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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #14

My recently discovered book-ish pet peeve
A quick explanation
Taylor Swift book tag

Greetings my lovely people at the beginning of a brand new week :) I have for you some very fun things to share and this time we will go with the order of the headlines... I know, crazy... ;) again, I was waiting almost to the very last moment with writing this post, but ultimately I managed to find motivation and prepare for you guys something that I hope you'll enjoy :)

So first things first... :) I have recently discovered my very first book-ish pet peeve :) and let me make something clear... I am not talking about certain book tropes, like for example love triangles that I usually don't like in books, but when they are done right they don't bother me... :) for me, a book-ish pet peeve means something small, that some of you might not even notice, but it bugs the hell out of me :) I didn't thought I had any of these, but apparently I do :) and my first official book-ish pet peeve is... unprotected sex... let me explain some more... I am talking about these types of situations where both people are sober and perfectly capable of making decisions... and then we get to the sex part and there is no mentioning of the pill, condom or anything really... they just do it... I read a scene like that recently and literally cringed... I kid you not :) because I was truly appalled... we were talking about two grown ups who should have known better and not about a couple of uneducated and / or drunk teenagers... I mean, aren't they afraid of STDs or pregnancy?!? and it wasn't like a one-time-only thing with a panic reaction what-have-we-done after... no no... it happened more than once... ugh... I was actually surprised by how much it truly bothered me... I mean, it's not like a sentence or two about using protection will ruin the mood of a scene... for me it's actually the opposite... but maybe it's just me ;) do you guys have some sort of book-ish pet peeves of your own? :) are there some small things that bugs you? let me know, cause I am very curious :)

Now let me give you a quick explanation that is directly connected with the last part of this post :) I really love all the book tags that you can find on YouTube and in other places online, where people answer questions that are thematically connected to each other and at the same time recommending some books :) for me, it's a super fun and entertaining way of learning about some books that I might have missed otherwise :) so I've decided, that I'm gonna do these book tags here, in my #RandomRamblings posts :) maybe not every week, but definitely at least once a month ;) and as a super bonus for you guys, you will get to know not only my answers, but my sister's as well :) because J will be doing them with me :) for those of you who know my facebook page, you know that J is the sole creator of all the amazing quote / pictures I share there :) I mean, we talk about books all the time anyway, and when I started to think about my answers for this one, we started exchanging ideas and I was like "why don't you do it with me?" :) and she agreed :) so that means that you will get twice as many answers and hopefully you'll enjoy our recommendations :)

So know that we have all the explanations out of the way, let me tell you more about this tag :) in Taylor Swift book tag you have fourteen of her song titles, and with each of them you get an explanation about a book, series or character to go with that song :) but just remember, it's suppose to be fun so not every song perfectly matches the question :) so are you guys ready to start? :)

#1 "We are never ever getting back together" -> a book or series that you thought you loved, but ulitmately decided to break up with
A: for this one I chose Black dagger brotherhood series by J. R. Ward :) it's this dark, paranormal series that I really loved at the beginning, but the further we go into it, the more dark and complicated it becomes... I enjoyed the first books very much, but in the later ones there were too many subplots and I liked less and less the general direction it took... not to mention that one of the books ended in a way I really hated... and fortunately for me, but not so much for J, who actually read it, I didn't waste my time reading it ;) all of you who read it, know exactly what book I'm talking about :)
J: I have a few of them, but ultimately I picked Bayou heat co-written by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright :) it's a series about shape-shifters, and the stories in it are shorter than usual, but I am not holding it against them ;) because the first big arc was actually very good :) I enjoyed it and the stories in them were very interesting... but once that plot was concluded, that second one was all over the place... the stories were even shorter and made less sense... so I stopped reading it :)

#2 "Red" -> a book with red on the cover
A: I had a couple of books I was thinking about for this question, but ultimately I decided to go with the one I read pretty recently :) it's a fantasy book that I absolutely loved and not a lot of people heard about it :) I'm talking about "The tower must fall" by S. E. Bennett :) I explained all my love for this book in my review, so insead of repeating myself I will leave the link to that for you right -> here <- ;)
J: I had troubles picking just one book here as well, but eventually I decided to mention a book from a really great paranormal series :) "Oracle's moon" is book #4 in Elder races series written by Thea Harrison :) it's actually a series you should read in order, cause some events definitely overlap over a few books, but you won't regret it :) I mean, who wouldn't love a series with a dragon, vampires, fairies and lots of other magical creatures :)

#3 "The best day" -> pick a book or series that makes you feel nostalgic
A & J: for this one we actually picked the same series :) for us this question is about getting that warm feelings inside, a series that makes you think about the times when you were younger... and when you look at it this way, there can really be only one answer... Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling :) and we don't think that any additional explanation is needed... ;)

#4 "Love story" -> a book or series with a forbidden love story
A: for this one I decided on Eidolon and Tayla from "Pleasure unbound" by Larissa Ione :) I mean, does it get more forbidden that a demon and a demon-slayer? ;) it's actually the first book in a phenomenal Demonica series :) and I highly recommend all of the books for you :) it's a paranormal series that is filled with great humor as well as surprsingly emotional scenes, adventure and some definitely shocking turns of events :)
J: I had to go with Talyn and Felicia from "Born of defiance" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, book #9 in her The league series :) and even though all of them can technically be read as standalones, I would highly recommend you to read them in order ;) I picked those two because everything is against them in this book... he is hated by everyone and she is his paid companion... but you would be surprised how sweet and emotional the story between them is in this book...

#5 "I knew you were trouble" -> a bad character that you couldn't help but love
A: for me it has to be Warner from Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi :) it's hard to say more, because some of you may have not read this series yet, so I'm only gonna say this... :) he doesn't necessarily make the best impression, especially in the first book, but I couldn't help but love him even then... :) and the fact that I am so in love with this series is beside the point ;)
J: I have to go with Kaleb from "Heart of obsidian" by Nalini Singh :) he actually appears in more than just his own book in Psy-changeling series :) he seems like a cold, arrogant and distant person... you might even think he's ruthless, but later in this series, and especially in his own story, we get to know a lot more about him and discover a surprising new side of him :)

#6 "Innocent" -> a book that someone ruined for you
A: I'm assuming that we are talking about spoilers here ;) in that case no one ruined a book for me... :) and even when there were books that someone "spoiled" for me ;) it was intentional, cause I wanted to know some things about them... and on more than one occasion that information helped me to not read a book that would disappointed me :)
J: no one ever spoiled a book for me, all my friends like me ;) and I don't read about books online so there's no chance for an accidental spoiler :)

#7 "Everything has changed" -> a character that goes through an extensive character development
A: I have to yet again reach for the Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi :) the main character in it, Juliette... you can barely recognize the girl she is at the end of that last book... she changes so much, getting more confident and discovering all sorts of things about her... it's a very interesting thing to witness throughout the whole series :)
J: I have to choose Eve from In death series by J. D. Robb, or as you may know her from her other name, Nora Roberts :) Eve is the main character in this series, a detective and each of these books can be read as a standalone... I love the slow development she shows throughout this series... at first she's concentrated only on her work, closed off from other people... and in time, more and more people squeeze their way into her inner circle, and it's a pleasure to see how all of that changes her :) not to mention how her marriage to Roarke affects her as well :) her feelings towards him surprises her at first, and then changes her as well... after all, there is a reason why they are one of my all time favourite couples :)

#8 "You belong with me" -> the most anticipated book release
A: I had to go with what I think is my most highly anticipated book of the year :) "Born of legend" by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the newest addition to her The league series :) not only it's gonna be super long and feature a main character that really surprised me, but it's another installment in one of my all time favourite series :) I can't wait to get my hands on it :)
J: for me it has to be "Allegiance of honor" by Nalini Singh, the newest addition to her Psy-changeling series :) it's gonna be an ensemble cast, so we are gonna get updates on most of the main and secondary characters in one of my most beloved series of all time :) not only that, we will also get answers to a lot of burning questions... pubcubs, anyone? ;) it's an inside joke for the people who read the books, otherwise it's a way too long story to explain ;)

#9 "Forever and always" -> a favourite book couple
A: we both went back and forth in this question, cause there are a lot of amazing couples that we love, but ultimately I had to go with Sascha and Lucas from "Slave to sensation" by Nalini Singh, the beginning of her Psy-changeling series :) besides that one book, where they are the main couple, they appear throughout the rest of the series, since Lucas is the alpha of DarkRiver cats :) I love them together, because not only shape-shifters are one of my favourite people to read about, but also because their story really speaks to me... :) I can't really logically explain it, but I love the idea of a woman who is supposed to be cold and emotionless falling for a shape-shifting alpha full of live... :)
J: I picked Elena and Raphael, a power couple from another series written by Nalini Singh, her Guild hunter series :) he's one of the most powerful archangels in the world and she's one of the vampire hunters :) their love story and relationship is epic :) it changes through time, growing more complex with each book :) I love how he is different with her, that he shows her his more vulnerable side... and I love how she stands strong and proud next to him in difficult times... seriously, go read it, it's phenomenal ;)

#10 "Come back... be here" -> a book that you will least likely lent out
A: I very rarely let people borrow my books, mainly because I don't trust them to not hurt my precious... ;) but there is one book that will never leave my side :) and that is "Happily ever ninja" by Penny Reid, which is my one and only signed book and it has a special place in my heart... I pet it all the time... that's not weird, right? ;)
J: I don't have problems with letting people borrow my books, so I have no answer for this one :)

#11 "Teardrops on my guitar" -> a book that made you cry
A: I rarely cry because of books, which is surprising when you know that I cry all the time on movies and TV shows... but there is one book that made me cry several times... "The air he breathes" by Brittainy C. Cherry :) it's the first book in Elements series, but they are all standalones, so you can read it in whatever order you like :) it was an emotional and beautiful story, that I could go on and on about, but instead, I will leave you the link to my full review of it right -> here <- and I had no troubles picking this book only because I haven't read yet... ;)
J: ...funny you should say it ;) cause the second book in Elements series, is the book that I picked as my answer :) "The fire between high and lo" by the lovely Brittainy C. Cherry is a book that made me cry several times... and in very public places, cause I read it on my way to work... so I was trying very hard to not let my emotions get the best of me but it was impossible... this book was heartbreaking at times, but with a beautiful ending to this emotional story... this author seriously knows how to write them... ;)

#12 "Shake it off" -> a book or series that you love, but other people hate
A: for me, and I can't believe it was my sister who pointed it out ;) it has to be Discworld series by Terry Pratchett :) I know it may be weird for some of you, and I totally understand why not everyone might be a fan, but I love those books... this world, the characters, the unique humor... it all works for me :)
J: I'm gonna go with Reapers MC series by Joanna Wylde, because not everyone is a fan of these types of stories... books about motorcycle clubs are not for everyone :) they take place in a specific world, and some people have very strong opinions about it and the characters involved in it... but I really enjoyed it, so you know... shake it off ;)

#13 "Stay stay stay" -> a book that you wanted to go on forever
A: for me it has to be "Love hacked" by Penny Reid :) it's part of her Knitting in the city series but can be read as a standalone as well :) I loved it :) the story, the main characters... <sighs> oh Alex... ;) but Sandra was fabulous as well :) the writing style, the humor, everything worked for me in this book and I would love to just read more and more about them :)
J: I have to go with "Kiss of snow" by Nalini Singh, book #10 in her Psy-changeling series ;) it's my go to book when I need to feel better :) I love Hawke and Sienna, the main couple in it, I love their story to finally get together... by now I basically memorized most of the book, cause I re-read it once every 4 to 6 weeks :) but it is a really fantastic book and I have no regrets ;)

#14 "All too well" -> a book series that you wish could go on and on
A: for this one we decided to choose only from the series that already ended :) because there are a lot of great ones, that are still on going, so we will be getting those stories for the forseeable future :) but if we are talking about the ones that already ended, I have to go with The Lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer :) long story short it's a series of futuristic retellings that absolutely blew my mind :) she created such a rich and interesting world and a set of most entertaining characters, that I could just read book after book about them... or just set in that world... <sighs> it's one of my all time favourite series :)
J: I have to go with The black jewels series by Anne Bishop :) it's a fantasy series, that is on the more dark side... with great writing style, complex characters and more that one surprise along the way :) I also love the world she created in this series, where the women are more powerful :) the dynamics between characters, the endless possibilities for stories... I certainly have my fingers crossed, that maybe at some point she will come back to this world, and write something more about it :)

Ok, that's a wrap people ;) phew.. it was a long one again, but we had lots of fun coming up with our answers to the book tag :) I hope you guys will have just as much fun reading it, and of course, we would love to know your answers :) you don't have to do the whole tag, you can just do one question if it catches your attention :) you can leave your answer here, or on facebook or goodreads :) have an awesome rest of your week :)


A & J

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