Thursday, June 30, 2016

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) july edition

Hello my awesome people ;) I can't believe we are at this time of the month again ;) the time when I share with you some of the books I've been highly anticipating ;) and july is a very special month indeed ;) well, special and a bit weird ;) why, you ask? don't worry, I'll tell you :) special, cause it's my birthday month :) and a bit weird, because I have 4 books to tell you about, but two of them I will actually read before the release dates, cause I was lucky enough to get ARCs of them... ;) so how about I'll just start with the books and explain everything in more details as I go, ok? ;)

So the first book I am highly anticipating is "Rock wedding" by incredibly talented Nalini Singh, book #4 in her Rock kiss series :) and no worries, all books in this series can easily be read as standalones :) it's a contemporary romance about the last member of a very popular rock band :) originally, it was supposed to be only a novella, but apparently the story of Abe and Sarah is too complicated and they needed a full lenght novel ;) no complaints from me about that ;) with Nalini's books, longer is always better ;) and to those of you who love this series as much as me, and worry that this is the last installment in it, rest assured... I've read on more than one occasion that there are going to be stories about brothers of a certain ex-rugby player in our future... ;)

The second book I can't wait to read is actually one of the ARCs I mentioned before :) "Steadfast" by Sarina Bowen is going to be a contemporary romance and book #2 in her brand new True north series :) I am assuming, that as with her other series, the books in this one can be read as standalones, but I highly recommend you to read "Bittersweet", book #1, because it was awesome ;) *sighs* such a fun read... ;) especially since the lovely Sarina has such an amazing writing style... you will fall in love within the first few chapters ;) by the time you're gonna be reading this post I'm either gonna be right in the middle of the ARC of this gem, or I already finished it ;) cause it just landed on my kindle and I can't wait to dive into it ;)

Another book I want to share with you is "To have and to hold" by Lauren Layne, book #1 in her new The wedding belles series :) and after reading the prequel novella I can't wait to read even more about the wedding planners :) and actually I already have an ARC of this lovely gem on my kindle and cannot wait to get to it very, very soon... ;) I am a fan of Lauren Layne's writing style and after getting some glimpses in the novella of a few future characters I am more than ready to dive into a full lenght novel :)

Last but not least I want to tell you about yet another contemporary romance I am very much looking forward to... do you guys see a theme this month? ;) and this one actually have a sports theme going on :) I'm talking about "Stroked" by Meghan Quinn :) ever since I read "Hustler" she co-wrote with Jessica Prince and loving every minute of it, I wanted to check out some of her other books, so why not start with a sexy swimmer...? why not indeed... ;) it might just be the perfect hot and hilarious mix for the summer ;)



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