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Review: "Deep" by Kylie Scott

Author: Kylie Scott
Title: "Deep"
Book 4 in series Stage Dive
Main characters: Ben Nicholson and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Rollins

This is the fourth and final book of this amazing series :) and even though it was my least favourite story of them all, do not be mistaken :) it was fantastic :) but like in every series, we have our favourite characters and stories and one of them just have to fill that last spot ;) but the writing style was awesome, like in all the rest of them... ;) we had hilarious moments along the more emotional and "aaawww" ones ;) and it was a pretty good conclusion to this series :) I would really recommend you to read these books in order, cause the main cast appear in all of them, so it's the best way to avoid spoilers and to see the changes in the interactions and relationships between all of them :) that being said, let us dive into more details about our main couple :)

Ben is the bass player and music producer... :) and the last single guy in the Stage Dive band ;) they are all tall and full of tattoos, but he's definitely the tallest and overall biggest one of them all ;) he's not exactly anti-commitment but he absolutely loves his freedom and not being tied down to anyone and anything... music is his biggest passion... and then we have Lizzy :) she's the younger sister of Anne... more about who she is a bit later :) she studies psychology and is just a really fun and nice person :) what I love about her, and all other women in this series actually, is that she's rational and not histerical... :) there's no unnecessary angst whatsoever in these stories :) yes, there are conflicts and arguments, but they are all resolved pretty quickly and in an adult way :) so that's always a plus for me :)

Their story starts pretty unexpectedly... with a surprise pregnancy :) and it's not a spoiler you guys, because "pregnant" is literally the first word in this book :) and to tease you a bit, I'm gonna add that it's not the only surprise pregnancy in the band... ;) dun dun duuuunnnn ;) don't worry, I won't say who will become parents, but you'll know pretty quickly, since it's in the first chapter :) but back to our main couple :) they actually met a few months before this first chapter, and after the big announcement, we go back in time for a few chapters to see how it all happened :) she had a crush on him from the moment she met him, and he was interested as well, but since she was off limits, for reasons I will explain in the next paragraph while I'll be discussing all the secondary characters, he didn't want to act on it :) but after she starts texting him, they talk a lot... and then we have this one night in Vegas, when she celebrates her twenty first birthday, when they sleep together... and then we have two months later and the surprise ;) the rest of the book shows how they both are coming to terms with this huge life change and how they try to do the best they can to form a united parent front :)

Now about that secondary characters I mentioned before... ;) we have all other members of the band and their significant others :) so there's David, the lead guitarist / song writer and his Ev :) there's Jimmy, David's brother and lead singer with his Lena :) and of course my personal favourite couple, Mal, the drummer and his Anne, Lizzy's older sister :) and they both have very distinct reactions when they learn about the pregnancy and the fact that the baby is Ben's... it's a serious problem that even threatens the future of the band... cause Mal can be this happy-go-lucky guy, but he treats Lizzy like his younger sister and there are rules about knocking up your bandmates sisters... ;) but don't worry, everything is resolved by the end of the story :) there's one more person I want to tell you about, Vaughan :) he's the bass player in the group that plays as a support on the Stage Dive tour, and the reason why I want to draw your attention to him, is because he will be the hero of his own book :) which is great news for me, cause I really liked him :)

I read all of the books in this series way too fast... ;) seriously, it took me less than a week to devour all four of them :) but I think it was a perfect mix of the right stories at the right time :) not to mention the fantastic writing style that kept me turning page after page... ;) plus, those books are a wonderful mix of hilarious moments, along with the emotional ones... <sigh> I will definitely go back to re-reading it at some point :) which is a huge compliment, cause I have soooo many new books to read, that I very rarely go back to the ones I already finished :) it is definitely a fantastic series that I can recommend you wholeheartedly so be sure to give it a try if you don't know Kylie Scott and her awesome books yet :)

And now time for the quotes :) only a few of them today, and mostly from the beginning, since a lot is happening later and I didn't want to spoil you guys anything :) but these few will show you the general theme of the book and the awesome writing style that awaits you in the actual story ;) happy reading :)

Lizzy's thoughts about the whole pregnancy ;)
"Also, wow, if this was the result of having great sex then I was so never going there again. Not even for mediocre sex. Nothing. I might even rule out masturbation, just in case. You couldn't be too careful. Random attack sperm could be anywhere, just waiting to get a girl into trouble."

The beginning of texting between Ben and Lizzy :)
"Ben: How'd u get my number?
Lizzy: Mutual acquaintance.
Ben: Ur sister & Mal don't want us being friends.
Lizzy: U've friend zoned me already? Ouch. I haven't even made any clumsy inappropriate pass at u yet.
Ben: Ha. U know what I mean. Didn't realize u were only 20 or connected to Mal. Us talking isn't a good idea.
Lizzy: Lucky we're only texting then."

Another part of the texts, when she sends him a picture of beer ;)
"Lizzy: You know the phenomenon of beer-goggles?
Ben: Chicks look hot when you're drunk?
Lizzy: Right. But turns out the beer-goggler doesn't need to be drunk. Just an association with beer will do. Even a picture.
Ben: Me looking at a pic of beer will make u seem hotter?
Lizzy: You can't argue with science. You poor hapless male. You never stood a chance."

And the last one from their texts ;)
"Lizzy: U awake? I can't sleep.
Ben: Count sheep like a good girl.
Lizzy: Can't. Too busy thinking about u.
Ben: Shit, Liz. No.
Lizzy: No, what?
Ben: Don't tell me ur in bed at 2 in the morning thinking about me. Ok? U cannot tell me that. Too fucking tempting.
Ben: What are you wearing?
Lizzy: U really want me to answer that?
Ben: Yes.
Ben: No.
Ben: Shit. You're killing me. You know that right?
Lizzy: You say the nicest things, Ben."

One of Lizzy's inner monologues when Ben rubs her feet ;)
"He kept his face down, his concentration on the task complete. Generally my feet were not that fascinating. Maybe he did have a foot fetish after all. Fingers drew soothing circles over my crappy ankle before digging in once more to the arch of my foot. Total and complete bliss. I could pretty much feel my crazy baby hormones rolling over and offering up their soft underbelly to him, preening and calling him Daddy, the dirty things."

Part of a conversation between Anne and Lizzy about Mal and Killer, the dog ;)
"'He's a dog, Anne. He can't talk.'
More frowning. 'But he used to make these little yipping noises and bark at me. You know what I mean. I'm worried this has given him abandonment issues. He's a very sensitive animal.He's like Mal, deep down, in a way.'
'He's a lunatic who chases his own tail until he falls over,' I said. 'Actually, he kind of is like Mal, you're right.'"



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