Monday, June 13, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #17

My Goodreads rating system
Meet Sascha
The 200th post

Well hello there my awesome people :) another new week means a brand new monday and another #RandomRamblings post from your favourite BookWorm ;) there is no book tag this week, but if things go as planned, there should be one next week soooo... fingers crossed ;) but in the meantime I have for you some other stuff :) and as usual, because of my love of chaos ;) we are gonna forget the order of the headlines, and I'm gonna start my post from the very middle ;)

So you may or may not know, that I'm gonna have my very own comfy reading corner very, very soon :) I am ridiculously excited about it and I am not ashamed to admit it ;) #NoRegrets ;) but this whole situation involved getting rid of my desk and exchanging PC computer for a brand new laptop :) a present from my family for my upcoming birthday :) and I totally named her ;) yes, her, because it's so obvious that she's a "she" :) so I picked up Sascha :) last week and we've been getting to know each other :) and so far things are looking great :) *knock on wood* ;) I absolutely love her, and in fact I already have all my stuff on her :) yes, they are in a one, very big and very messy folder, but I am slowly going through all of that :) it's not going as fast as I would like, but I am very busy in the meantime writing and editing posts about some pretty awesome books :) so be on the lookout for all the awesomeness that's gonna come your way this week ;) besides that, I actually spent half of my saturday disassembling my PC computer and desk and then repainting part of my bedroom, preparing everything, so that when the chair I ordered will arrive this week... or at least I really hope it will ;) all will be ready :) *squeels wih excitement* I can't wait to curl in my reading corner :)

And since things are chaotic this week, let me go back to the beginning of the headlines now :) here on my blog I focus on my thoughts and feelings about the books I've read, prefering the impressions instead of stars rating system :) but I use stars on other sites, and by that I mainly mean my Goodreads account so today I thought I would explain to you my system :) before I go into more details when I rate book a particular amount of stars I need to explain something :) I sometims add 0,5 stars when I have real troubles deciding where to put a certain book, but what is more important, my opinion differ between books rated the same amount of stars... for example, I might rate two books 5 stars, but only one of them would be this amazing-stop-everything-and-read-it-NOW book :) which doesn't take anything away from that other book :) there are reasons why I gave it 5 stars as well :) ok, now that this whole explanation part is behind us, let me get to the good stuff: my rating system :)
5 stars -> I give five stars to the books I absolutely loved :) they were either perfect and you ALL need to read them, or sometimes I had small issues with them, but the writing style / story / characters or a combination of those reasons made me bump it to full five stars :)
4 stars -> I loved the book but had some minor issues that kept bugging me from enjoying it entirely OR I absolutely enjoyed the book, but it didn't have that extra "wow" factor :) but I will still wholeheartedly recommend this book for others, cause usually those minor things are connected to my personal preferences as a reader :)
3 stars -> I had real troubles while reading this book... either characters were really annoying, or the story was ridiculous... either way, there were some major issues for me, and even though there were parts I enjoyed, they were overshadowed by the issues... depending on wether those issues are connected to my personal preferences or the awful writing style I will or will not recommend the book for others... even though I always say, that if you want to try the book, just do it :) I had books that a lot of people didn't like or had mixed feelings about them, but I absolutely adored and vice versa :) so don't be discouraged by difference of opinion and go for it if you really want to :)
2 stars -> I barely finished this book... there we're some major issues with it and I was tempted to DNF (do not finish) it, but some aspects of it, kept me reading... I don't recommend it and probably won't go back to read other books by this author, especially since I usually have such troubles with the book, when I don't like the writing style...
1 star -> I reserve that rating for books I DNF... and let me tell you... if I do not finish a book, that means there we're a lot of things wrong with it... again, wrong for me, because we all have the right to our own opinions :)
The majority of my ratings are four and five stars, mainly because I do some research before I read a book, even before signing up for ARCs and I usually end up with books I enjoy or absolutely love, nevertheless, sometimes I have a bit of unpleasant surprise, so I wanted to explain to you guys how I rate my books :)

And last but definitely not least, we're heading for another milestone :) when I was super excited back in jauary about reaching my 100th post here on my blog after a year, I predicted that we would reach the 200th mark much sooner... ;) although, to be completely honest, I did not expect to reach it THAT fast ;) but it's all thanks to so many wonderful opportunities I've been signing up for lately :) all the ARCs, with deadlines when I have to post them, kicked up my reading game a notch or two and that automatically means more reviews for you :) so it's a win-win :) I have so much fun with all of this and I really hope that you guys enjoy my posts as well :) the 200th post will happen tomorrow and it's gonna be my second review of the day :) and as a bonus, we also passed 200 likes on my facebook page :) what?!? o.O :) the awesomeness just keeps coming my way and you know what that means... :) happy blogger means more happiness going your way as well... well, maybe not in the form of giveaways or anything, cause I have no stuff to give, but definitely some very loving virtual hugs are coming your way... ;)

That's a wrap for today people :) like I mentioned before in this post, be sure to keep checking my blog this week, cause I have so many awesome stuff all ready for you... some fantastic book recs :) and as always, I love hearing from you guys and interacting with you, so be sure to leave a comment wih your thoughts, opinions, book recs or something else here, on my facebook page or Goodreads account :)



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