Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: "True born" by L. E. Sterling

Title: "True born"
Book 1 in series True born
Main character: Lucinda "Lucy" Fox

First of all, I need to say that I received the ARC of this fantastic book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion :) and I am very glad I requested it :) I'm not gonna lie, the cover was the first thing that caught my attention when I was looking around there for some books... :) and then I read the synopsis and was totally sold on that idea :) so I was thrilled when the ARC of this gem landed on my kindle :) I'm gonna go into a bit more details about this book, but not too much cause most of the things I want to tell you are too spoilerific :) but I have to say that I enjoyed it much more than I expected... :) it has a great writing style and a much more darker vibe than I thought it would be :) so let me tell you a bit more about it :) and just remember, that my review is not gonna be very long only because I really can't tell you guys a lot of things :) not because the book sucked... quite the opposite... ;) this book was fantastic :) ok, now I feel comfortable with getting into a bit more details ;)

The whole story is told from the perspective of Lucy :) she and her twin sister Margot are almost eighteen, so definitely don't be discouraged by the YA label of this series, it's not silly or immature at all :) they were born as part of the Upper Circle, an elite group of rich people in Dominion City... their father is a very high ranking diplomat, and they were both raised in a pretty strict way... but things are about to change... dun dun duuuunnn ;) I might be making jokes, but believe me when I say that this world was much darker than I expected it to be... human population was decimated because of the Plague and all of the remains can be divided into three categories... or can they...? :) we have Lasters, who are basically just waiting for death when their bodies will give up... there are Splicers, who use very expensive treatments to prolongue their lives as much as they can... and we have True Borns... the ones who are plague-resistant because of the genetic mutations... they are the most mysterious group of them all... :) but the problem with Fox sisters is that... their category is not that simple to discover... I can't tell you more, because I don't want to spoil you anything, especially since from the very beginning of the book we are thrown head first into this world and we discover more details along the way :) but I will add this one thing... if you think that the whole book will revolve around the disappearance of Margot, think again... cause it's just a first part of a much bigger plot that is gonna be happening :) and now I'm gonna shut up, cause that's all the details I can share with you :) for more you're just gonna have to pick up this book ;) believe me, it's worth it :)

I can't share with you many details about the story, characters and generally this whole world, but what I CAN talk about are my impressions and thoughts about it :) so first off... it was definitely much darker than I expected... <shudders> ;) the world, the events, some of the characters... and I think it's mostly because of the fantastic writing style of the author :) she paints a very... rich and detailed picture with her words... it may not be colorful but it's definitely interesting :) this whole book in general is a great introduction into this world and all the possibilities that may await for us in the future installments :) cause this one is just the first of three :) and after finishing it... I am definitely waiting for book #2 :) I need more... more of these characters... I just... I need to know what happens next :) cause in this one we mostly see glimpses of certain characters and I want... basically, I need more of everything and everyone :) I really liked Lucy as the main character... already in this book she goes through a bit of character development, making the most she can out of the situation she's thrust into... I am very curious what will happen to her next... and I absolutely loved Jared... for reasons I absolutely cannot share here, but you'll totally understand it once you start the book :) he's just snarky, and dangerous and... nope, can't say anything else... :) there are of course many more secondary characters that are very well written, but Jared sort of eclipsed all of them for me ;) one more I want to mention is Margot, cause she also changes significantly in this book alone... :) we definitely see glimpses of all the connections between certain people and fractions in this world and I can't wait to see where the author will go with this story :) it was definitely a great read and I am looking forward to going back to this world... especially after THAT ending ;) it definitely leaves you wanting more :) so be sure to pick this one up and give it a try, if you enjoy smart writing and complex stories :)



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