Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: "Shut out" by Kelly Jamieson

Title: "Shut out"
Book 1 in series Bayard hockey
Main characters: Jacob "Flash" Flass and Skylar Lynwood

I got the ARC of this fantastic read from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I am so glad I requested it :) because I have found yet another gem :) a fantastic story that combines the vibes from Off-campus series with The ivy years series :) it's a new adult sports themed romance that is not only hilarious and sexy but also touches upon some serious subjects in a very thoughtful way... and to top that off, the hero is a hockey player... *sighs dreamily* ;) I don't know why, but they are my favourite athletes to read about :) so now let me tell you a bit more about the book itself :)

So first, we have Jacob :) he transfers to a new university after some controversial stuff happens that involved him in some way... I can't really say what exactly, cause the actual thing is explained a bit later in the book, so be sure to wait for the whole story before you judge :) he's determined to achieve his goals and work hard for them... and then we have Skylar :) she's a sophomore, just like Jacob, at Bayard College, struggling with putting her life back together after the suicide of one of her best friends in the year before... this is of course a very short version of a much more complicated story... she's super busy, not only taking lots of classes, but also participating in the program that helped her when she needed it most, one that is design to help students with emotional traumas, rape, sexual harassments and more very important issues... she's part of an educational course for new and transferred students, and you think that's where she meets Jacob... but not really :) they actually met before, on a party, where the sparks were flying but he turned her down, for very good reasons... but they kept meeting on more occasions and at some point Jacob, who has to keep his head on straight and stay away from distractions, has a brilliant, at least in his opinion, idea :) she proposes to her a fake relationship :) I know, what can possibly go wrong with that idea...? ;) but it would actually be beneficial for both of them so she decides to go for it, at least for some time :) their relationship starts more like a friendship, but it changes with time... the more they get to know each other, the more that initial attraction grows between them... :) I absolutely loved their chemistry and banter :) and the fact that he calls her Rapunzel was totally cute :) and since we are talking about nicknames, I need to mention one more... I absolutely cannot say who I am talking about now, but once you get to that part in the actual book you're gonna die from laughter... are you ready? :) Squishy :) every time I think about it, it still makes me laugh :)

Of course besides the main couple, we have a bunch of interesting secondary characters with lots of potential for some future stories in this series... after all, this one is just the beginning :) so there's Buck, Soupy and Rocket, Jacob's teammates and guys living in the same house :) these are of course not their names, but they use those nicknames all the time and to be honest, I don't remember their names at the moment ;) my personal favourite of them is Buck, with his love of clothes :) he's hilarious and I would love to read his story next :) and then we have Skylar's friends and roommates, Brooklyn, Natalie and her best friend Ella :) well, to be honest I had a tough time with Ella, cause I kind of didn't like her at the beginning, but she was getting through stuff of her own, and by the end of the book it got better, so I'm hoping that she will get a story of her own as well :)

Over all I absolutely adored this book :) I love how it combined the more lighter parts, the ones that were hilarious and very sexy... and I mean really steamy ;) the parts that made you laugh out loud :) with definitely darker, harder and more serious topics... but in my opinion it was done really well, in a very thoughtful way... :) the writing style was great, and throughout the whole book we have 2 POVs, and we all know how much I love that :) the whole story takes place over few months, so we can actually see how our main characters influence each other, and we can observe the changes in them :) and I always prefer that over insta-love :) of course there's some drama and angst near the end, but it wasn't an overwhelming part of the book and I wasn't annoyed by it :) it's a new author for me, but I am definitely gonna be checking out her other work :) so if you are new to her as well, this book is a perfect place to start :)

I have a few quotes for you guys to give you a little glimpse of all the amazing things waiting for you in the actual book :) but just remember, that since they all come from the ARC version of this story, the finished one might be slightly different :) but either way it will definitely show you why I loved this book so much :) happy reading ;)

Part of one of the first conversations between Jacob and Skylar :) he is not just a hot body ;) Skylar first :)
"'What are you taking?'
'Some engineering courses. A math course. Physics.'
'Physics? Seriously?'
'Yeah. Physics is cool and it actually applies to hockey. Like, skating. The friction of a skate blade with the ice. A skater propels himself forward by pushing off the ice with a force perpendicular to the skate blade. Then when he pushes off with his back leg, a perpendicular force is exerted on the skate by the ice. To push off the ice with greater force, and accelerate faster, he has to increase the angle, which increases the component of force in the direction of motion.'
I stare at him.
'Uh, sorry.' He swipes a hand over his face. 'I forgot I'm not supposed to talk about shit like that at parties. It makes people's eyes glaze over.'"

Part of a conversation between Jacob and Buck ;) Jacob first :)
"'Whoa, what's with all the beer?'
'For the party tomorrow night,' Buck answers from his seat at the kitchen table, where he's got a textbook cracked open.
'What party?'
'You said you were coming.' He narrows his eyes at me.
'Yeah, you did, we talked about it this morning.'
'Christ, that was before I had coffee. You know I don't function before caffeine.'"

Part of another conversation between our main couple ;)
"'You should come to our game Friday night,' Jacob says.
I purse my lips. 'Hmmm. I don't really care for hockey that much.'
'What?' Eyes wide, he slaps a hand to his chest as if he's been stabbed. 'You did not just say that.'
I grin. 'Sorry, I did.'"

And the last one with Jacob and Skylar ;) Skylar first :)
"'Are you drunk?'
He gives a low laugh into my ear. 'Maybe a little.'
'Sunday's our day off. I did laundry. With only minimal supervision.'
A smile tugs at my lips. 'Good for you.'
'It's an important skill. Sadly, I never really learned it.'
'Who was supervising?'
'Buck. He's pretty good at it. I guess you have to be when you spend as much on clothes as he does. His jeans cost a hundred bucks.'
'Holy crap.'
'Yeah. So you have to separate the whites from the darks.'
My smile broadens. 'Yes. Yes, you do.'
'And not everything goes in the dryer.'
'Why are we talking about laundry?'
'Hey, it's a significant accomplishment.'"



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