Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review: "Dark currents" by Lindsay Buroker

Book 2 in series The emperor's edge
Main character: Amaranthe Lokdon

I was a bit afraid to read this book... mainly because I loved the first one sooo much and I wasn't sure if the sequel would capture all of that... magic, humor and hilarious interactions that made me fall in love with it in the first place... :) but fear not, it was just as awesome :) my favourite band of misfits did not disappoint :) and to those of you who are new to this series, this review may contain some spoilers about the first book... not very detailed, but I wanted to let you know about them just in case :) so if you are brand new to this series and don't want to know anything, I'm gonna direct you to my review of the first book -> here <- :) check that one out and see for yourselves why you need to start this series immediately :) to all the rest of you, let's dive into more datails, shall we? :)

I'm gonna start by telling you a bit more about the characters :) and even though I claimed that Amaranthe is the main one... well, because in my opinion she absolutely deserves that spot ;) but she's the boss of a group of the most entertaining band of misfits I've read about so far ;) they are a totally mismatched and hilarious group and I will tell you a bit more about all of them :) Amaranthe used to be one of a few female enforcers in the empire, but after stuff that happened in the previous book, and don't worry, I won't go into details about that, now she's kind of an outlaw trying to convince people that she and her team are actually the good guys :) she's smart, clever and sassy, so all the things I love in heroines :) next we have Sicarius... <sigh> I should not be loving a deadly and mysterious assassin so much but I can't help it... :) well, it's not like I'm really trying sooo... ;) he's definitely the most shadowy character in these books, not because he's evil or anything, it's just we know the least about him... he doesn't talk much, but I definitely see some improvement in his communications skills... ;) next there's Books :) it's his nickname, but I don't remember his full name :) besides, with a nickname like that I'm never gonna  learn it :) he's always gonna be Books to me :) he's the oldest one out of them all, around 45 :) he's definitely more of a researcher in the team than a warrior :) we have also Akstyr, a young, rebelious and snarky teenager with inclinations towards magic... ;) we have also Basilard, a sort of an ex-slave / gladiator... I can't go into more details but it's all explained in the previous book :) he doesn't talk, instead using a specific sign language... and of course last but definitely not least, Maldynado :) I freaking love him :) he's the most charming smoothtalker ever :) Amaranthe met him when he was working as an escort after his family disowned him... I kid you not :) he's the main source of my laughter in this series :) but absolutely not the only one :) and I want to mention one more person... definitely keep your eyes out for Yara ;) trust me, you don't want to lost her in the excitement of reading this book... cause I have a feeling that it's not the last time we see her... ;)

Now about this book... :) like the whole series it's set in the Turgonian empire with Sespian as the young emperor :) and even though we haven't seen him in person in this particular story, I love him as a character and I hope to see him more in future books :) in the previous story, Amaranthe and her team worked on stopping an assassination plot to kill him... dun dun duuuunnnnn ;) and it kind of ended in a good / bad way ;) good, because they succeeded, but bad because they sort of got blamed for it... ;) so now they are working to redeem themselves in the eye of the emperor and the people :) and it's going slower than anticipated... after a few months they are not closer to their goal... but, a new occasion arises... :) they discover bodies with weird marks in the sewer system which leads to another discovery... that I'm not gonna tell you about here, but I can say that it eventually leads to a road trip outside the city :) that's all of the details I can share without spoilers :)

I absolutely loved this book :) I got this series recommended to me by one of my #BookBesties, Karen :) and I'm gonna be forever grateful to her, for helping me discover this gem :) they need to be read in order, well... technically I guess you could read them however you want, because there's no #BookPolice to stop you ;) but I highly recommend you to read them in order :) that way you can get to know the characters and follow all the events without spoilers... :) plus you might get lost in the story if you don't know what happened before :) but they are awesome, so it's not like a chore or anything ;) this whole series has a fantasy / steampunk sort of vibe to it :) and even though I read two books already, I still don't know much about the world in general :) but I don't mind, since these books are definitely character / adventure driven :) so just go with the flow and don't worry about it :) this book was written in an amazing style :) it was hilarious, entertaining and surprising :) I kept turning page after page never knowing what to expect :) and even if I had some ideas it always turned out to be something else ;) it was a truly amazing story and a fantastic sequel... :) and as a bonus we start to get to know more about members of Amaranthe's team :) this time it's Books :) and I know that in other installments it's gonna be other characters... and that makes me even more curious to pick them up :) so be sure to give them a try and see for yourselves why I simply cannot shut up how awesome they are ;)

I have just a few quotes for you today and believe me... this is just a very tiny glimpse into all the hilarious awesomeness that awaits you in the actual book... I cannot stress that enough... just go read this series :)

Part of a conversation between Books and Maldynado ;) Books first :)
"'Amaranthe's birthday is next week and, with our limited funds, I didn't think I'd be able to find her a gift.'
'So, you're getting her... dead bodies?'
'Perfect, don't you think?' Books smiled.
'Most women like jewelry and flowers.'
'Do you honestly believe she would prefer jewelry over a mystery to solve?'
Maldynado jiggled the key fob thoughtfully, then nodded toward the bodies. 'Can we say one is from me?'"

One of the interactions between Amaranthe and Sicarius ;)
"Not one for idle chatter, or chatter at all, Sicarius waited in silence.
'Interesting evening,' she said, hoping to draw him out. 'When you said <good>, did you mean I looked good, as in all those workouts are improving my skills, or it was good that I didn't fall?'
She snorted. 'Thanks.'"

One of many hilarious interactions between members of the team :) this time it's Books, Akstyr and Maldynado :)
"'Your arm needs to do a whip action. You've got to be relaxed to make that.'
'Pardon me if the idea of hurling four inches of steel into someone's chest doesn't relax me.'
'That's a log, not a person,' Akstyr said.
'Though we can see how it'd be confusing,' Maldynado said. 'Here's a tip that helps me tell the difference: people scream a lot more when they get hit.'"

And one more with Amaranthe and Sicarius :)
"'Ah, forgive me. I guess it's your perennial stodginess that leaves me with the impression you're old.' There, that had to get a response out of him.
He studied her, as if she were some exotic specimen of fish he'd pulled up from the lake depths and he was deciding whether to keep her or throw her back. 'I'm not old,' he finally said.
'But no argument on stodgy, eh?'"

Something between Amaranthe and Books ;)
"Amaranthe cleared her throat. 'Knocking is usually Step One in these situations.'
'Yes, I've heard that.' Books drew back his shoulders and thumped the ring three times. As they waited, a new worry reared its head. He eyed Amaranthe - and her revealing attire. 'If she's here, can we say you're my...' He groped for a relation that would suggest absolutely no sexual connotations.
'Daughter?' Amaranthe suggested.
'Dear ancestors, no. She'll think I'm ancient. Er, my age, anyway. And what would she think of my parenting influence if she saw you in that outfit?'
'Did you just, in the same breath, call me old and promiscuous?'"



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