Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: "Taking a shot" by Jaci Burton

Author: Jaci Burton
Book 3 in series Play by play
Main characters: Tyler "Ty" Anderson and Jenna Riley

This is a third book in this absolutely fun and entertaining series :) and even though it can technically be read as a standalone, I would definitely recommend you to read them in order :) mainly because they are very connected through the main characters in them :) they are friends, siblings or other family members and it helps if you get to know them better before they get their own story ;) not to mention that they also appear on many occasions after their own book, so we have many glimpses into the lives of our favourite couples ;) but I do have to admit that this story was my favourite so far :) and let me tell you why... ;)

A lot of it had to do with our main couple... :) first of all we have Jenna :) a hilarious and unique Jenna... :) with her short, black hair with purple endings, her piercings and tattoos, she was a colorful addition from the moment I met her in previous books, and now as a heroine of her own story I love her even more :) she manages the family sports bar :) and then there's Ty... <sigh> a gorgeous and determined hockey player :) he has a wicked sense of humor and once he sets his eyes on something... or someone ;) there's no stopping him... ;) plus, it definitely doesn't hurt that he's also sexy as hell... ;) I mean, if you have any troubles picturing him, just look at the cover... ;) and try not to drool... ;) damn... this is a good cover... ;)

They met when he went to the bar while she was working there and she definitely caught his attention ;) but since she has this "I'm not dating athletes or guys who are obsessed about sports" rule... she pretends that he's just another regular customer ;) I think that it's just an asinine excuse, but I'm gonna let her have that... especially since Ty can be pretty persuasive... ;) to be honest I'm amazed how long she was actually able to resist him... :) because there was no denying the chemistry they got going on between them... ;) even though she tried to deny it for quite some time ;) I loved that it started as this hot and heavy romance, because of that attraction between them :) none of them were talking about love at first :) but then, with time, it grew into so much more... she opened up to him, which surprised her, and he did the same... they shared secrets and dreams and it was absolutely lovely to see the slow change in both of them... :) well, we couldn't avoid some arguments and not very rational behaviour, especially on Jenna's side... but I can't really blame her for that, cause I would probably acted the same way ;) and no, I'm not gonna say anything more, since the events that I'm talking about takes place near the end of the book :) but don't worry, you'll get that great happy ending :)

What is one of the most awesome part of this series is the amount of the secondary characters :) we get to see people who already got their own stories or we are introduced to characters who will get their stories in the future... :) it's one of the reasons why I advice you to read this series in order, that way you'll get so much more out of them :) and this book is no exception :) so we got Jenna's two older brothers :) Mick, the football player, from book #1 with his significant other, Tara, an event planner, and her son Nathan :) and of course Gavin, the baseball player, from book #2 and his significant other, Elizabeth, who is a sports agent :) she actually represents Ty :) and we can't forget about their parents :) they are the sweetest couple ever :) all that family is great :) believe me, they have their worse moments, but in the end they are a supportive and loving bunch :)

I absolutely loved that book :) it was a fun and sexy sports themed romance... sometimes maybe even a bit too sexy... cause I would definitely survive with a one or two certain scenes less... ;) but it's the only "bad" thing that I can say about this story... and it's not even a "bad" thing :) just a personal preference ;) other than that the book was a fantastic mix of hilarious moments and really cute scenes... not to mention all those sexy encounters pretty much everywhere besides the bed ;) we have an amazing main couple, because as I said, I can't really be mad at Jenna for some of her reactions, cause I would probably do the same... I'm not saying it was the smart choice, I just understand where all of that was coming from :) and we have a bunch of amazing secondary characters that only add awesomeness to this story :) not to mention that there is a very joyous occasion in this book <coughs> wedding <coughs> :) I'm not gonna say who is getting married but you probably already figured out that you have limited choices ;) but ssshhh.... nothing more from me :) all in all if you need a light read that will make you laugh and blush in all the right places, you should put this book, and this whole series, next in line to read ;)

I have just a few quotes for you today, not because I couldn't find more, but because a lot of them were too spoilerific or just could not be repeated in public places :) plus, a lot of the quotes were too long to put here, since the best banter is in those big scenes with the whole family :) so here's a little glimpse of all the awesomeness that awaits you in the actual book :) happy reading :)

Part of a conversation between Jenna and Ty about her "dating rule" ;)
"'So I'm damned because of my profession. Out of the running before I've even had a chance.'
She nodded. 'Yup. You're wasting your time on me. Might as well go find another girl to charm.'
He came behind the bar. 'What if I don't want another girl? What if I want you?'
Uh-oh. Her body was pinging like a Geiger counter and Ty was radioactive. The closer he got, the hotter she became. She took a step back. 'I don't want you.'
He stopped, his lips curving in a knowing smile. 'You keep saying that, but I don't think I believe you.'"

Part of a conversation between Jenna and Nathan :)
"'You look all grown up.'
Nathan grinned. "I kinda feel that way. And sometimes I still feel like a kid.'
She laughed. 'Enjoy the feeling-like-a-kid moments. They'll be gone before you know it.'
'I know. I'll be off to college soon. Only one more year of high school after this.'
'I'm not sure we'll let you leave us yet.'
'I'm not sure I'll be ready to go.'
'Oh, trust me. You'll be ready. Too much of Rileys can be suffocating. You'll have your bags packed and sneaking out the door in the dark of night so we can't tie you to us.'"

Part of a conversation between Jenna, Tara and Elizabeth ;) you know, just your usual girl talk ;)
"'Rough night?'
She opened her eyes and looked at Liz. 'Late night, same as the rest of you.'
'I don't know,' Tara said, giving Jenna a thorough once over. 'You've got dark circles under your eyes, yet your cheeks are pink.'
Liz tilted her head. 'Dark circles and flushed cheeks? That can only mean one thing. You had sex.'
Jenna's eyes widened. 'I did not.'
'You did, too,' Tara said. 'You think we've never had sex before? We know the look.'"

And the last one between Jenna and Ty :)
"Tyler stood and began to undress. Jenna rolled to her side, content to watch.
'You could do that as a strip tease and it would be way more entertaining.'
'Ha-ha. Not a chance. I don't have any rhythm.'
'Liar. I've danced with you before and you do have rhythm.'
'Not on a stripper pole I don't.'
'Really. So you've tried and failed on a pole. Who knew you had a background as a stripper?'"



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