Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review: "Princess of Tyrone" by Katie Hamstead

Main characters: Allard and Apolline

Ok, first of all, let me say that I received a free copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review, so it will be all out in the open and I can proceed to convince you all to read it because it was AWESOME :) so here's how I found it... ;) I was browsing NetGalley, searching for something good to read when this beautiful cover caught my attention... :) isn't it stunning? :) and then I read the synopsis and was like "I need this book in my life" ;) I mean, who wouldn't love a retelling of Sleeping beauty mixed with a little Star wars vibe, like a space fantasy... :) and if you think that this fabulous cover is just a decoy for a so-so story inside, think again... the actual book is just as amazing as the cover :) so when I got approved and this book landed on my kindle just when I wanted some good fantasy in my life, I figured it's a sign from the universe... ;) and who am I to argue with that ;) so let me tell you more about this book... :) and I assume that all of you know the story about Sleeping beauty ;) if not all of the details, then just enough to cover the basics :) and it's not gonna be a very long review, mainly because I can't share with you a lot of details, because they are way too spoilerific, but trust me... this book is awesome :)

When I write about the main couple, it's usually the guy that grabs more of my attention ;) but I have been on a roll lately when it comes to kick-ass heroines :) so I'm gonna start with Apolline :) she's almost twenty one and definitely not a damsel in distress ;) I love that she's smart and courageous and can totally take care of her own :) she lives with three fairy aunts on one of the outer planets in the galaxy :) and it's a pretty peaceful and boring life until around two months before her 21st birthday, when she meets Allard :) they start out as friends, and since both of them are betrothed to other people, they know that nothing more can be between them... what Apolline doesn't know, is that Allard is actually the prince :) he kept that little detail to himself, once he saw how honest she is around him, and he didn't want to risk losing that attitude :) and you guys, I am bursting with the need to tell you more details, but I really can't spoil you stuff... well, I could but I don't want to :) I want you to discover all the awesome things in this book for yourselves :) but I am gonna say that I absolutely loved how Apolline and Allard actually started as friends and they spent some time together, before all the feelings between them started to grow... :) I usually prefer these types of stories instead of all that "I saw her across the room and immediately knew that she's the one and only for me" ;)

And now let me tell you a bit more about the secondary characters :) I can already tell that I am totally gonna need to read books with brothers Beau and Nathaniel as main characters :) they are best friends of Allard and they have their own connecition to a fairy tale :) but I'm not gonna tell you anything more about it :) I'm gonna leave this little surprise for you to discover on your own ;) but all other characters that appear in this book are so vivid and entertaining that I can't help to want to know more and more about them :) and there are all these mentionings of different fairy tales... ;) and I even found somewhere on Goodreads a post from the author, saying that story #2 will be about Hansel and Gretel, then #3 about Snow White and book #4 will be about Cinderella before we go back to Allard, Apolline and Nathaniel in book #5 :) and some of the characters from those book do show up in this one... ;) are you guys curious already? cause you totally should :) I can't wait to read those stories :)

So let me tell you a little bit about my overall feelings and opinions :) I absolutely loved this book :) the writing style was fantastic... :) it was so good that in fact I got sucked into the story so much that I forgot to mark some quotes to use in my review :) so that one is my bad ;) it was a super fun, entertaining story with colorful characters that kept me up way into the night so I could finish it :) and the mix of fairy tales retelling plus space / sci-fi vibes in not that common ;) I enjoyed it immensly :) it actually reminded me of The Lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer :) not that it was a copy of those books or anything, just the general vibe of awesomeness ;) and if you think that a retelling of such a popular fairy tale will hold no surprises for you, think again... ;) cause there were definitely some twists along the way that I did not expect :) believe me, this book had it all... :) humor, adventure, magic, space pirates, fairies, kick-ass characters and a truly beautiful ending :) <sighs happily> I am a one happy reader right about now :) if you want to feel this way too, go read this gem now, you won't regret it :)




  1. Thank you so much for your review! Oh, and I saw that you read Alexandra Ivy, and I wanted to tell you that I met her this weekend at a conference! Super nice lady, really down to earth.
    Anyway, your review is fun and made me chuckle. Thank you again!

    1. you are more than welcome :) it was such a fun read and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book... :) I know that this one came out like two weeks ago, but we can expect the second one in like a month, right? ;) just kidding of course :) you take your time and write another wonderful gem :)

    2. Ha, I wish I was that fast! No, the plan is ever March, so book 2 is currently in the pipeline for edits etc.

    3. well in that case I'm just glad there will be more :) can't wait to read it :) and I wish you lots of ideas so we can get lots of amazing books :)