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Review: "Idol" by Kristen Callihan

Title: "Idol"
Book 1 in series VIP
Main characters: Killian James and Liberty "Libby" Bell

If you have been following me for some time now, you know that lately I've been reading mostly ARCs because of all the events I signed up for and the release dates that are coming... ;) but since I'm slowly coming to the end of that huge pile, I decided it was finally time to start adding some books that I really wanted to read for myself ;) don't get me wrong, I am enjoying myself immensly, discovering new and wonderful authors, but I am also glad that I finally have the time to add to my tbr pile some books that I was highly anticipating :) so when I realized I have the time for one read, I decided it's gotta be something with fantastic writing style, hot and sexy, so obviously I had to go with a rocker romance... ;) and I was not disappointed by my choice :)

Let me start my review by telling you a little bit more about the main characters... ;) I absolutely loved Killian and that's why I need to start with Libby, otherwise I'm gonna totally start daydreaming and we are gonna be here all day... ;) so about her... I really connected with her... maybe cause some of her qualities felt very familiar... and even though I wanted to smack her on an occasion or two, I couldn't really be mad at her, since a lot of her traits hit a little bit too close to home... ;) both she and Killian are in their mid-twenties... Libby has been living like a hermit for quite some time, hiding from the world and actually avoiding living her life... but everything changes when Killian crashes his motorcycle on her lawn... she finds him unconscious and totally drunk... and in a surprising and unexpected turn of events, he appears to be her new neighbour ;) so after that very unflattering first impression, he kind of doesn't go away... :) Killian, as the lead singer and guitarist of a super popular rock band Kill John, is dealing with some hard stuff as well, and when in that middle of nowhere he finds a person who actually doesn't recognize him and treats him like everyone else... it's too tempting to stay away from her ;) so they start off as a very weird friends ;) she's sarcastic and straightforward and he's such a charmer... full of charisma and that indescribable "something special" that makes him unique... I fell in love with their banter from the very start :) and once their chemistry... that was off the charts hot by the way ;) helped them make that step from being just friends to more... :) *sighs* the book got even better... ;)

Besides our main couple we have a bunch of very entertaining and extremely interesting secondary characters introduced in this book :) and I cannot wait to see them in their own, full lenght stories :) so naturally we have the rest of the band :) and even though I have nothing against Rye (the bass player) or Whip (the drummer), it's another lead singer of the band, Jax, that interests me the most... his story will definitely be heartbreaking and dark, especially after learning about some stuff that he did and went through in this book... but I am very curious about his side to it all, and I hope that Kristen will give us his story sooner than later :) besides all the guys, there are two more people I need to talk about :) first, there's Scottie :) he's a man full of contradictions, with a british accent to top all that off ;) and since he's the hero of the next book I can't wait to get to know him a little bit better... :) and of course the fireball that is Brenna, their PR specialist :) and there are some hints as to who she might end up with in this story as well, so we'll see if I read the signs correctly in the future ;) as usual in Kristen Callihan's books, all characters are vibrant and complex, which makes it that much harder to wait for future stories :) because you want to know ALL of them :) and the decision to choose which one should go first is too hard :) that's why we should all just trust the author to make the best decision :) she has yet to disappoint me, so I'm pretty optimistic :)

I absolutely adored this book :) I was already a huge fan of Kristen Callihan and her writing style :) I love her paranormal / steampunk-ish Darkest London series :) not to mention a hot as hell sports theme romances from Game on series :) so when I discovered she's gonna tackle on the rocker romance... I thought to myself "it's gonna be good" ;) and I was sooo right :) we have a story told from 2 POVs, which I am a huge fan of :) and the writing style is as amazing as I am already used to with her stories :) it was a little bit different than what I was expecting, but in a good way :) it took place over a much longer amount of time than what I anticipated... but I loved it, cause it added reality to this story :) were there some small issues that made me want to smack the main characters from time to time? sure ;) but I guess we all need to learn that pride can sometimes make us really miserable in the long run... and that being honest is the best way to connect with people :) since it was a story about musicians, it's only logical that music was an important part of this book... there are a lot of artists and songs mentioned in this book, that made me want to just pause my reading and go listen to some of them :) so if you are looking for a story that will capture you from the very first chapter, with characters that you want to pull out from the pages and meet in real life, with amazing writing style that will seriously make your toes curl in all the best moments... a story that will make you laugh and get emotional... this should be your next pick :) wether you were already a Kristen Callihan fan, or you are brand new to her books, give this story a try :) I think you might be surprised by how much you'll love it ;)

I have just two quotes for you today, to show you a glimpse into all the awesomeness that awaits you in this book... but trust me, there is much more where these few came from ;) but I couldn't decide what else to put here, so you'll just have more awesome surprises when you read it for yourselves ;) happy reading :)

Part of a conversation between our main couple :) Libby first ;)
"'Okay, I'm not big on fashion. But that doesn't have to mean I'm not a shopper.'
'You just said you hate shopping. Like, just said it.'
'Yeah, but you shoudn't be able to tell simply by looking at me.'His nose wrinkles as he scratches the back of his neck. 'I'm confused.'
'Maybe I'm addicted to buying dolls. Maybe I have a whole room of them at the back of the house.'
Killian gives a full-body shudder. 'Don't even joke about that. I'll have Chucky nightmares for months.'"

And another one with Libby and Killian a bit later ;)
"Killian has dragged me away from work and into town. I hate going to town, but he whined and pouted, then grinned and poked at my ribs until I agreed to give him a ride.
'You're not gonna make me walk all that way, are you, Libby?' he'd said with that lopsided smile of his, the one that causes little crinkles to form at the corners of his dark eyes. 'It's got to be, what? At least a mile. Maybe two.'
'You're a fit young man. You'll survive.'
'I'm new to the area. I could get lost. Next thing you know, I'm half-starved, and in my weakened condition, I could be eaten by wild, rabid bunnies.'
'Bunnies?' I hadn't wanted to laugh but did anyway. 'Of all the animals, you go with bunnies?'
'Have you ever looked in a bunny's eyes, Libs? They're just waiting for their chance to dominate. Why do you think they're always so twitchy?'"



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