Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review: "Just a girl" by Ellie Cahill

Author: Ellie Cahill
Main characters: Paul Kellerman and Presley Mason

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I have to say, that I had my doubts before I started reading it :) mainly because of some mixed reviews I saw... but I am very happy to say that I absolutely enjoyed this story :) it's a new author for me, but I am definitely gonna pick up her other books based on how much I loved the writing style in this one :) but that's not the only thing I liked, so how about I share with you guys my thoughts... ;)

So first of all, our main couple :) the whole book is told from Presley's point of view and I really liked her, despite my initial doubts... I was afraid she's gonna be arrogant and annoying, but she turned out to be a very fun character :) was she flawed? absolutely :) did she made mistakes? sure... ;) but it didn't make me like her less... just the opposite... :) I love characters who are not perfect, as long as they act like adults and not spoiled kids :) we all make mistakes, it's how we act after them is what matters :) so at the beginning of this book Presley is kicked from the band she co-created with her boyfriend... well, now ex-boyfriend ;) and it takes her by surprise, so I can't really blame her for going out kicking and screaming... literally... ;) she goes back home to her parents and after three months time jump, she starts working in their music store... and what an mazing place it is :) but I will let you discover why when you read the book ;) and that's when she meets Paul... he's a guitar player who teaches there and he has one of the coolest tattoos I read about :) actually, their first few interactions are quite hilarious, cause they keep scaring / startling each other :) but what I absolutely love about them, is that the way they get together feels real and honest to me :) sure, there's heat and attraction, but there's no immediate love confessions or anything :) which I usually find ridiculous... I mean, you can't really fall in love in a day... ;) not to mention that I really appreciated how Paul's problem with stage fright was handled... it wasn't magically cured when he met het, but it actually took a lot of time to make a change in him...

Besides our main characters we have a bunch of secondary ones that were absolutely fantastic :) we have Dinah, Presley's mom who made me laugh out loud more than once with her more than honest advice :) and Kenzie, Paul's sister, an amazing tattoo artist :) there were of course much more, including the bandmates in Paul's band or his roommates, and even though some of them appeared only in a scene or two, they were all fun and important additions to the story :) the different interactions and all the relations and connections between them definitely added depth to this story :) oh, I almost forgot about Liv :) she's Presley's friend from Los Angeles, and we actually know her in the book only through texts she exchanges with her :) but I would absolutely love to know more, cause she seemed hilarious ;)

I honestly have to say that I did not expect to like this book as much as I did :) I inhaled it pretty quickly, cause thanks to the great writing style, chapters just flew by :) what I really loved was playlists for different mood :) throughout the story, they appeared in dfferent places and it was a super fun bonus :) especially for a person who loves music as much as I do :) both of the main characters were pretty young, so there was a little bit of angst, but I wasn't annoyed by it :) overall I really liked the honest feel of the story and the way that different relationships, not only the romantic one between Presley and Paul, were created :) I am looking forward to reading other books written by this author, to see if I will enjoy them as much as I did with this story :) it was definitely a fun, entertaining and quick read :) so if you're looking for something like that, definitely check it out :)



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