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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #18

Song of the moment
Smaller and smaller ARCs pile
Summer reading book tag

Well hello there my awesome people :) another monday and another edition of my #RandomRamblings post is all ready for you :) I knew I wanted to do another tag today, mainly because I've been promising you this for a while now, so it was finally time to deliver ;) but besides that I have no brilliant ideas about the rest of this post ;) so instead of thinking myself to exhaustion, trying to come up with some clever stuff to say, I will just catch you up with what's been going on with me lately ;) and this time we're gonna go with the order of the headlines... *gasps in shock* I know... ;) but we need to mix things up from time to time ;)

I went to see "Warcraft" last week, and even though it was different than what I was expecting, I really enjoyed it :) I think my favourite part was the special effects of magic :) they looked really cool ;) I am really hoping for a sequel, so fingers crossed :) but that is not the movie I want to talk about... actually, I want to talk about a song, but since it was in the trailer, it's all connected... ;) and the movie I want to talk about is... "The legend of Tarzan" :) it's the next movie me and my sister are going to see on the big screen, and I saw the trailer before... but the moment I saw it on the big screen... I fell in love with the song from that trailer... :) I've been listening to it non stop for the last few days... :) I have the link for you right here :)

Now to the second part of headlines :) I am very glad to report that my very huge pile of ARCs that I was extremely lucky to get, don't get me wrong, I don't complain about that :) is getting very small... :) I mean, it's not like just a few books, but I definitely see the end of that tunnel... ;) and it's a pretty big light, not just a glimpse far away ;) I am predicting that in just a few weeks I should be done with the majority of it :) and that's very good news, since I have quite a few, highly anticipated by me, books to read :)

Now that the rest of my post is out of the way, we can all concentrate on the book tag :) I found it somewhere on YouTube, and thought that since we have a lovely summer here, why not do the tag now :) and it's just the beginning of my plans, that include not only doing a few more tags, but also creating my own... ;) and by my own, I mean of course co-creating it with my sister J :) we already have a few ideas so be on the lookout for that :) once we have more details I will share with you a teaser for that :) but for now let us concentrate on the summer reading book tag :) and once again, I did it with my sister, so you'll have more awesome book recs :) are you ready? :)
#1 Lemonade -> pick a book that started off bitter but got better :)
A: for me it's gonna be "Changing the game" by Jaci Burton, book #2 in her Play by play series :) it's a sports themed romance and when I started reading it, it didn't really capture my attention... I'm not sure what was the exact reason, but I had to take a break from it... but after a while, I came back to that story, and the rest of the book was much better... I think I just had a problem with how the main couple got together at the beginning.. and even though I enjoyed the writing style, I needed time to like them as characters :)
J: my choice is "Zack" by Sawyer Bennett, book #3 in her Cold Fury hockey series :) don't get me wrong, I really love this book and the writing style, I just had one problem with the story... in the first half the hero goes a little bit too much in the direction of "Downton Abbey" vibes... ;) he treats the heroine, who is the nanny to his son... well, not very nice... :) I don't want to go into too many details, but I will say in his defense, that he's at a very hard point in his life... :) and the second half of the book is so fantastic that it really makes up for that beginning :)
#2 Golden sun -> pick a book that made you smile beyond compare :)
A: "Bittersweet" by Sarina Bowen :) it's the beginning of her new True north series, but can be read as a standalone as well, since each book concentrates on a different couple :) this story was so much fun to read :) we have a grumpy farmer from Vermont and a sassy chef-in-the-making :) along with a phenomenal writing style, 2 POVs and a bunch of entertaining secondary characters I remember thinking "what a fun read" throughout the whole book... :) *sighs happily* if you don't know it yet, be sure to grab a copy ;)
J: I have to say "Hustler" co-written by Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince :) it was a hilarious contemporary romance, and especially the interactions between women in this story were fantastic :) the dynamics between Penelope and her friends made me smile every time... you immediately wanted to be a part of their little group :) not to mention that the rest of the book was hilarious and hot as well... ;) and the guys... yeah... they definitly made an impression... ;)
#3 Tropical flower -> pick a book set in a foreign country :)
A: ok, first a little explanation :) since me and J both live in a european country and none of the books we read are set in it, technically, ALL books are set in a foreign country ;) but to make it a bit more difficult, we decided to pick books that are not set in the USA :) so my choice is "Rock hard" by Nalini Singh, book #2 in her Rock kiss series, but worry not, it can be read as a standalone as well :) it takes place in New Zealand and tells the story of Gabriel, an ex-rugby player turned entrepreneur and Charlie, his new PA :) I love Nalini's writing style and this book was no exception :)
J: I decided on a very exotic place indeed... Canada ;) my choice is "Us" co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy :) it's a sequel to "Him" about the same characters, and who wouldn't want more of some very hot hockey players ;) the writing style is great, and it's really hard to believe that it's the result of two people writing together... cause the story evolves flawlessly ;) and hit you in all the feels :)
#4 Tree shade -> pick a book where shady or mysterious character was first introduced :)
A: for me it has to be "A court of thorns and roses" by Sarah J. Maas and the character I'm thinking about is of course Rhys :) and before you all start screaming at me... I still haven't read the sequel, so he's still pretty mysterious to me :) don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to getting to know him more... I'm just saving that book for a special occasion... ;)
J: I'm gonna have to go with Naasir from the Guild hunter series by Nalini Singh :) he appears, or is at least mentioned in the first book... but from the beginning he's very mysterious... a unique creature... no one really knows who or what exactly he is :) until last year, when he was finally the hero of his very own book :) and then we got some answers :) it was definitely worth the wait :)
#5 Beach sand -> pick a book that was grainy and the plot barely developed :)
A: for this one I have to go with "Heart breaker" by Erin McCarthy... the story of a second chance romance between a country duo was... just... *sighs heavily* for a pretty short book a lot of things happened in a very short amount of time and I just felt that their whole "let's get back together" was rushed and didn't click for me... the story was way too angsty for my taste, but on the plus side, I did enjoy the writing style, so I will probably give this author another try ;)
J: I have to mention "Vision in silver" by Anne Bishop, book #3 in her The others series... and even though I am still a huge fan of that world and characters, this particular book dragged on a bit for me... the best proof of that, is that I barely remember what happened in it... this one is definitely a low point for me in this series, but the rest of it is much better, so I'm hoping that it was just an accident ;)
#6 Green grass -> pick a cast of characters that were full of life and made you smile :)
A: for this one we actually picked the same author, but different series :) the talented individual is Penny Reid and my choice is her Knitting in the city series :) each book concentrates on a different couple, but all the rest of them appears throughout this series :) don't get me wrong, I love the guys from these stories but it's the ladies from the knitting group that absolutely stole my heart :) that amazing seven is hilarious together :) each of them different, but when they are together... that group scenes are usually the best ones in the books :) their dynamics are fantastic :)
J: and my choice is her Winston brothers series :) it's a spin-off from one of the books in Knitting and the city series, telling stories about brothers of the heroine of that book :) and let me tell you... those guys are definitely unique :) their dynamics are different, but amazing in their own way :) I am absolutely looking forward to getting to know them more :)
#7 Watermelon -> pick a book that had some juicy secrets :)
A: for this I'm gonna go with every book from The league series by Sherrilyn Kenyon :) let's not kid ourselves, we all knew that I had to mention one of my all time favourite book series here somewhere ;) I would pick just one, but all of them have secrets inside :) relationships that needs to be hidden, identities that cannot be revealed, connections between surprising characters... name it and it's probably there ;)
J: I really wanted to choose one, but couldn't ;) but since it's the same type of secret, I'm gonna count it as one answer :) both "Knox" by Eve Jagger and "Hearts of blue" by L. H. Cosway have a relationship between the main couple that needs to stay hidden for different reasons... both of those stories are fantastically written contemporary romances, and even though they are part of two series, they can be read as standalones as well :) if you don't know them yet, be sure to check them out, and you can thank me later for two awesome book recs ;)
#8 Sun hat -> pick a book or series with a vast universe / setting :)
A: for me it's gonna be The Lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer :) it's a series of futuristic fairy tales re-tellings and it was so beautifully written I always want more :) the amount of characters and interesting details of that world... I am really hoping that at some point in the future she will come back and write something more set in that universe :)
J: I have to pick Psy-changeling series by Nalini Singh :) 15 books so far and still the amount of possibilities for future stories is endless :) when you think that you love the characters you already know, she introduces a bunch of new ones and you are excited all over again :) the writing style, the connections between sometimes very surprising people make me really curious what else she have for us in this world ;)
#9 BBQ -> pick a book where a character was potreyed as hunk :)
A: I don't know why, but "hunk" for me is not only a handsome guy, but also a big one ;) and the perfect example that comes to my mind is Aiden Graves from "The wall of Winnipeg and me" by Mariana Zapata :) she's the queen of slow building romances, and that story is just that :) a beautiful contemporary romance between Vanessa, a PA, and Aiden, a football player... all I'm gonna say about him is... "the wall of Winnipeg" is his nickname ;) *drops mic and walks away* ;)
J: I pick Sean Cassidy form "The player and the pixie" co-written by L. H. Cosway and Penny Reid :) it's a surprising and phenomenal contemporary romance and about Sean... he's a rugby player... that is all ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed this post :) I love to interact with you guys and talk about books and all sorts of other topics, so be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions, book recs or anything at all here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) and of course keep coming back this week, cause I have all sorts of very interesting posts for you :)



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