Monday, May 9, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #12

The new Marvel movie
My own temporal ban for future ARCs
Look how pretty my blog is now

Well hello there at the beginning of a brand new week :) and welcome to another edition of my #RandomRamblings post :) I am still amazed that I can find new things to talk to you guys about, but apparently the list is very long... ;) plus, a lot of new stuff is happening, so I treat this weekly post as a sort of our place to catch up with the news and changes, if there were any :) and of course as another possibility for me to babble about books :) and you know I always have something more to say about them ;) and this time we will again embrace the chaos and go totally out of order with the headlines... ;)

So let me start from that very last part :) look around my blog... isn't it pretty? :) if you are new here, or you just want to compare how much have changed, I have for you some before and after shots :)


I can't stop looking at it... ;) everytime I log onto it I stare at it for a few seconds... :) I was thinking about changing the visual side of my blog for quite some time now and a few days ago I finally did it :) and I am super pleased with the results... :) I think it looks much better... more beautiful and professional :) maybe I'll decide to change it up again after some time, but currently I'm in love with it so it's definitely gonna stay this way for a long time... there may be some little tweaks along the way, but nothing major :) <sighs happily> look how pretty it is :) I'm sorry, I know I'm repeating myself, but I am very proud of myself and the results of my work... especially if you take into the account fact that sometimes I'm very technologically challenged... :) so excuse me while I go do a little happy dance... ;)

Next, I want to talk to you about the first part of headlines... :) you may or may not know that about me by now, but I am a huge movies fan... especially the ones full of action, fantasy, super heroes, magic... something that really makes watching them on the big screen worth it... ;) so right about now is the time of the year when I'm very happy... cause all of those big movies have summer-ish release dates :) and this time, I am counting down the hours to see "Captain America: civil war" :) yes, on wednesday my wait will finally be over... hopefully, I will be able to avoid spoilers for a few more days ;)

And last but not least, the third thing I want to talk to you about :) and that middle part of the headlines :) I have put a ban on myself... a temporal ban prohibiting me from singning up for any more ARCs until I will dig myself out of this giant hole filled with books I'm in right now :) beause it was a book here... two books there... and when I finally took a good look at my calendar I realized I have... <coughs> ...teen <coughs> ARCs to finish and review by the end of june... ups :) so no more sing ups for me for now :) and after I will finally catch up on all the reading and writing and editing... I will definitely be more careful to choose the events I'm signing up for in the future... because there are books that I really want to read... books that were released a few weeks ago... books that will be released in the upcoming week or two that I absolutely cannot read... ugh... but I can only blame myself... :) although... well, it's not really a terrible thing, cause I have discovered quite a few amazing authors because of all the ARCs so when you really think about it... ;) it all turned out pretty good ;)

That's a wrap for today people :) my short and sweet #RandomRamblings post for this week is done :) as always, I love hearing from you guys... your opinions, thoughts, questions, book recs and everything else you'd like to share... ;) leave a comment here, or contact me on my facebook page or Goodreads :)



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