Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review: "Chasing Eva" by Camellia Hart

Author: Camellia Hart
Book 1 in series In light of shadows
Main characters: Clive Stanton and Evangeline "Eva" Avery

I've had the pleasure of reading this lovely book thanks to the amazing author who sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review :) and I have to say I really loved it :) it is a great debut novel, and let's just take a moment to look at this beautiful cover :) so pretty... :) but back to the actual book... ;) it's the first installment in what's going to be a trilogy about the same set of characters... but don't worry, there's no cliffhanger at the end that will make you scream and want to throw your book / e-book reading device, cause let's not discriminate people... ;) against the wall ;) it's more of a we-don't-have-all-the-answers-yet kind of a situation :) and that makes me that much more curious about what's gonna happen in the next story... ;) because this book is definitely not only a romance... oh no ;) it has a mystery in it as well... dun dun duuuuunnnnn.... ;) #NoShame, this moment needed a musical interruption ;) I'm not gonna tell you exactly what it is, but I'm gonna give you a hint ;) *coughs* corporate fraud *coughs* ;) so now that we have these basic informations out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the book itself ;)

Let's start with Eva and Clive... what I love the most about them, is that they are both adults who are actually acting like adults :) and no, it's not as obvious as it should be in books... ;) Eva was a chef, but now she runs an interior design company she inherited after the death of her father... so she's a busy woman :) Clive also runs the family company and he's a busy man as well :) so it's only natural that the romance part between them actually takes place over some amount of time... :) which I absolutely loved... :) what usually bugs me, is when in books once our main characters meet, suddenly there's nothing else going on in their lives besides the romance... which is ridiculous ;) so I adored that both of them actually kept busy and didn't just throw away everything aside just because there was this connection between them :) and what a connection it is... ;) they do have issues of their own to get through... I don't want to say too much, so you can discover all of the details for yourselves while you read it, but I love their banter and interactions :) it was sweet and lovely... and then definitely hot in all the right places ;) 

Besides our main couple, we have a bunch of secondary characters that only add depth to this story :) I'm not gonna name all of them, but believe me when I say, that a lot of them made me laugh in the most unexpected moments... in a good way of course ;) I can't say too much, because some of them turn out to be important in surprising ways, so I don't want to spoil you guys... you'll thank me later ;) but I have to mention Ali and Izzy :) they are best friends with Eva and I absolutely adored both of them... :) I don't know if we're gonna get to know even more about them in future installments, but I would love to see their own HEA... ;) if not in this trilogy, then maybe in a spin-off book or two... you know, just throwing this idea out there... *wink wink* :)

Overall I absolutely loved this book :) I wasn't sure what to expect from it, because to be honest, you never know what's gonna wait for you in a debut novel... :) but this one definitely wasn't a disappointment :) the writing style was really good, the characters and connections between them felt real and honest, which in my opinion, is one of the best compliments for a writer :) I had a great time reading it, and now I can't wait for the sequel :) cause it was so much fun and I absolutely need more :) especially since besides Eva and Clive there are tons of secondary characters that I need to know more about :) it's hard for me to say more without spoilers, so I'm gonna just say this... if you are looking for a fun and definitely interesting read, go check this one out :)

I even have a few quotes for you guys today :) not the ones I really wanted to share with you, cause they would be way too spoilerific, but some others to show you a little glimpse into that story ;) happy reading :)

A little bit of Eva and her feelings about her cheating ex ;)
"She realized the general theme of the things she liked to do all somehow concluded in loathing Jake.
One: running, as in away from Jake.
Two: hanging out with her friends, as in to forget Jake.
Three: cooking, as in to poison Jake.
She cringed. How did her thoughts get so morbid?"

And another one from Eva, this time about Clive ;)
"Why was he smiling? Of course, he looked sexy smiling like that and he seemed to be smiling as though he knew she thought he looked sexy smiling like that. Stop smiling." 

Part of a conversation between Eva and Clive :)
"They stopped at a traffic light, and when she glanced to catch his gaze, he was looking at her. 'You're beautiful, Eva."
She swallowed, unable to decide how to respond. And then she asked, 'Is that what you say to all the women who sit in your car?'
He smiled as he started to drive again. 'Not all of them,' he teased. 'You're the only one so far.'"

And another conversation with our main couple ;)
"'You're not my type, that's all.'
'And what type am I?'
She gave him a look. 'You really want me to answer that question?'
'Why not? I'd like to hear what you think about me.'
'Fine. I think you are good looking... quite the charmer, and... a genuinely nice guy.'
'But you have a reputation with women. Of course you don't want to limit yourself to one when you have so many choices. And that makes you so not my type.'
'I see.' He paused as though to consider her evaluation for a moment. 'So... you think I'm good looking?'
She noticed the mischief in his expression. 'That's what you got from everything I just said?'"

And the last one with Eva and Clive ;) Clive first :)
"You let me know tomorrow when you see me.'
Wait... tomorrow? What day is tomorrow? 'We're meeting tomorrow? It's a Saturday.'
'That's how the days of the week work, Eva. Today is a Friday, and tomorrow is a Saturday. Did they not teach you anything in culinary school?'"




  1. What a review! :) Thank you for making time to read and review my book, and also for loving it this much!

    1. you're welcome :) it was my pleasure to read your story :) can't wait to see what happens next :)