Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review: "From this day forward" by Lauren Layne

Author: Lauren Layne
Book 0,5 in series The wedding belles
Main characters: Jason Rhodes and Leah McHale

When I saw on NetGalley that the novella starting a brand new series about wedding planners, written by Lauren Layne, was available I was very excited... unfortunately for me I saw it so late, that I was afraid I missed my opportunity to get it... so imagine my joy when earlier today I got accepted :) so big thanks to the publisher, who send me the ARC of this lovely story in exchange for my honest review :) and from the very short amount of time between this story landing on my kindle and me writing this review you can probably guess how much I enjoyed this book... ;)

Both Leah and Jason are wedding photographers... they actually met before the start of this story... and by met, I mean they had something going on a year ago, until... well, until there was a situation and no, I can't tell you more... :) the story is very short in itself, so I need you to have some surprises along the way... ;) after that she freezed him off, not wanting to hear any explanations whatsoever... and now it's almost a year later and they are force to spend a long weekend in one place working a wedding together, after she agreed to do a favor for one of her friends, and you guessed it, a future heroine in one of the books in this series, Alexis :) and of course during that time some old flames are reignited and sparks definitely fly between them :) since it's just a novella, some things were happening much faster than I would want... ;) don't get me wrong, it's still a very lovely story, even though I wanted to smack them both at some point and teach them a lesson about how much can you loose when pride and fear wins over reason and heart... ;) but on the other hand it's all easy to judge when it's not your life and heart in jeopardy... ;)

I inhaled this novella in one sitting, finishing it way too quickly ;) I would love to read even more about those characters and I sincerely hope they will appear at least in a scene here or there throughout this series... ;) and now I can't wait even more to read all three books :) fortunately for me, and all of us ;) they are all scheduled to be published this year :) with the first one really soon, almost on my birthday at the end of july ;) so far I've read only one other book written by the lovely Lauren Layne, "Good girl" and I absolutely loved it :) so I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on her other work... and this novella was not a disappointment :) the writing style was as great as I remembered and it was a very cute, second chance romance, that definitely made me more curious about the full lenght books :) we do get glimpses of the characters from the novels in this story, but Leah and Jason are defnitely the main focus :) there will be no quotes today, mainly becaus of the lenght of this story... :) everything I wanted to choose was way too spoilerific :) but believe me... this story had plenty of sexy banter and funny dialogues, and you should absolutely give it a try :)



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