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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #13

To vlog or not to vlog
My favourite BookTubers
25 book-ish facts about me tag

Hello my awesome people :) it's another monday and that means a brand new #RandomRamblings post :) and do I have quite a long one for you today... ;) all the things I want to talk to you guys about, are actually more or less connected and this time we're gonna go with the order of the headlines :) so let's begin, shall we? ;)

I have been thinking about something for quite some time now... and I will probably keep thinking about it some more... ;) but I'm at this point, where I would love to get your feedback on this idea... :) so here goes... I'm thinking about starting a BookTube channel :) I really love watching those kinds of videos online and I'm slowly getting used to the idea of blabbing on camera ;) but there are a few obstacles along the way... first of all, I'm technologically challenged and we all know that... ;) I would need to take time to research how to make and edit videos... not to mention that I would be recording them on my phone, cause I don't have any kind of fancy equipment ;) but the good news is that my phone is actually not that bad, cause I already did sort of a testing footage and the quality wouldn't be as horrible as I was afraid :) what do you guys think about it? would you be interested in watching my videos? :) bear in mind that even if I would decide to go forth with that idea, it would still probably take me a few months to actually start it... I still have an insane amount of ARCs to get through... :) but I am putting this idea out there for now... :) the same goes for starting my blog Twitter and / or Instagram accounts :) again, I don't have private accounts there so I have no idea how to navigate all that, and I already have this blog, AND my facebook page AND my Goodreads account and they all take time to maintain... so I'm not sure about adding another time-stealer to it... let me know what you guys think about it :) maybe you'll help me make a decision :)

Now that we have that part out of the way, let me share with you my three favourite BookTubers :) and a bonus one, newbie BookTuber that just recently started her own channel, but I already love her, so I wanted to give her an additional, special place here :) I'm subscribing to much more BookTubers, but these are my absolute favourites :) and yes, the order of those people is not random :) all the BookTubers I'm gonna be mentioning today make all sorts of videos: reviews, wrap ups, TBR videos, book hauls, tag videos and much more :) I'm gonna start with my personal #1, Sasha from a book utopia :) she reads a lot of fantasy and fantasy-ish novels, but definitely not only those, and I absolutely adore her personality :) she's honest and enthusiastic and I'm not even gonna count all the amazing book recs I found because of her :) here's one of her recent videoe as an example, and if you like it, be sure to subscribe to her channel :)

The second BookTuber that I have to mention is Jesse, from jesse the reader :) he reads all kinds of genres and I love the way he talks about books :) he's always so excited and doesn't afraid to be goofy in the best possible way :) and I absolutely love how he adds short bloopers from making his videos at the very end of them... :) it might be super short, but it's also super funny :) I definitely discovered a lot of books because of him that I might have missed otherwise :) here's one of his recent videos as an example, and again, if you like it, be sure to subscribe to his channel :)

And last but definitely not least is Regan from peruse project :) she reads mostly fantasy and fantasy-ish books and historical fiction... not exclusively only those genres, but they definitely take up majority of her books :) I love the way she talks about them, her always informative and honest opinions :) I found lots and lots of great recs because of her :) here's one of her recent videos as an example, and of course if you like it, be sure to subscribe to her channel :)

And now for that bonus newbie BookTuber :) Ashley, from a dash of ash is sweet and quirky in the best possible way :) even though she has only few videos at this point, I really enjoy her excitement and the way she's not afraid to show off her more fun and goofy side in those videos :) I'm definitely looking forward to see what she's gonna do with her channel :) here's her first video and if you like it, be sure to subscribe and give her a word of encouragement :)

The BookTubers I mentioned are definitely NOT the only ones I'm watching and following on YouTube :) I think that after some time, I'm gonna do a follow up post with some other fantastic people who will help you find some amazing books, just like they are doing with me :)

Ok... now's the time for that final part of headlines... :) the "25 book-ish facts about me" tag videos are all over BookTube :) and I can't really blame all those people for making those videos, because they are a lot of fun :) so I figured, that since I was thinking about adding some of those "tag videos" on my blog, why not do this one today :) it really sounds like fun: you come up with 25 book related facts about yourself and share them with the world :) and since there are no specific rules, you can write pretty much whatever you want :) so I decided to give it a try... hopefully I'm gonna be able to find 25 of them :) ok, here goes...:)

#1 I prefer to read physical copies of books... :) I have nothing against e-books (more about that in a moment) but if I could, I would read only books that I can actually hold in my hands :)
#2 I can't say whether I prefer paperback copies or hardcover ones, mainly because the majority of the books that I own are paperbacks, so I don't have enough data to make an informative decision :) but that may change in the future ;)
#3 most of the books I've been reading from around the time I started this blog (but also before) are e-books :) there are a few reasons for it :) first, I live in a non-english talking country, so the books I want to read are either not translated into my language, or they ARE translated but I always prefer the original :) for those of you who read only in english... you have no idea how much beauty of the original writing style might get lost in the translation... :) and e-books in english are much cheaper for me to get than the physical copies... have you seen lately some of the international shipping rates?!? ;) plus, the ARCs sign ups I'm participating in and NetGalley (another source of my ARCs) are sending out only e-books :)
#4 I have never, and I probably won't do it in the future, listened to an audiobook :) it reminds me too much of a lecture in college and I'm afraid that I would zone out a lot listening to it and miss a bunch of important stuff :) then I would have to go back, listen to it again and repeat the vicious cycle... it's just not worth it :)
#5 I plan to sell the majority of the books I own, simply because with the amount of books in english I'm reading and enjoying, I know that I won't be going back to them :) but...
#6 I am planning to replace some of them with the editions in original language :) I found some really great sites where you can find cheaper books, some of them even with free international shipping :) but I am really not looking forward to actually buying them, cause it means that I would have to sit down with a piece of paper and calculator to figure out which option will cost me the least amount of money... currency exchange rates can really be the B word ;) so in the future buying books will be a whole project ;)
#7 I never eat when I read :) I'm way to caught up in the story to concentrate on putting food into my mouth ;) but sometimes I like to drink when I read :) but it has to be something that tastes good when it's cold ;) cause again... I get so lost in the story, that very often I forget about the cup next to me :) my choice of beverage is coffee or water with lemon :)
#8 I usually prefer to read series than standalone books :) and when it comes to series, I prefer to read the ones where there is a different main couple in each book, but all others appear as secondary characters in the rest of the books than the whole series revolving around one person :) it doesn't matter to me if the books in one series can be read as standalones, like the majority of contemporary romance series, or if they need to be read in order because of the bigger plot that takes place over the whole series, like in most of the fantasy and paranormal books :)
#9 I have read thousands of books in my life so far... :) I am not kidding you guys :) I learned to read before I went to kindergarten and I loved it ever since :) so I read for as long as I can remember.... to be honest, I don't really recall most of the books I read when I was younger, but I do know that I read really a lot of them :)
#10 I NEVER earmark a book... <shudders in horror> ;) I like my books to look pretty and not tarnished or anything, thank you very much :) that's also why...
#11 I almost never borrow them :) not a lot of people can pass all the obstacles I put in their way before lending them my book :) I can count the ones I actually borrowed books to, on one hand :)
#12 I'm a #RomanceReader :) it doesn't necessarily have to be the main plot of the book, but I do need that love connection to enjoy the story :)
#13 I read many geners, but it has to be fiction... I don't read non-fiction books :) but otherwise it can be historical, contemporary, sports themed, fantasy, paranormal, new adult, young adult and so on... you get my point :) but...
#14 I scare very easily and have a vivid imagination so I never read thriller / horror stories... anything creepy that can give me nightmares... uhm... no thank you ;)
#15 I very rarely cry when I read... which is definitely weird when you take into the account the fact that I cry very easily during movies, tv shows, music videos, commercials... ;) but rarely while reading books :) maybe because visuals just have a greater effect on me... so the book has to have a great writing style that will pull me into the story so much that it will move me to tears... but another reason for that is probably this...
#16 I need a HEA in books (happily ever after) :) it doesn't have to be easy and perfect, but I need my happy ending :) and yes, I know that life not always works that way, but I read for pleasure and I want to feel good after I finish a book :) so you can be sure, that if I'm recommending a book, it has a HEA :) if it will happen that I'll read some other kind of a book, which is not impossible but highly unlikely, I will be clearly stating that fact in my review... :) because don't get me started on those stories: they struggled with obstacles throughout the whole book, and when their happy ending was so close, she died... :/ nope, not my kind of stories :) and don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those books, there are many people who love those stories :) and that's good for them :) I just prefer something else :) 
#17 I am a huge fan of retellings... :) especially the ones with a twist :) you know, when author takes a fairytale and adds her / his own spin on it... :) for example, they have a sci-fi vibe, or the roles of heroes and villains are reversed... :)
#18 hockey players are my favourite athletes to read about, which is odd, cause I know nothing about this sport nor have I ever watched it :) so I don't know why, but they are definitely my favourites... :)
#19 my favourite book ever is actually a duology :) "The shadow queen" and "Shalador's lady" by Anne Bishop :) I'm counting them as one, cause it really is one story, just divided into two books :) they are actually a part of her Black jewels series and I plan to write a detailed review of both of them once I have the time to re-read them... :) but it's a fantasy story that combines my favourite characters in this series and introducing a bunch of new ones, who will get an incredible story of their own... <sighs> I'm not gonna tell you more, because once I start, we would be here all day ;)
#20 I used to read when I had the time to read the whole book, or the majority of it, in one day... so basically when I had a few hours free... :) but now I'm definitely reading when I can :) half hour here, 20 minutes there... ;) but I prefer to read before I go to sleep, when there is the smallest chance of people interrupting me ;)
#21 I used to read few books at a time, but know I commit to just one... I realized I missed too much details along the way, forgetting major plot points and events... so now I read just one book at a time unless... ;)
#22 sometimes I start a book that I thought I wanted to read, but then it turns out, that my mood changed :) and I learned to listen to my gut feeling about that :) so then I put that first book "on hold" and read another book :) so it still technically counts as reading one book at a time :) and when I'm ready, I go back to finish that first one :)
#23 I skip between genres and series all the time :) before I was able to read a whole series, book after book, until it was finished :) now, I need the change :) so I read some contemporary books, then I feel the need to changed it up, so I pick up some paranormal books... :) and then a historical romance... ;) you get the gist ;) and it has nothing to do with the authors or the quality of the books that I'm reading :) I just discovered that when I do it this way, it's more interesting and entertaining for me :) 
#24 I met a lot of fantastic #BookBesties and #BloggerBesties ever since I started my blog :) and I am grateful for each and every one of you :) you share your opinions, thoughts and book recs with me all the time and I love our talks... :) but... :)
#25 my favourite and #1 #BookBestie to talk about books is J, my favourite sister ;) it's an inside joke between us, cause she is my ONLY sibling :) we talk about books, sigh dreamily and drool over some awesome #BookBoyfriends and just overall have a great time :) I feel lucky enough that I have such a great connection with her, but the fact that she loves to read just as me is fantastic :) and yes, I was the one who started her on this #ReadingJourney... ;) you are welcome ;)

That's a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my definitely longer than usual post today :) what can I say, I just felt inspired :) as always, feel free to comment here or contact me on my facebook page or Goodreads account cause I love to interact with you guys :)



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