Monday, May 30, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #15

"Tale as old as time..."
Lesson learned
Song of the moment

Well hello there my awesome people :) I have for you my brand new #RandomRamblings post :) this time a little bit shorter, but hey... I'm allowed to write shorter posts as well as the really long ones ;) there's gotta be some balance, right? ;) but on a totally random note, as a bonus, I can tell you a little secret... ;) I am getting closer and closer to start my very own BookTube channel ;) I even did some trial videos to see how the quality wuld be if I did it on my phone, cause I have no fancy equipment or anything... ;) not ideal, but better than I expected ;) so who knows...? ;) but that's all I can say for now :) let's go back to the actual post :) and this time, we are gonna go in the order of the headlines ;)

So to all of you Disney fans, you know exactly what I'm talking about in that first line of the headlines, am I right? ;) we all know what happened last week... the teaser for the live action version of "Beauty and the beast" was released and we all lost it ;) I certainly lost it along with all my friends that I talked about it with ;) if by any chance you missed it, I'm gonna leave the link for you right now ;)

You might be wondering why I am soooo excited about it, even though they basically show us nothing :) and the reason is... the original, animated version of "Beauty and the beast" to this day is my favourite animated movie :) I love the story, the songs... I can't explain it logically... maybe I love it so much because Belle loves to read... and by the way, do you remember that library? ;) *sighs dreamily* I would move in it and never leave ;) or maybe it's because she's different than others in her town and don't feel like she belogns there... :) there are many reasons, and if I would start examining them all we would be here forever ;) so when I found out that Disney is making a live action version of it I was ecstatic :) and the more I hear about it, the more informations we get, the more excited I am :) and after watching this little trailer way more times than I care to admit, I was in the mood to watch the original ;) so I did it :) with my favourite person, J ;) we saw it on thursday and it was just as amazing as I remember :) now I can't wait even more to see what Disney is gonna make of it :) fingers crossed they will create a magical experience, because otherwise I'm gonna be really pissed... ;)

Now about that second part of headlines... ;) if you follow my facebook page you know already, that I've been digging myself out from this huge pile of ARCs that I signed up for, for quite some time... ;) and finally there's a light at the end of that tunnel :) long story short, when I discovered that I can sign up for all these release blasts and blog tours and all that, I might have gotten a little bit carried away... ;) and by "may have" I mean it definitely happened :) so when I finally put all those dates into my calendar and saw them in one place... yeah... there might have been a moment of panic ;) but I am finally, although very slowly, reaching the end of that pile :) just a few more ARCs and I will actually be able to read the books I want to read :) and I already have a list of about 20 of them to get through :) so in a week or so I should be able to start squeezing my most anticipated books in between the ARCs :) don't get me wrong, I am very excited to read all the ARCs I signed up for, but when you know that you HAVE TO read something, cause the release dates are getting closer... it puts a pressure on you :) but hey, live and learn, right? ;) and now I know that I need to be much more picky when it comes to the events I'm choosing to be a part of :)

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a song that's been stuck in my head for quite a few days now... and even though I have no intention of reading the book or watching the movie based on it, for many reasons that I'm not gonna get into right now ;) I absolutely love the voice of that singer and the song itself... it haunts me and I feel the need to listen to it over and over again... :) enjoy :)

That's a wrap for today people :) as always, I love to hear your opinions so be sure to leave a comment here, or on my facebook page or my Goodreads account :) I have lots of great stuff for you, so be sure to come back every day ;) cause I have for you five more new posts this week :)



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