Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: "Glass ceilings" by A. M. Madden

Author: A. M. Madden
Book 2 in series True heroes
Main characters: Nick Farley and Angela Cavello

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) originally I didn't sing up for it :) I was actually contacted by the publisher with a recommendation, that if I am a fan of Sawyer Bennett I might enjoy this story... :) and I AM a fan of her writing style, so I've decided to give this one a try... and that was quite some time ago... this story has been sitting on my kindle for... I'm afraid to actually count that amount, so let's just move on :) I haven't picked it up sooner because... I'm not really sure why... maybe it was the cover, maybe it was the fact that I haven't found it on my own made it slipped my mind... but once I started reading it, I was totally kicking myself for waiting so long... because I really enjoyed it :) and don't worry, even though it's a second book in a series, it can be totally read as a standalone as well :)

Let me start by saying a little bit more about our main couple :) Nick and Angela met in a bar where he was working undercover... because of that, and the fact that both of them had a lot of other stuff going on, their chemistry turned into just one, very hot, night... but they were supposed to meet in another city soon after, cause both of them were moving there, to see where this connection between them can go... unfortunately a lot of stuff happened after their one night and the next time they see each other in person is when she is brought in for questioning to the FBI where he works, almost two years later... dun dun duuuunnnn... ;) sorry, it just slipped, I couldn't stop myself :) let me explain that a little bit more :) so the book is actually divided into three parts :) the first part tells us how they met and got together in Chicago, then we have a two years jump and that second part catches us up with the things that happened during that time... and then the last part is about what is happening now... and there is a lot going on besides just those two getting back together... but I'm not gonna say more about that, because spoilers, obviously :) especially since quite a lot is happening with Nick and Angela... and I have to say that usually I'm not a fan of these "secret baby" storylines, but here I could really understand why she did it, plus the whole situation was handled by both of them in a very mature way... and grown ups acting like adults, talking and communicating using words and everything is always something I enjoy in books :) and no, it's not a major spoiler... it's not even a minor spoiler, cause that "secret baby" info is in the synopsis :) but yeah, she got pregnant during that one night, but because of all the complications happening around her and the informations she had at that moment, I can't really blame her for acting the way she did... so don't be judgemental and just read this story before you go and hate her for what she did...

Besides our main couple, and all the stuff that is connected to them, we have two other pairs I want to mention :) first, there's Ben and Ella, main characters from the first book in this series :) they don't have a huge role to play in this story, but I am mentioning them to you, cause after reading a scene here and there about them I am definitely curious and want to know how they got together... :) and the second couple I absolutely have to write about, cause they stole my heart :) is Jase and Eve :) Eve is Angela's cousin, and Jase is Nick's friend from that time working undercover in the bar :) they met the same night when Nick met Angela and instantly hit it off :) they are hilarious, a little bit crazy and I loved every scene with them :) there were also quite a few other characters appearing in this book, but I don't want to mention them by name, cause most of them are connected to that mysterious situation that I can't really mention in more details, so you're just gonna have to discover them on your own :)

Overall I was actually really surprised by this book... in the best possible way :) the majority of it was written from Nick's perspective, which is a new thing for me, but I very much enjoyed it :) I'm used to either reading the heroine's perspective, dual POVs or books written in third person :) I absolutely loved how mature both of them were... how they handled very hard situations in quite realistic way, resolving their issues by actually talking with each other :) it's not as common as one would want it to be :) and I was really glad that basically all of those secrets between them were out in the open pretty quickly... which is always a plus for me :) all in all it was a really lovely story, about two people overcoming circumstances to finally be together... I am definitely gonna read some other books written by this author, cause I enjoyed this story very much :) so if you are in the mood for some wery well written romance with a hint of drama and mystery, be sure to give this one a try :)



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