ;) the time when I share with you guys my highly anticipated books from the upcoming month... believe me, these seven are not all of them, but I had to make some tough choices, or else we would be here all day ;) in fact, out of all seven, I already have four of them on my kindle ;) and it's not mean bragging, it's more of a sharing-my-joy sort of situation :) so without additional delay, let us jump into the awesomeness that awaits for us in august :)

Naturally the first book I need to mention is "Wild embrace" :) it's a set of novellas from Psy-changeling series by Nalini Singh :) a set of brand new novellas I need to add :) and even though I still haven't read the previous book... I know I know... *hangs my head in shame* I have no excuse people... ;) just too-much-awesome-books-too-little-time one, that I've been using for almost two months now ;) but I WILL get to it soon... in fact, it's my next read-because-I-want-to-and-have-nothing-to-do-with-the-sign-ups-on-my-blog book :) so it will happen :) especially because I am very curious about stories from this book... let me tell you, I have been waiting for one of them for a very long time... *coughs* Jem and Kenji *coughs* ;) the whole series has a paranormal vibe to it, with shape-shifters and other very interesting people, but if you're not up to speed, I highly recommend you to read those books in order... even though each book concentrates on a different couple, some things and events have consequences in future books, and all of them are pretty much connected :)

Next book I need to mention is "Furthermore" by Tahereh Mafi :) I love her Shatter me series :) I know because of her unique writing style it might be a hit-or-miss with some people, but I am a fan :) I don't know why, can't really explain it logically, but there's something that hit me straight in the feels about those books :) so naturally I am more than curious to check out something other written by her :) I want to see if she will have the same effect on me with another story and another set of characters :) I don't know much about this book, but I love that it has fantasy vibes, and to be honest I don't really need to know more :) I'd rather go in with less informations and let myself be surprised :)

And of course I have to mention "Mission: improper" by Bec McMaster :) book #6 in her London steampunk series, that starts a brand new story arch :) I am beyond excited to go back to this fantastic world, and see some of my favourite people... and meet new ones of course :) like the title of this series suggests it's a steampunk series with definitely paranormal vibes ;) the writing style is absolutely phenomenal, so if you hadn't had the pleasure of reading one of her books, definitely start at the beginning :) because those first five books are pretty connected :)

And now we are starting the portion of this post about books that I already have in my possession ;) ARCs are definitely great perks of being a book blogger :) so the first one is "For better or worse" by the lovely Lauren Layne :) it's book #2 in her The wedding belles series about three women working as wedding planners together, and after absolutely loving the first book in this series, I am more than curious to read about Heather, who I met already :) she definitely left a great impression in my heart and I can't wait to read about her happy ending :) I think all of those books will be able to be read as standalones, but I can already tell you that after reading the first one and meeting the heroines of books #2 and #3 I definitely want to read all of them :) I can olny assume that all of those characters will be making appearances in different books ;)

Next in line is "Blind landing" by the amazing Carrie Aarons, beginning to her brand new Flipped series :) and since I already read the ARC of this gem, I can tell you that it was fantastic :) I will have full review on the day of the release, which is next week for you guys, but spoiler alert: I loved it ;) it's a sports themed romance about gymnasts that not only gave me a great story between our main couple, but also introduced a bunch of secondary characters that I already love :) and I know that the lovely Carrie is working currently on the sequel... to be honest I don't care whose story it will be, just that it will be published at all is information that I need ;)

Another great book that I already had the pleasure of reading is "The hypnotic city" by Andrea Berthot ;) it's the sequel in her The gold and gaslight chronicles, and even though it can technically be read as a standalone, I would highly recommend you guys to read the first book before this one :) it will definitely give you a lot more background informations about the events and characters :) this is a fantastic steampunk story with paranormal elements :) not to mention entertaining and awesome characters AND phenomenal writing style :) I will have a full review of this one as well next week, on the day of the release :)

And last but definitely not least I have "The timeseer's gambit" by Kate McIntyre, sequel in her The Faraday files series :) after falling in love with the first book I was more than happy to be able to get my hands on the ARC of this one, and yeah... you guessed it ;) I am currently reading this gem... :) I will have a full review next week, on the release day, but what a shocker... I'm loving it just as much as the first book :) we have the characters we love and some new ones... and definitely more mysteries ;) this whole series is a steampunk / paranormal mix of awesomeness with mysteries to add even more good stuff ;) I highly recommend this series to everyone looking for something unique :)



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