Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: "Death of an assassin" by Ian Hiatt

Author: Ian Hiatt
Book 1 in series Saint Roch city
Main character: Layla

I received an ARC of this fantastic debut novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and I am really impressed :) when you try out a new author, you never really know what you'll get... ;) even if the reviews are good, even if that person was recommended to you by a trusted #BookBestie... ultimately, it's always a gamble... ;) and it's an ever bigger risk, when you read a debut novel from a newbie author :) so I had my doubts and fears going into this book... don't get me wrong, I was also excited, because I requested it for a reason ;) so imagine my joy, when this story turned out to be really good ;) it's a mix of paranormal / urban fantasy vibes and it can be read as a standalone ;) meaning there are no cliffhangers that will make you scream / groan in frustration, but there are soooo much more to be said about this city and its inhabitants... ;) let me tell you a bit more... :) but only a little, cause too much would be spoilerific ;)

Layla is a nineteen-year-old assassin... and if you think that's a bit too young, let me stop you right there ;) she's definitely much more mature than your average teenager, not to mention that her life was very unusual... she lives and works in Saint Roch city, a place populated by humans and inhumans alike.. and by inhumans I mean... a whole bunch of very diverse characters... :) it's a world where humans know that there are some things among them... some very dangerous things... dun dun duuuunnn... ;) sorry for that interruption, but the moment needed a musical theme ;) ok, back to the review ;) I can't tell you too much details surrounding this city and its citizens... especially those more mysterious ones, because it really is best to follow the story and discover those informations on your own ;) but I can add that I really liked Layla as the main character... don't get me wrong, she wasn't nice or anything :) in fact, at the beginning of this story she's quite numb and indifferent, which is actually connected to what kind of a creature she is... :) I know, I know... I'm such a tease ;) but I have to be vague on purpose :) cause from the very beginning of the book we are thrown in the middle of action and things are changing very quickly... because after one of her hits going horribly wrong, we have one surprisng twist after another... :) and that is all I can tell you about the book itself :) now let me tell you more about my thoughts and impressions after finishing this story :)

I had so much fun reading this novel, told entirely from Layla's point of view :) it surprised me with its turns and twists on many occasions, which is not so easy to accomplish ;) what I loved most about it, is definitely the writing style... and it's even more amazing, when you remember that it's a debut novel :) it was vivid and entertaining and chapters just flew by... I finished this book in two days :) which is really impressive, since I was pretty busy at the time ;) but I just had to keep squeezing a few chapters here and there :) it was a fantastic story full of action and so many interesting characters... believe me... I am really hoping for another book in this series, and the sooner the better, cause a bunch of people / creatures ;) introduced in this story just made me more curious... some of them really surprised me :) and I need more... :) more about them, about this whole world in general :) so if you are looking for an entertaining read with characters that will keep you glued to the pages, definitely give this amazing book a try :)



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