Monday, May 2, 2016

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #11

Troubles with an ARC
My two new favourite publishers
Show some love for my #BloggerBestie

Well hello there my awesome people :) it is another monday and I have for you another #RandomRamblings post :) and I have to say, that this time I almost forgot to actually write it ;) well that would be awkward ;) but fortunately I did remember at some point... so here we are :) and this time I will very surprisingly ;) go with the order of the headlines :) so let us begin from the top :)

You guys probably already know, if you are following my blog and/or my facebook page :) that not long ago I started to sign up for ARCs :) and most of the time I'm accepted and get those lovely gems before the release dates :) which is still amazing and exciting for me, because... well, free books :) and it is a great way to discover new and fantastic authors :) and most of the time, there are no problems with that process... I sign up a few weeks, or earlier, for a release blitz, and soon after I get my ARC... so I still have enough time to actually read it and write my review :) depending on the source, sometimes it's a few weeks and other times, a few months... for example, I already have on my kindle books that are gonna be published in august and september :) but a few days ago I hit my first real problem... I signed up to review a really interesting book... and no, I'm not gonna go into details now, cause I am still waiting for the resolution of all that, so you'll read about it in my review :) assuming that the book will get to me ;) basically what is happening is that I was supposed to get the book on thursday (release day is today) so I would still have time to read it... it was clearly stated that the book will get to me only a few days before the premiere, so I am not complaining about that fact :) then I got the e-mail saying that the book will go out to bloggers first thing friday morning... and even if you add the time difference, I still would have time to read it... unfortunately technology can really be the B word... ;) because of some technological problems, a lot of the bloggers did not get that ARC... after talking with one of my #BloggerBesties, and yes, the same that I will talk to you a bit more later in this post ;) I learned that I was not the only one with that problem :) I reached out to the author, but I'm still waiting for the reply... and since it's sunday... at least now, when I'm writing this post ;) we can safely say that I will not be able to read it in time :) but fingers crossed that the whole situation will be resolved within the next few days :) cause I really want to read that book :) and I won't hold all those problems against the author and her book... because I do understand that those stuff are not planned... but maybe next time give yourself at least a week to do it... that way there's still time to fix all the possible glitches :)

Now off to more fun topics :) some time ago I joined NetGalley :) it's a site for professional readers, bloggers and publishers, where people like me can request ARCs in exchange for an honest reviews :) it's a very basic explanation, but if I would want to go into all the details and specifics, we would be here all day ;) but since I signed up there, I fell in love with two publishers... :) first, we have Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept :) they publish all sorts of romance books and I am in love... and they must love me back at least just a little bit ;) cause so far they accepted all my ARCs requests :) and I cannot log in to that site without finding another book of theirs that I want to read :) and I love it :) and the second one is Curiosity Quills Press :) they are responsible for my discovery of amazing fantasy books... like, seriously... I was blown away :) especially this little gem right -> here <- :) I am recommending it left and right to everyone I know :) I actually signed up for a blogger newsletter and have a few really good books from them to look forward to in the near future :) not to mention that the people working there are super helpful and nice :) I already pestered them about the possible sequel and got a very satisfying response in a super short amount of time :) and no, this post is not sponsored by any of them, I just wanted to show some love for them, because they are so nice and awesome to me :)

And last but not least, I wanted to share with you guys the site of one of my #BloggerBesties :) I adore Bex, because she's always super nice and ready to help me, answering all my questions :) even the little ones :) not to mention, the amount of books I added to my ever growing #BookMountain because of all her reviews :) I am totally stalking her Goodreads page on a regular basis and visit her blog as well to find good recommendations :) I am not gonna list all of the fantastic books I discovered because of her, cause we would be here all day long ;) so just go and visit her blog -> Night Owl Reader <- where you can find links to all her other social media pages :) and I can guarantee that you will find something for yourself :)

That's a wrap for today people :) as always, leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions and all that here, on my facebook page or my Goodreads account because I love hearing from you :) and be sure to come back here later, because I will have for you not one, but two new reviews tomorrow... and then maybe another one later this week... we'll see ;)



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