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Review: "Lead" by Kylie Scott

Author: Kylie Scott
Title: "Lead"
Book 3 in series Stage Dive
Main characters: Jimmy Ferris and Lena Morrissey

I am absolutely loving this series people :) so far all of the books had fantastic writing style and each and every one of them had a bit different feel to it :) the first one was a great introduction into the characters and their world :) then the second one, definitely my favourite, was absolutely hilarious... even with some very sad and emotional moments at the end... and this one... this one is definitely the most emotional one of them all... but don't get me wrong, I loved it :) technically it can be read as a standalone, but I would definitely recommend you guys to read this series in order :) mainly cause the characters from other books appear throughout the whole series, and it's the best way to see the changes in them and not get spoilers :) with that being said, let us dive into more details about this story :)

Jimmy is the lead singer in the Stage Dive band :) he's a recovering addict with a hard past... he's definitely a man of a few words, more of a broody type... although I have to add that when he does talk, he's snarky... but ever since he became clean, he's exercising a lot so you can imagine how he looks... yeah, it's that good ;) he's definitely a man with troubles, still trying to build his life again... which is much harder because of his problems with communicating... :) and then there's Lena :) I love her :) she's sassy and spunky and the fact that she wears glasses, like yours truly, is just a bonus ;) she's smart and clever and I adore how she takes whatever life is throwing at her and just deals with it :)

They met a couple of months ago, when she became his sober companion / assistant... and those first months consisted of basically her talking and him grunting most of the time... ;) everything started to change after a very sad event... but since it's very much connected to the ending of the previous story, I'm not gonna say anything more about it... what I can say is that it hit him very hard, and she helped him get past it... and that's when she started to see him differently... and we all know how brilliant idea it is to have a crush on your boss... that you live with... ;) anyway... ;) when she decides she has to quit, because her feelings might stand in the way of him staying sober, because she might have troubles being tough with him... he drags the truth about the real reason from her... and his reaction is priceless... :) first of all, he laughs histerically... which may be appaling for some people, but it's not a huge surprise, since he's kind of a jerk sometimes... ;) and then he decides that her quitting is a stupid idea, and he will help her get over him :) cause that's always a good plan ;) nevertheless it's very entertaining, him helping her concentrate on his flaws, and sending her on dates... :) not to mention that he starts to make her jog with him in the mornings... and I can wholeheartedly agree with her animosity towards waking up in the middle of the night to run... on purpose ;) it's definitely more of a slow burn romance between them, cause the situation changes a little bit every day... there is no insta lust or anything... but a very emotional, yet sweet and funny in its own way, story :)

Besides the main couple we have of course secondary characters :) and as I said in the first paragraph, there are couples from the previous books :) so we have David, the lead guitarist and Jimmy's brother, with his wife, Ev :) and my favourite copule, Mal, the drummer, with Anne :) <sigh> and we can't forget about the last memebr of the band and the hero of the next book, the conclusion to this series, bass player Ben :) I would say more about them, but since the couples already got their own reviews, I'm gonna leave you guys the links to that :) see how awesome I am? ;) that way you can learn more about them and if you missed it before, see why you should absolutely read this series NOW :) so the review of book #1 is -> here <- :) and review of book #2 is -> here <- :) there are of course some other people in the book that I have not mentioned here, but I figured, that since some of them are a bit of a surprise in the book, why ruin it for you :)

It was not an easy book to read sometimes... because of Jimmy's past and troubles, it was a very emotional story... but I have to say that the ending was just sooo precious... see, this is one of those moments when I'm really mad at myself for making a "no spoilers" rule for this blog, cause I would love to say more about why it made my heart swoon ;) but I will be strong for you guys... ;) anyway... the writing style was again truly amazing... :) which is quite a talent, to be able to write such different characters equally great and make you care and root for them :) but Kylie Scott is able to do just that every single time in this series... book #3 and I am still very much in love with all of them... which makes me a bit sad that there's only one book left... I guess that a re-read might happen in the future so that I can fall in love with these stories all over again... ;) but believe me when I say this... if you have not yet had the pleasure of reading these books, be sure to remedy that very soon... preferably in the next hour or so... ;) it will be worth it :) and you can thank me later ;)

I have a few quotes for you guys today :) I would put more with our main couple, but since it takes some time for Jimmy to actually start using full sentences these few will have to suffice ;) but don't worry, there's much more awesomeness waiting for you in this book, so treat these few as a little glimpse into the wonderful storytelling that awaits you :) happy reading :)

One of many reasons why I love sassy Lena ;) part of a conversation when she explains to her previous boss the lack of eclairs ;)
"'This is for you.'
'What is it?'
'It's a message from the duty manager at the donut shop apologizing for the lack of long, tasty, phallic-shaped eclairs. Apparently they don't get baked until later in the day,' I said. 'Since you failed to believe me when I explained this to you yesterday, I thought you might be more inclined to believe if it came from a higher authority in the donut world.'"

Part of a converation between Lena and Mal when she met him ;)
"He gave me an easy smile. 'You don't seem very impressed by me, Lena. Am I not impressive to you?'
'Sure you are. I guess I'm just a bit busy getting fired right now to fully appreciate the magnitude of the moment.' Hands on hips, I looked him in the eye. He was cute and I bet that smile of his worked on lots and lots of women. But it wouldn't be working on me. 'Rest assured, later I'm going to freak right out.'
He leaned against the doorframe. 'I've got your word on that?'
'I'm trusting you here.'
'And I appreciate that. Mr. Ericson. I won't let you down.'
He gave me a huge grin. 'You're a bit of a smart ass. I like that.'"

Part of a conversation between Mal and Anne that reminded me why they are my favourite couple ;)
"'Hey,' Anne said softly, placing her hand against his cheek.'
"I need a happy.'
'What can I do for you?'
'Tell me you love me.' He leaned in and she met him half way, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.
'I love you, Mal,' she said.
'No you don't. You're just saying that to make conversation. That's a horrible thing to lie to me about, pumpkin. I don't know how you can sleep at night.'
'I sleep very well, lying right next to you.'"

Part of a conversation between Jimmy and Lena while they're jogging :)
"'Oh good God, I hate you.' I panted, dragging my sorry ass after the bastard to whom the sentiment belonged.
'See? It's working already.' Jimmy hadn't even broken a sweat yet. The athletic ass might as well have been out for a stroll. 'Plus, you'll be healthier. Everyone wins.'
'I'm healthy. I eat fruit.'
'In pie doesn't count.'
If only I had laser beams for eyes. Damn the lack of technology."

And the last one, with Jimmy and Lena, when she goes on a date ;)
"He stayed put. There was much angry gazing going on.
'What's your problem?' I whisper hissed.
'I don't like the look of him.'
'He looks fine.'
Icy eyes cast me more doubting glances. 'No, there's something about him.'
'It's the glasses, I don't trust them. I think he's trying to hide something.'
'I wear glasses.'"



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