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Release blitz + Review: "Steal my breath" by Nina Levine

Author: Nina Levine
Book 1 in series Elixir
Main characters: Luke Hardy and Callie St James


I let him steal my breath and I want to give him my heart too. 
But it’s complicated.

Internet dating and Callie St James do not go together.
Desperate for sex.
Earns shit money waitressing while desperately trying to get a publishing deal.
Only does yoga to keep core muscles strong—trust me, guys thank me.
Reads too much because gets no sex.
Did I mention desperate for sex?
She’s about to give up on love when the guy she’s been lusting after for a year
breaks her three month sex drought.

Luke Hardy.

Mysterious, moody and all alpha, Luke is hiding a secret—one that Callie never saw coming.
The secret, however, is nothing compared to the discovery she makes about Luke’s family when she starts a new job at the local paper. Callie finds herself caught between her morals and her desires. Whichever path she chooses, someone will lose. Is she ready to give up the man she’s just found or will she go against everything she believes in so she can finally have the love she’s always dreamt of?

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review and I couldn't be more happy that I signed up for it :) it really took me by surprise how much I loved it... :) but before I'll go into the details I can share with you... cause there are a lot of things I absolutely cannot tell you :) I need to clarify something :) soooo... it's the first book in a series, and the situation with our main couple is definitely resolved in this story, there are no cliffhangers or anything, but... ;) there are definitely a few possibilities for future stories with people that we met in this book... and especially a certain two people that I am really hoping will get their story next, because I need it like ASAP :) and now let us go back to the actual topic of this review ;)

At the beginning of the story, Luke and Callie actually have known each other for about a year... ;) and Callie has been going through a little bit of a dry spell lately... ;) and the dates she's going to thanks to some online dating sites are not really helping her case ;) not to mention the crush she has on Luke, the owner of the bar where her best friend works :) but I can't really say that I blame her... ;) I mean, he's hot, with that sinful voice that will make you melt on the spot... ;) I really loved both of them, mainly because they felt very real to me :) they were such interesting and vibrant characters :) stubborn, honest and surprisingly complex... :) so even when I didn't agree with some of the stuff they did along the way, I could absolutely understand why they were acting that way :) because like I said on many occasions before, I have nothing against flawed characters... as long as grown ups don't act like little spoiled kids :) I loved them separately, and I loved them even more together :) because after a very hot encounter, things definitely changed between them... :) and now is the part, where I would really love to tell you more about certain aspects of this book, but I won't, cause they would be really spoilerific :) even though we learn about some of that stuff pretty early in the book, I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, because I was blown away :) and a lot of things happening with our main couple are affected by that thing I can't tell you about... ;) but I will say this :) I loved the connection between them :) it starts hot, well... "starts" as in at the beginning of the book, cause they actually met some time ago ;) but after that hot night things slowed down for a little bit :) I adored that their relationship actually formed over a bit of time, not to mention all the hilarious and sassy banter back and forth between them... ;) you know how I love me some sassy heroines ;)

Besides Callie and Luke we have a bunch of secondary characters that I loved so much, I would really like to see their own stories... :) not to mention a few characters that I absolutely cannot name or even hint you about... ;) but one of the people I can tell you about is Avery :) she's Callie's best friend, and she works for Luke... she has quite a story of her own, and now I really need her to get her own book, because I need to see her HEA :) she was a fantastic friend and supporter for Callie in this story and she deserves something good :) besides the ones I absolutely cannot mention, there are a few others that I won't share with you, not because I can't but because it will really be best for you to discover them on your own... and form your opinions without previous informations :) don't worry, there are a lot of great characters in this book... some of them might even surprise you :) I was definitely shocked by some turns of events ;)

This book started as a super fun read for me :) it was hilarious and sassy and I really enjoyed it... :) but the more I got into it, the more complex and deep the story got... and some of the revelations... phew... let me tell you... were quite a surprise ;) but in the best possible way :) and by the end I was completely in love :) the writing style was fantastic :) not only because we have 2 POVs here, but also because it hits you straight in the feels... I swear, there are parts of this story, that will stay with me for a long time... :) it's a much more complicated tale than you think, when you start this book... and it absolutely stole my heart :) it was a beautiful mix of hilarious and sexy moments, with much more emotional and meaningful scenes as well... :) so if you know this author, or if she is a brand new discovery, like in my case, definitely pick this particular book up, you will not regret it :)


I stand and move to him. His back muscles tense when I place my hand on his shoulder. “I want to get to know everything about you, Luke Hardy,” I say and he spins around to face me.

His eyes search mine. “You already know the important bits.”

“No, I don’t.” I rest my hand against his chest. “I don’t know the secrets you keep locked in here. They’re the important bits.”

His intake of breath is sharp and he wraps his hand around mine. His other hand slides around my waist and he pulls me close.

Oh, shit.


Too close.

But his lips brush across mine before I can move out of his embrace. His hold is tight and his message is very clear—he’s in charge here and if a kiss is what he wants, a kiss is what he will have.

He surprises me, though, and angles his face away from mine. Still keeping hold of me, he says, “I know we’re doing the friends-only thing for awhile, but a man’s got needs, Callie. If you put your hands on me, you better be prepared for the consequence of that.”

I’m pretty sure my eyes almost pop out of my head. I knew Luke was bossy—oh, boy did I know—but this is a whole new level of bossy. His deep voice vibrates along my skin, scattering goose bumps, while his eyes penetrate my soul. Those intense, green eyes of his will do it to me every time. They’ll cause me to forget everything I’ve ever said or thought and just cling to him for the ride.

He dips his face again and his mouth finds mine. The moment our lips connect sparks of desire burn through me. I’m so damn hot for him and I can’t control myself. I push my body hard against his and open my mouth to him.

He tastes like whiskey and I make a note to buy some just so I can remember this moment forever. I’ve never loved whiskey before, but it may just be my new favourite drink.

This kiss will forever live in my mind. Luke doesn’t simply kiss—he possesses. He takes me mind, body and soul.

In this kiss I find hope.

Hope that he will fight for me.

For the us we both want.

About the author: 

Coffee Lover. 
Gypsy at heart. 

USA Today Bestselling author who writes about alpha men & the women they love.

When I’m not creating with words you will find me planning my next getaway, visiting somewhere new in the world, having a long conversation over coffee and cake with a friend, creating with paper or curled up with a good book and chocolate.

I love Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Pink, Florida Georgia Line, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, Lady Antebellum and pretty much any singer/band that is country or rock.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve. Weaving words together has always been a form of therapy for me especially during my harder times. These days I’m proud that my words help others just as much as they help me.

Find her online: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest




  1. Thank you so much for your incredible review BookWorm8619 <3 It made my day! I'm thrilled you loved Luke & Callie's story <3

    1. you are very welcome :) Luke and Callie really stole my heart :) I loved their story and I'm looking forward to any future books involving characters introduced in this one :)