Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: "Heart breaker" by Erin McCarthy

Author: Erin McCarthy
Book 1 in series Nashville nights
Main characters: Chance Rivers and Jolene Hart

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and I have to say that after finishing it... I have very mixed feelings... on the one hand, there were things I really liked and enjoyed in this story... but on the other hand, there were also some aspects of it that kept irritating me... so I'm gonna share all of that with you and you can make your own decision whether to read this book or not ;)

I'm gonna start with our main couple :) unfortunately I had real troubles connecting with them... they just didn't "click" for me... mainly because I felt that they acted in a very immature way throughout most of the book... and don't get me wrong, I have nothing against flawed characters... ;) I don't expect them to be perfect and make no mistakes, because all that usually adds depth to them and makes them interesting to me... but this time I thought I was reading about a couple of teenagers in high school, so when I read at some point that Jolene is 25 I had to double check that ;) but let me try to explain my feelings in a few more details :) Jolene is a country singer, part of the Hart-Rivers duo with Chance, a song-writer... they come from two different worlds... she from the middle of nowhere and a not so great family, and he's from Nashville song-writing royalty, both his father and grandfather very famous... they met, started working together, became a couple and broke up all before the book even started... four months later they are forced to finish their second album by their manager... so they decide to go to a remote cabin to do it... because that's always a good idea ;) and again, I have nothing against second chance romances... when they are done well, I am a fan :) but here this angsty-push-and-pull-hot-and-cold-I-want-to-be-with-you-but-not-really situation was tiring... and I know that some of you love those kind of stories... but this one just wasn't working for me... I was expecting them to change and evolve as characters at some point... and it did happen, but sort of quickly near the end, and that was just a little bit too late for me...

Now let me talk a bit more about the things I did enjoy in this book :) I actually really liked the writing style, so I am definitely gonna try out some other books written by her :) and since my biggest problem was with the main couple, I hope I will love her other stories more... :) although I have to add, that I did love the sassy side of Jolene... ;) the book read pretty quickly, not only because it wasn't very long, but also because the writing style was very entertaining :) and even though Jolene and Chance didn't really "click" for me I am gonna give this series another try, because I pretty much loved most of the secondary characters and I am very curious who will get their story next :)

All in all it was an ok book for me :) it was my first story wrtten by this author, and based on her writing style I will definitely check out some of her other work... this particular story was a bit too angsty and immature for my taste, because I was expecting something else, but that's just my opinion :) if you love this sort of push-and-pull relationships, you are gonna love this book :) and like I always say, if you are interested in a story, don't let a few different opinions deter you from checking it out on your own :) I always do a research before picking a book, but ultimately, your opinion is the one that matters :) yes, sometimes there are reviews that will convince me to read the book or not, especially if they come from people whose opinions I trust, but if I really want to read a book, there's no stoping me :) so read my review, read other people reviews, and then make your own decision... if you decide to read this book, that's awesome :) happy reading for you and I hope you'll love it :) if not, then that's ok too :) whatever works for you ;)



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